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                                                    January 2015


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ThirteenWelcome Bar Source International, LLC

FIA is pleased to welcome Bar Source International LLC, as a new supplier member to our association. Located in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, Bar Source International LLC provides carbon and alloy steel bar products to the forging industry. To contact Bar Source International LLC please call (630)317-7033.  


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twoWelcome Carco America

FIA is pleased to welcome Carco America LLC, as another new supplier member to our Association. Located in Sharon Center, OH, Carco America LLC produces large seals and packaging solutions for the forging industry. To contact Carco America LLC please call (330) 419-1003. 


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Ten Senate passes bill temporarily renewing tax breaks

By Kevin Drawbaugh 


WASHINGTON Tue Dec 16, 2014 8:13pm EST 

 (Reuters) - Dozens of temporary tax breaks, including big ones for business research, wind power and foreign profits, were renewed by the U.S. Senate late on Tuesday, putting to rest worries that further delays in dealing with the so-called tax extenders might foul up the approaching tax-filing season.

The Senate approved legislation sent from the House of Representatives that renews retroactively, back to Jan. 1, 2014, a 55-item package of tax breaks. Most of them expired at the end of 2013 and have since been in limbo.

The legislation, which passed the Senate 76-16, will be sent to President Barack Obama for signing into law.

In a floor speech before passage, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden said: "With this tax bill, the Congress is turning in its tax homework 11 months late...this package of tax incentives will last just two weeks before families and businesses are thrown back into the dark with respect to the taxes they owe. The legislation accomplishes nothing for 2015."

In calling on Congress to provide greater certainty for taxpayers next year, Wyden added, "The Congress is about to pass a tax bill that doesn't have the shelf life of a carton of eggs."

Nevertheless, not just big businesses, but ordinary Americans are affected by extender provisions for items such as state and local sales tax, canceled mortgage debt, college tuition, schoolteacher supplies and health insurance.

The measure would be good through the end of this year. If Obama signs it, that would mean taxpayers could claim the tax breaks for the 2014 tax year, but Congress would have to debate them all over again in 2015.

The bill was projected to cost U.S. taxpayers $41.6 billion over 10 years. No new federal revenue sources were dedicated to fully offsetting that cost, which means it would increase the federal budget deficit.

The extenders usually win short-term renewal and extension from Congress every year or two.

Nearly half of the total 10-year estimated cost comes from the three largest items: a $7.6 billion credit for business research and development costs; a $6.4 billion tax break for renewable energy production plants; and a $5.1 billion tax exception that allows financial firms and other businesses to defer U.S. taxes on certain foreign profits.

Another tax break, known as bonus depreciation, allows businesses to write off and deduct capital investments more quickly at an estimated 10-year cost of $1.5 billion.


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Insight in the Indian Forging Industry


After the change of government in India, there are positive indications on a macro level. The manufacturing sector has shown an upward trend in the last three months, especially the automotive sector is very strong. Click here  for the full report. 


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 Attention All North American Forgers: 2014 Market Survey to be mailed

How did your 2014 orders and shipments compare to the industry? What markets were hot and which were not by dollars and weight and by forging process?

This is a once a year opportunity to obtain this information that is available ONLY from FIA. The best part is, the final report is available FREE to participating companies.

FIA has been compiling this market survey for over 50 years to keep the forging industry and its suppliers informed about the annual consumption of forged parts. The final reports are distributed in aggregate form using the information provided by you and hundreds of other forge shops across North America. Repeating data is reported in aggregate (totals) form only. All individual company data is kept in the strictest confidence by FIA and is never made available to anyone.

The questionnaires were recently sent via e-mail and mail or (click here) to download the forms from the FIA website.


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eighteen 2015 Market Forecast

Participating FIA Members supplying 2014 Market data are automatically entitled to receive the 2015 Market Forecast AT NO CHARGE. Participating non-members may receive this report at a substantial discount. This quarterly forecast is provided by FIA's economic forecasting consultants, IHS-Global Insight.

In summary, the forecast can help you:


- By reporting forecasts by forging process (impression die, open die, rolled ring)

- Track current and future health of your markets

- Get summary forecast views of business drivers

- Promote a balanced portfolio approach to business planning

- Research other potential forging markets

- Corporate planning

- Assess risk by product and sector


A short abridged sample of this report may be viewed at https://www.forging.org/system/files/forecastsample.pdf 

Don't miss this opportunity to obtain valuable industry data available nowhere else.


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Quench Probe Research and Design Project funded by the Forging Foundation 
Penn State Erie - The Behrend College students Nathan Junk, Andrew Mansuetti and Ryan Sybo presenting their progress to date on the Quench Probe Research and Design project funded by the Forging Foundation. Objective of this educational and research project is to find robust options to map the uniformity within an agitated, unloaded quench tank. As cooling rate is a shape and geometry dependent variable, the students explore the option to use a heated probe and track watts required to maintain the probe's temperature at 120C and then to correlate differences in watts input to tank uniformity. As one of the FIA Technical Committee members expressed it during the proposal review, this problem of understanding the uniformity in a quench tank has a "boil the ocean magnitude", but we are ready for a fresh look. The Forging Foundation supports this senior design project with $2,500 and the students have visited Corry Forge and McInnes Rolled Rings and are excited about our industry! Plan to meet them at Forge Fair 2015!
For more information about this or other research projects sponsored by FIERF, contact Carola at carola@forging.org

FIERF Sponsored Research - Final Report on
Centerline Void Closure by Suhasini Gangatirkar; Illinois Institute of Technology 
During the solidification stage of a larger ingot voids might occur. The closure of these centerline defects is dependent on material properties and processing parameters. This study summarizes extensive simulation results and provides insights in influence of die width, friction coefficient and relationship of strain and grain size to just name a few. Click here for the full report.
For more information about this or other research projects sponsored by FIERF, contact Carola at carola@forging.org
FDMC1 Seeking Candidates to serve on the FDMC Executive Advisory Board


FIA forging member companies are welcome to submit candidates to serve on the FDMC Executive Advisory Board.   This board provides the strategic oversight of the FDMC especially as it engages in federally funded research designed to enhance the forging industry.   Please contact Jack Simmons, Chairman of the Board at jsimmons@gocarlson.com or Jon Tirpak, Executive Director, FDMC at jon.tirpak@scra.org.  Either Jack or Jon can answer your questions about the commitments, responsibilities, and benefits of serving on this executive advisory board.


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 First New PRO - FAST Research Projects unfolding


FIA member companies are encouraged to contact IQ Technologies' Michael Aronov regarding participation in this newly awarded R&D subcontract to develop and deploy intensive quenching units in forge shops. This technology affords a forge the ability to annihilate production leadtime, reduce or eliminate altogether quench cracking and distortion, reduce energy consumption, and enable alloy substitution. Already 3 to 4 FIA member companies have agreed to partner with IQ Technologies to gain firsthand experience of this enabling technology. Michael can be reached at m.a.aronov@sbcglobal.net. This is the first the series of research projects which will be unfolding with the new PRO-FAST Program. 


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21st Century Advocacy Program through the Apple iTunes Store for iPhone and iPad


Nearly 60 percent of American adults own a smartphone. At the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), it is known that a majority of our potential advocates for good manufacturing policy do not have consistent, daily access to a computer - most are working on the shop floor - but all of us live in an increasingly mobile-enabled world.


The MFGWorks app is now available through the Apple iTunes Store for iPhone and iPad! This free app gives America's manufacturing employees, families and friends the power to take action in support of manufacturing while they are on the go!

A version for Android is also under development and will be available soon!


We are all part of a growing and changing manufacturing economy, and we need your help to keep positive momentum on Capitol Hill. When manufacturers speak, policymakers listen. 
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lastSummer Interns and Full Time Employees - It's Graduation Season!


Finkl Scholarship, Magnet School and research project students are interested in working for YOUR company!  Contact Karen in the Foundation Office (216.781.5040 or karen@forging.org) to make their skill sets to your needs.

It's not too early to start planning for summer internships.  Many top candidates will have made their plans early in the year. See Industry Internship Programs for tips for developing a successful program.



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First Line Supervisor Training - March 3-5, 2015 Cleveland Marriott Residence Inn

A three-day Seminar focusing on the continued development of your organization's first line supervisors by enhancing their skills in the following areas:

o Leadership and Relationship-Building;
o Effective Communication (verbal and non-verbal);
o Use of Interpersonal Problem-Solving Tools;
o Coaching for Performance Improvement;
o Personal Development and Self-Actualization;
o and much more.
Space is limited to maximize individual interaction, please register early.  


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Forge Fair News

Exhibitor Booths: While we are almost sold out, there are still some great booth locations available. Forge Fair 2015 has already sold more booths, with more floor space, than for 2013: our largest show to that point. If you are interested in exhibiting, please (Click Here) to view/print Exhibitor Prospectus.


Show Guide Advertising: Time is running out to reserve your advertisement in the Official Forge Fair Show Guide. For space and availability please contact Theresa at: Theresa@forging.org.


Sponsorship Opportunity: There are still two sponsorship opportunities available, don't wait and miss out. (Click Here) to view/print Sponsorship Page.


Attendee Registration: Attendee Registration is now open. You may register online by (Clicking Here), or view/print the Attendee Brochure by (Clicking Here)


Forge Fair App: We will be launching a free Forge Fair App in mid-January, which will allow you to use your mobile phone or touch pad to:

  • Look up exhibitors with product descriptions
  • Look up other attendees
  • View Presentation Schedule with topic descriptions
  • Build your own meeting planner
  • Send messages to other attendees and exhibitors
  • Request appointments
  • Receive real-time announcements broadcasted by FIA
  • and much more


We will be sending all exhibitors and attendees e-mail notices when the App has been launched.


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FIA's New Injury and Illness Web Based Dynamic Benchmarking Survey

On January 7th, FIA invites your partition in the 2014 Occupational Injury & Illness Survey. Via dynamic benchmarking, FIA is bringing an exciting new way to benchmark by bringing you the information you need, when you need it the most.


Our new web based platform offers:

   * Forging Industry specific information

   * Enhanced user experience

   * Easy navigation

   * 24/7 user access

   * Flexible data-entry

   * Instant reporting

   * Comprehensive reports


For more information on how to participate contact FIA at benchmarking@forging.org or call 216-781-6260

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Safety, Health & Environmental Newsletter - January/February Issue

In this Issue:

. Injury & Illness Survey - Now Open!

. Committee Tours Boeing Assembly Plant

. Scot Forge Earns National Recognition for Safety

. OSHA Recordkeeping Self Quiz

. Safety Star Awards

. Do You Have a Safety or Environment Question...?

. Safety, Health & Environmental Affairs Committee Needs YOU!


Click here to view/print Newsletter

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