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Mar 6, 2013

Successful weight management is not a destination - something you achieve because you reach a number on the scale, a chart, or a clothing size. REAL Success is a way of living and the ongoing journey of navigating your way through the challenges of balancing your energy and your life in this crazy unbalanced world we live in!

When we focus on reaching a destination, we get stuck in what I call the "trying" game... always trying to find the right diet, always trying to eat the right foods, or always trying do the right exercises. We end up trying forever to find success, but I can promise you, you will only "try" your patience. Success will elude you.

REAL Success will always be found in trusting your unique self and living true to your values for your health and well being. Knowing your needs will allow you to create positive healthy behaviors that last.

Want to make your Skinny REAL? Stop trying and start trusting. You are the expert on what you and your body needs.

Apple CoreFood for Thought...


"As soon as you trust yourself,

you will know how to live."

~ Johann Wolfgang con Goethe


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Quick, get in here... trusting, is an inside job!
Mary FoxMary Fox, LMHC,  RD

Making Sense of Weight Management
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