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July 2015
Finkl and Forging Industry Women's Scholarships Awarded

In its inaugural year, Forging Industry Women's Scholarships have been awarded to three young women interning or co-oping in the forging supply chain. Established by Sharon Haverstock to seek out the best and brightest women with the desire and potential to be leaders in the forging industry, congratulations go to:


Jacqueline Dalton, Pennsylvania State University

Jessica Hillman, North Central College

Mattie LaPrade, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University.


Ten university students are new Finkl Scholarship
recipients in the twelfth year of the program. Thirteen students who initially receiving the scholarship last year will continue to receive support.


This year's recipients are:


Stephen Alverez, University of Texas at Arlington

Gwendolyn Bracker, Case Western University

James Buckey, University of Cincinnati

Joseph Monahan, Virginia Technical Institute

Henry Murakami, University of Toledo

Nathan Schlaud, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Darin Schwieterman, Wright State University Lake Campus

Jayme Smith, Cleveland State University

Jonathan Weidner, Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

Michael Wohkittel, University of Wisconsin Madison


If you'd like to contribute to the Foundation's Scholarship Funds, please contact the FIERF Office at 216.781.6260.


In This Issue
Industry Research Projects Funded by FIERF

Two new industry research projects have recently been funding by the Forging Foundation:
  • Additive Manufacturing vs Forging Fabrication - Phase II, Case Western Reserve University, Dr. David Schwam; Industry Partner: Wyman Gordon Forgings (Cleveland)


    The project will compare performance and cost of aluminum and Ti-6-4 forged parts to the same parts fabricated by additive manufacturing. Comparing side-by-side performance and cost of the same parts fabricated by forging and 3D printing, will provide forging companies with the necessary evidence to evaluate the feasibility of 3D printing as an alternative or complementary production method. Mechanical properties will be measured and compared.

  • Study on Weight Reduction of Forged Parts Used in Heavy-Duty Trucks via Innovative Forging Techniques and Material Substitution, North Carolina State University, Dr. Gracious Ngaile and Marquette University, Dr Joe Domblesky; Industry Partners: Fox Valley Forge, Mid-West Forge and Sona BLW Precision Forge; Co-funded with American Iron and Steel Institute's Long Products Market Development Group


    The study will evaluate the feasibility and economic practicality of forging components that are currently produced by casting or other manufacturing techniques; carry out preliminary investigation on effective forging technologies that could be used in lightweight manufacturing.

Students will work alongside the professors and industry partners in both projects. FIA Members interested to know more or to participate in either of these projects may contact Karen ( at the Foundation office at 216.781.6260.
FIA/IHS Market Forecast Report Release

FIA/IHS has released a revised First Quarter Forecast Report of 2015.   Newly revised government and new FIA data has been incorporated into this revision.  Participants and subscribers should receive the Forecast via email from FIA. 


Forecast report recipients and subscribers recently participated in the first FIA/IHS Deep Dive with the Experts webinar.  Some topics covered included:

  • Review of government data revisions
  • Detailed look at key data sources
  • Forging specific forecast deep dive
  • Carbon/Steel price outlook and sourcing guidance

Interested in seeing a sample of the FIA/IHS Market Forecast report?  CLICK HERE to view highlights in this useful tool.  


To subscribe to the forecast or find out more, contact

Benefits of Benchmarking

Members get the most up-to-date benchmarking information when they want it, and more importantly, when they really need it! That's been our goal, and the reason forging members now have a platform providing the ability to enter and compare data in real-time as well as customizing charts and reports to download any time, any day of the year.

Wondering how you compare with your peers in the forging industry? your company's sales range or employee range? Now with the dynamic ability to customize charts and reports, you can see how you measure up with peers in just a few clicks. The charts below show how a sample company's Benefit Costs as a Percent of Total Benefits Costs compares with the average plant in two ways. Chart A is customized to filter and compare the sample plant to companies within a specific size range of employees. Chart B represents a comparison of the sample plant to all reporting companies.


Chart A
Chart B

Want more? FIA forging company members - begin your survey and reporting by logging in HERE and benchmark your company now. FIA's 2015 Compensation & Benefits survey will launch this September. Find out more about FIA benchmarking HERE.


Do you have questions or want more information? Contact FIA's Benchmarking team at 

Forging Defense Manufacturing Consortium Activity Update

The Forging Industry Association - Department of Defense Manufacturing Consortium Executive Advisory Board met at SCRA Applied R&D on June 10, 2015
in Summerville, South Carolina.  

The board reviewed FDMC activities, especially the current Defense Logistics Agency Manufacturing Technology Program known as PRO-FAST.  This program is investigating, developing, testing and implementing a variety of technologies to improve the forging industry.  The board also reviewed the status of the FDMC's Strategic Plan which is moving steadily forward with its 5 integrated Strategic Goals.  

An added benefit to the members was their ability see firsthand the Boeing Company's new 787 Dreamliner Production Line located in North Charleston.  As part of this tour, the FDMC leadership met with Boeing leaders to explore topics of mutual interest to the forging industry and Boeing.  Rounding out the day was a private tour of Clemson University's Lasch Conservation Center which is the temporary home of the famed Civil War submarine H. L. Hunley.   

The FDMC provides a unique opportunity for FIA members to guide R&D investments to benefit the Forging Industry, network with peers, reach out to customers and suppliers, and to experience opportunities beyond one's forging enterprise.  Members of FIA - especially forgers - interested in joining the FDMC Executive Advisory Board should contact Roy Hardy, FIA President; Jack Simmon, FDMC Chair; or Jon Tirpak, FDMC Executive Director.   
Plan to Celebrate Manufacturing Day in October!

MFG DAY is an opportunity to showcase your company's importance to the local economy and spread the word about rewarding careers in your organization!


Use October 2nd - the first Friday in October - to open your doors to students and the community or join with other local manufacturers to make presentations to local schools to tell your story. Include local lawmakers, potential customers and the media.


Visit for more information and tips for planning and hosting events.


The Forging Foundation has Forge Your Future Toolkits for use with students and educators. Contact Karen ( or 216.781.6260) for more information.

Safety, Health, and Environmental Committee Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Health Safety Tool
  • Guide to Restroom Access for Transgender Workers
  • Protecting Your Temporary Workers
  • Protect Yourself During Flood Cleanup
  • Safety Star Honorees
  • Do You Have a Safety or Environmental Question?
  • 2015-2016 Committee Goals and Objectives
To read the complete newsletter, please click here.
Surplus Forging Stock Available

Attention FIA members-  are you looking for surplus forging stock to purchase?


Please click here or go to Member Services- Surplus Forging Stock to view newly posted listings.

Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars for the following FIA sponsored events:

Theory and Applications of Press Forging and Die Design
September 28-October 1, 2015
Cleveland, OH

This four day seminar taught by academic and industry experts focuses on the forging specific information regarding the application of various types of presses, as well as guidelines for designing tooling for forging and trimming.

Click here for more information and registration!

2015 Fall Meeting of Members
October 5-7, 2015
Grapevine (Dallas), TX

For more information, please click here.

First Line Supervisory Seminar
October 22-24, 2015
Cleveland, OH

This three day seminar taught be industry expert Rod Allenwood focuses on the development of your First Line Supervisors by enhancing their leadership, communication, organizational skills and much more.

Seating for this course is limited and early registration is recommended.

Click here for more information and registration!

Induction Heating for Forging
November 5, 2015
Romulus, MI

This one day educational seminar is the only Induction Heating seminar the focuses solely on the Forging Industry.  Join industry experts as they teach valuable first hand knowledge of Induction Heating for Forging.

Click here for more information and registration!