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Feb 6, 2013

"The true test of a man's character is what he does when no one is watching."
~ John Wooden
I love this quote. It's one of those quotes that makes you stop and think about why and how we make decisions about our actions. If you think no one is watching, do you try to get away with something?
Man ThinkingThis is a powerful concept in weight management. If we are always playing games with our eating, thinking we might be able to get away with something, then we will always struggle to keep our energy in balance - not to mention our self esteem.
Here is the REAL sure fire way to feel stronger and more centered around food: Make your decisions about eating from within your CORE. Use your internal regulators and not your circumstances and you will see an immediate shift from struggle to feelings of trust, consistency, and confidence in yourself and your eating.
It will feel great knowing you acted in your best interest, even when no one was watching!

Apple CoreFood for Thought...


"It's not about controlling food; it's about managing your eating!"



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Trust, consistency, confidence... I love the energy in those words.
Until next week... Be good to yourself.
Mary FoxMary Fox, LMHC,  RD

Making Sense of Weight Management
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