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January 29-31, 2013 
San Diego, CA 

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Greetings! We are pleased to announce two new additions to the TIDES team-see below for details! This issue also includes highlights from our 2012 TIDES demo, an overview of The Africa First Ladies event and a feature on additive manufacturing. Lastly, tune into Emerald Planet on October 28th for another feature on TIDES. 
Welcome New Staff!
We are pleased to announce that two new staff members have joined the TIDES team, please welcome David Becker (david.becker@ndu.edu) and Amy Gorman (amy.gorman.ctr@ndu.edu). David joined the project in September and will be taking over as our new Director. Amy came on board in August, and will be in charge of TIDES events and outreach.  We look forward to hearing from you on ways we can improve and expand the STAR-TIDES network. 
Overview of 6th Annual TIDES Demo 
TIDES Demo 2012.

Our 6th fall field demo at Fort McNair was a huge success. We added a batch of new features, including a strongly attended speaker series and discussion groups which helped to increase collaboration and strengthened working relationships across the network. Highlights included:

*Over 600 visitors 
*Highest number ever of NDU student groups 
*First time participation by 100 8th graders to learn about science and technology

*Over 50 exhibitors presenting a varietyof ideas/technologies supporting all TIDES' DoD Mission Areas

We also hosted a smaller display inside the Pentagon center courtyard. Check our Facebook page for photos.
Africa First Ladies Project   
AFLI 2012 

Last month, TIDES attended the African First Ladies Initiative (AFLI) event in NYC. The event brought together First Ladies from across Africa for a facilitated discussion with Mrs. Laura Bush and Mrs. Cherie Blair on best practices for developing effective partnerships and building lasting legacies. The roundtable was followed by working sessions on women's health and economic empowerment. Many of the presentations were directly related to TIDES and would be useful to consider as the project moves forward with engagement with the African continent.


Tune into the Emerald Planet program on October 28th at 4PM EDT to watch TIDES' Nelly Mobula discuss AFLI. Click here for more details.


 Click here to watch our show from September 30th.   

Toward the Printed World   

Graphic by Olivia Foss

From spare vehicle parts to burritos (as researched by one hungry graduate student), Additive Manufacturing (AM) has significant implications for national security, due to its ability to produce a variety of complex objects straight from a computerized design. 


In Toward the Printed World: Additive Manufacturing and Implications for National Security, authors Neyla Arnas and Connor M. McNulty of the Center for Technology and National Security Policy, with Dr. Thomas A. Campbell of Virginia Tech, outline some of the opportunities AM offers the Department of Defense (DoD) through the ease and efficiency of production, and the innovation for which it allows.

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