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 March 2015
X-Ray Fees to Increase in April     
By April 2015, dental practices that renew x-ray certification labels will see a $10 increase on label fees. In early April, the state will also send out invoices for a new annual $50 radiation machine facility registration fee. Click here to read more.
How Will the New Continuing Education Requirement Affect You? 
All CDA member dentists, to keep their memberships in good standing, must complete at least 15 hours of continuing education each year. But now it's also a requirement by law for all Colorado dentists and dental hygienists. Click here to read more

CDA Fights Dentist Rating Systems Based Solely on Fees

One of the state's dental insurance plans implemented a three-star rating system based solely on treatment fees. The CDA is running a bill that would disallow this practice in the future. Click here to read more.

Know Your Rights When It Comes to Insurance Payments
Many insurance companies have begun paying claims with virtual credit cards. But practitioners end up paying more than they would via an electronic funds transfer (EFT) or a paper check. Click here to read more
CU Student/CDA Board Member Elected ASDA President 
Christian Piers, CU School of Dental Medicine student and CDA Board of Trustees student member, was elected president of the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) on Feb. 21. Click here to read more.   
Breckenridge Upholds Fluoridation 
Last week, the town of Breckenridge, under the leadership of mayor and town dentist Dr. John Warner, made the decision to continue fluoridating water to benefit oral health. Click here to read more.   
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Welcome, New CDA Members!
Joining the CDA is one of the best professional decisions Colorado dentists can make. The association would like to welcome the most recent group of new members, listed below. We are thankful for your support and hope you take full advantage of your benefits as a CDA member. Click here to visit the Exclusive Member Benefits section of the Website. Don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Welcome to the CDA!
Boulder/Broomfield County Dental Society       
Dr. Sheila Brown 
Dr. John DuRussel 
Dr. Howard Lashen 
Dr. Jerod Leff 
Dr. Brandon Nielson 
Dr. Ashley Niles 
Dr. Tara Pool 
Dr. Daniel Schield 
Dr. Cory Williams 
Dr. Jan Yamashiro

Colorado Springs Dental Society    
Dr. Kenneth Benson
Dr. William Butt
Dr. Toan Chung
Dr. Douglas Colvin
Dr. Dustin Davis
Dr. Brent DeSutter
Dr. Benjamin Donn
Dr. Lucas Ebaugh
Dr. John Finnessy
Dr. Wendy Foster
Dr. Marina Funtik
Dr. Samer Hejlawy
Dr. Nicole Hood
Dr. Leesa Jeffries
Dr. Danielle LaRue
Dr. Da Lee
Dr. David McCarty
Dr. Michelle McMahan
Dr. Ryan Pfeifer
Dr. Steven Savage
Dr. Felicia Shanahan
Dr. Diondre Venable
Dr. Jake Williams
Dr. Kevin Wright
Dr. Robert Wyeth
Intermountain Dental Society    
Dr. Susannah Mitchell
Dr. Clint Rivard
Metro Denver Dental Society    
Dr. Saffa Alani
Dr. Lesa Allison
Dr. Raed Ammari
Dr. Eleonora Balota
Dr. Stephanie Barnett
Dr. Krithika Baskaran
Dr. Alexandria Bassett
Dr. Laura Benesh
Dr. Todd Bernard
Dr. Angela Bernedo-Pantigozo
Dr. Mariusz Borowicz
Dr. Joseph Bousaba
Dr. Megan Bright
Dr. Amanda Campbell
Dr. Matthew Carlston
Dr. Matthew Carraway
Dr. Nancy Cashman
Dr. Erin Cettie
Dr. Helen  Chase
Dr. Allison Cohen
Dr. Miranda Curtis
Dr. Andrea Danhof
Dr. Suzanne Delima
Dr. Kaushal Dhawan
Dr. Gary Dixon
Dr. Nataliya Donskaya
Dr. Richard Dufurrena
Dr. Krista Duran
Dr. Brian Fangman
Dr. Amir Fereydouni
Dr. Catherine Fermelia
Dr. Colton Flake
Dr. Denis Freiden
Dr. Raymond Frye
Dr. Emilia Garrison
Dr. Matthew Gawlas
Dr. Charanjit Gill
Dr. Maryna Goergy
Dr. Taylor Goggins
Dr. Patricio Gonzalez
Dr. Christine Goodell
Dr. Raymond Graber
Dr. Leo Greenberg
Dr. Kyle Griffith
Dr. Jae Grymes
Dr. Anahita Gupta
Dr. Amanda Hallinan
Dr. Matthew Hamilton
Dr. Scott Hamilton
Dr. Namrata Hardy
Dr. Kostantinos Harogiannis
Dr. Jennifer Haskell
Dr. Ryan Haywood
Dr. Chris Henes
Dr. Alberta Hernandez    
Metro Denver Dental Society (cont'd.)
Dr. Fawzi Hijazi
Dr. Kevin Hoth
Dr. Katherine Hungate
Dr. Vladimir Jovic
Dr. Janna Kaminsky
Dr. Yasamin Kasiri
Dr. Zachary Keller
Dr. Mostafa Koperly
Dr. Nidhi Kotak
Dr. Jacqueline Kramer
Dr. Pearl Lai
Dr. Ihsan Larsen
Dr. Edward Lee
Dr. Carrie Leypoldt
Dr. Bryan Limmer
Dr. Manisha Makhija
Dr. Robert Meister
Dr. Judith Meyers
Dr. Shaheen Moezzi
Dr. Patricia Moreno-Cabrera
Dr. Berween Mourady
Dr. Mark Moynier

Dr. Steven Nadel
Dr. Divya Nagaraj
Dr. Anas Najim
Dr. Zachary Nelson
Dr. Lananh Nguyen
Dr. Al Ochoa
Dr. William Paini
Dr. Angela Phan
Dr. Brandon Pitcher
Dr. Marina Protopopova
Dr. Jason Rand
Dr. Jason Read 
Dr. Anupama Reddy
Dr. Patrick Reilly
Dr. Grace Rudersdorf
Dr. Randall Russell
Dr. Manpreet Sarao
Dr. Mayank Saxena
Dr. Lindsey Schroepfer
Dr. Amanda Shaffner
Dr. Keith Shaw
Dr. Henry Silverman
Dr. Joseph Stoll
Dr. Aram Sun
Dr. Ethelyn Thomason
Dr. Emese Tokos
Dr. Carly Topley
Dr. Marvinh Tran
Dr. Almut Tropp
Dr. Aaron Van Wyk
Dr. Sara Weinstein
Dr. Douglas Whetten
Dr. Matthew Whiteley
Dr. Arthur Yagudayev
Dr. Lashica Young
Dr. Adriana Zuniga

Larimer County Dental Society    
Dr. Justyna Aspiazu
Dr. Kendell Buxton
Dr. Robert Camuglia
Dr. Kerrie Cunningham
Dr. Huong Lam
Dr. Leah Schulz
Dr. Blake Barney
Dr. Andrew Martin
Dr. Nicholas Punzalan
Dr. Ryan Rush     

San Juan Basin Dental Society    
Dr. Patrick Dustin
Dr. Pauline Linhart
Dr. Whitman Ryan
San Luis Valley Dental Society    
Dr. Karl Kohlgraf
Weld County Dental Society    
Dr. Robert Birdwell
Western Colorado Dental Society  
Dr. Melanie Albers
Dr. Jake Atwood
Dr. Trent Buttars
Dr. Jared Chisholm
Dr. Kira Funderburk
Dr. Paul Hilfer
Dr. Jillian Horkan
Dr. Elliott Jolley
Dr. Darren Kessler
Dr. Elyse Kessler
Dr. Stacey Laiminger
Dr. Siona Motufau
Dr. Corbin Popp
Dr. Fain Richardson
Dr. Michael Seip
Dr. Roxanne Siegrist
Dr. Benjamin Tobler
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Managing Editor: Molly Pereira
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