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6-7 June 2012
Washington, DC
Washington, DC     

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Happy May! This issue includes highlights from AFCEA Joint Warfighting and Camp Roberts East as well as TIDES' support to The 2012 DoD Open Government Plan. Also, we are now accepting exhibitors for the 2012 TIDES demo- it's free to participate, register today!
AFCEA Joint Warfighting
Sharing sustainable solutions inside the TIDES booth
Earlier this month 
TIDES exhibited at the  AFCEA Joint Warfighting Conference in VA Beach. 
The exposition provided a forum for companies, government entities, and NGOs to exhibit their capabilities and attend discussions by high-ranking members of the security and defense communities.
The STAR-TIDES exhibit featured displays by Floatograph, GATR Technologies, SkyBuilt Power, and Solar Stik.   People seemed particularly interested in the booth as our ideas, technologies and capabilities were not replicated anywhere else on the Convention Center floor. The event provided a great opportunity to showcase both the mission of sustainable support to stressed populations and the wonderful capabilities within the STAR-TIDES network.  Thank you to all the vendors who participated and special thanks to AFCEA International and the United States Naval Institute for making our involvement possible. 


Camp Roberts East
Camp Roberts East
TIDES hosted Camp Roberts-RELIEF (Research and Experimentation for Local and International Emergency and First Responders) at the National Defense University. The interagency event brought together participants from the government, private sector and international organizations dealing with humanitarian assistance/disaster relief (HA/DR) efforts in order to test out new technologies, approaches and policies for disaster preparedness and response. This workshop centered on three major areas: unclassified information sharing, human geography and HA/DR infrastructure as a system.



DoD Open Government Plan
TIDES contributed four flagship initiatives to the DoD Open Government Plan. The Open Government plan seeks to promote transparency, participation and collaboration. 

The document lays out the history and future course of the agency's work in support of the goal of a more open and transparent government. TIDES initiatives included a challenge on additive manufacturing. See pages 26-36 of the document for more information.


Exhibit at the 6th Annual STAR-TIDES demo!

We are now accepting exhibitors for the 6th annual STAR-TIDES technology demonstration at Fort McNair. The event is slated for 2-5 October 2012. The event is free and open to the public. If you would like to exhibit or attend the event please visit: http://tidesdemo12.eventbrite.com  
For more information email: star.tides.net@gmail.com   
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