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                      October 2013




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  International Forgemasters Meeting (IFM2014)


IFM 2014 Call for Papers Deadline for Submission of Abstracts


  Top 5 benefits of participating in FIA's Compensation Surveys


   Indian Forging Update


Meteorite Steel


2013-14 Forging Capability Guide Released


 Updates from FDMC


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FIA Fall Meeting to Focus on Future


Induction Heating for Forging


First Line Supervisory 


Lobby Day 2014 - Mark your calendars - April 1-2, 2014



FIA welcomes supplier member: ASW Steel, Inc. (www.asw-steel.com), they provides ingots, cast billets and forged blooms to the forging industry. Tim Clutterbuck, President will serve as Official Representative (905-735-5500).

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TenTwo New Staff to Join Our FIA Team

It gives us great pleasure to announce that we have added two new members to the FIA staff! Please join us in welcoming Theresa Ferry and Suzanne Durette; both have joined us as Administrative Assistants.

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SixFIA Exhibited at MetalForm 2013, Shanghai China

With the growing increase of Chinese participation over the past several FIA Forge Fairs, the organizers of MetalForm China, the Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry (CCMI), invited FIA to exhibit at this year's MetalForm, in an effort to better familiarize the Chinese forging industry and the companies that supply products and services to the Chinese forging industry, with the FIA and the upcoming Forge Fair 2015, to be held in Cleveland Ohio.

MetalForm China is a show focusing on the metal forming industry in China. This year's exhibition had nearly 300 exhibitors showcasing machinery, die & tooling, automation, ancillary equipment, material, metal formed parts that cover the whole chain of forging, stamping and fabricating.

Feature of 2013: Intelligence, Green, Transformation & Upgrade

Intelligence means: higher productivity, more stable repeatability, more flexible production, low labor intensity, shorter response time, more comprehensive enterprises information systems.

Green means: save energy and material, reduce carbon emissions; reduce dust, noise and waste, advance labor protection and workers' health, etc.

Transformation & Upgrade means: from OEM to independent brand, from manufacturing to service, from extensive management to precision management, from low to high added value, from high to low energy consumption etc.

E2FIA at Gear Expo 2013

Don Farley of the FIA and Denis Benetti of Valbruna Slater Stainless, Inc.

FIA exhibited at Gear Expo, September 17-19, 2013 at the Indianapolis Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis. Owned by the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA), Gear Expo is a biennial event and the world's only conference and expo designed exclusively for the gear industry. The ASM Heat Treating Society Conference & Exposition is co-locating with Gear Expo 2013, and ran concurrently September 17 and 18.

For more information on Gear Expo, see http://www.gearexpo.com/. For more information on the Heat Treat Expo, see www.asminternational.org/content/Events/heattreat/.




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Eight8Be a Part of the FIA Delegation to the International Forging Congress in 2014

IFC2014Mark the dates of June 29-July 4, 2014 on your calendars for the Impression Die Forging's Triennial International Congress. FIA Vice President, Arnold Visser, will lead a delegation to the event to be held in Berlin, Germany where 500 forgers are expected to participate.

In addition to the always informative business and economic reports by geographic regions, Congress topics will include: Globalization; New materials for forging; Toolshop; Engineering; Equipment; Demographic change; Recruitment for forging companies; Resource management; Quality; and Business ethics. Value added plant tour opportunities will also be available in several countries to make this a not to be missed event.

Many FIA Members will remember what a great experience the meeting was in 2008 in Chicago, and 2011 in India, so plan now to be a part of the 2014 event. For further information or to reserve a space on the delegation list, please contact Karen Lewis ([email protected]) or by phone at 216-781-6260. Registration will begin the end of September. Visit the Congress' website at www.ifc2014.org.

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TwelveWorld Forging Industry

Our good friends at EuroForge, and specifically their Secretary General, Dr. Theodor L. Tutmann, have once again surveyed the World's forging associations for 2012 forging production. The report can be found at http://www.euroforge.org/statistics/production-figures.html. Thanks to Dr. Tutmann for all his efforts.


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ThreeInternational Forgemasters Meeting (IFM2014)

We are pleased to inform you that the 19th International Forgemasters Meeting (IFM2014) will be held on September 29 to October 3, 2014, at the Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex in the greater Tokyo area, Japan. Delegation for IFM will be led by FIA President, Simon Ormerod.
Many of you had a great experience at IFM 2011 in Pittsburgh, so plan now to be a part of our delegation.  If you have any questions or are interested in joining FIA's delegation please contact Don Farley ([email protected]).


Congress website is now available at: http://www.ifm2014.com/.  We hope that you will take the time to take a look at the website. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat (details below).

We look forward to seeing you in Japan in 2014!

IFM2014 Secretariat Office
[email protected]

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Nine9IFM 2014 Call for Papers Issued Deadline for Submission of Abstracts


Please write an abstract in 300-500 words in English and submit it via online submission system no later than October 31, 2013.  In online submission, authors need to type abstracts in the entry box to submit. Before submitting your abstracts, please reconfirm whether you can follow the instructions below.


(1) Complete all blanks hereunder marked with * (mandatory field).

(2) Fill in one form per abstract.

(3) Type the first letter of each word in capital letters.

(4) Use ASCII Code only: A to Z, a to z, 0 to 9, and : ! , " , # , $ , % , & , ' , ( , ) , ~ , * , < , > , ? , _ , - , { , } , + , = , ; , : and ^

Especially, please check the item (4) carefully. If you use characters other than listed above, the system cannot receive your abstracts correctly. Please be careful not to use "two-byte" words.


Online submission system is now available from the link below.



Acceptance Letter: By February 28, 2014

Acceptance of the paper will be notified to the date written above. Authors of accepted papers will be required to submit the full papers, and will be able to present their papers either orally or as a poster in the IFM2014.


Please visit us on the web at http://www.ifm2014.com/

We look forward to seeing you in Japan in 2014!


If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat.


IFM2014 Secretariat Office


Email: [email protected]


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SevenTop 5 benefits of participating in FIA's Compensation Surveys:

2013 Hourly and Management Compensation Reports are FREE to companies completing survey questionnaires! Survey questionnaires are due October 10, 2013.

  1. Information contained in the reports is valuable for salary reviews, contract negotiations and setting pay for new hires.
  2. Benchmark your benefit packages and pay scales against companies like your own.
  3. All information is held in the strictest of confidence; rates are reported in the aggregate only - no individual company information or participating company name is ever reported.
  4. Reports will be published electronically in December. To report results back quickly, completed survey questionnaires are due October 10, 2013.

Electronic forms have sent to member forging companies via email . To make sure your company was sent the surveys contact Mary Ann ([email protected]) at FIA 216.781.6260.

To provide the best information, we need the participation of as many FIA members as possible, so we hope you will look for and encourage your company to complete the survey questionnaires.

Questions?  Would you like to see a sample report to judge for yourself how valuable this information can be?  Please contact Mary Ann Foote ([email protected]) at the FIA Office - 216.781.6260 for additional information.


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OneIndian Forging Update

Our friends from the Association of Indian Forging Industry (AIFI) have shared their quarterly magazine "Focus". Click "Focus" to get a view of the industry in India. Thanks to Sandeep Gupta AIFI Assistant Secretary, for sharing.


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FourMeteorite Steel

 Kyle Metzloff, FIERF Magnet School Professor at the University of Wisconsin - Platteville, is getting into some pretty out-of-this-world stuff.  Working with Richard Furrer of Door County Forgeworks in Sturgeon Bay, WI and student Frankie Roche, the trio melted, cast and then reduced material made from meteorite steel to be used in laminated blades. 



Furrer is no stranger to the forging of blades.  Ric is the blacksmith seen on NOVA's "Secrets of the Viking Sword" "Ric will make some really neat blades from the material", said Metzloff.  "Typically meteorites have nickel in them and when laminated with standard carbon steel produce a very distinct pattern from outer space."


Ric explains, "The blade is forged from the meteorite steel made at UW-Platteville.  The meteorite steel is white due to nickel content and the US made 1084 simple carbon steel is dark. The pattern is   derived from 1600 layers of the two materials forge welded (solid phase welded) into a single billet, then twisted and forged flat prior to heat treating, grinding , polishing and finally etching to display the contrast in the two steels.


I have had the pleasure of working with Prof Metzloff and his students for many years and introducing them to small scale hand and machine forging. From there the jump to modern industry is an easier transition for the students as many of the techniques we perform on one pound billets is mirrored in industry on a much larger scale. I look forward to many more years of involvement with Prof Metzloff's educational program."


In addition to introducing students to the production of meteorite steel, Professor Metzloff is offering a die design course this semester. Thanks for introducing students to the forging industry, Kyle and Ric!


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CD2013-14 Forging Capability Guide Released
FIA is pleased to announce availability of the new 2013-14 Forging Capability Guide. This fully searchable CD contains location and facilities listings of FIA Member custom forge shops, forging market, process descriptions and graphics. It also includes a "Special Capabilities" column that further defines forging company capabilities, making it easier for customers to select prospective sources.


The primary purpose of this Guide is to promote the capabilities of FIA members and the forging process to forging customers and prospects. It will be distributed to thousands of customers and prospects worldwide. Copies of the 2013-14 Forging Capability Guide are available to customers at no charge, FIA members for $25.00 each and to FIA non-member forging and supplier companies at $100.00 each (postage and handling included). Click Here to order or contact FIA at [email protected].


ElevenUpdates from FDMC

FDMC presented for the first time a Forging Design Seminar at Fleet Readiness Center Southwest, located at Naval Air Station North Island in San Diego, CA, on August 26th.  31 students attended, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  These seminars parallel the Forging Design seminars offered publicly through FIA.  Our next seminars are scheduled for Patuxent River Naval Air Station and Hill Air Force Base.  For information about the FDMC seminars, contact Jon Tirpak at 843-760-4346. For the FIA led seminars contact George Layne ([email protected]) at FIA. 


FDMC conducted its annual review of the Forging Advanced Systems and Technologies (FAST) Program.  This in depth review by government and industry experts evaluates and guides the Department of Defense Manufacturing Technology Programs.  Al Underys, Jon Tirpak, Dean Bartles and Chris VanMetre of the FDMC Executive Advisory Board and Carola Sekreter of the FDMC Technical Advisory Committee participated in this event in Charleston, South Carolina at the SCRA Applied Advanced R&D Center.   


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TwoFIA Fall Meeting to Focus On Future

Both internal and external influences on the forging industry will be discussed and dissected at the 2013 Fall Meeting of Members to be held October 21-23 at the Hyatt Regency San Antonio, right on the town's famous Riverwalk and adjacent to the Alamo.


We'll open with an overall look at the future of North America - Will the U.S., Canada and Mexico become the most powerful Economic Union in the world over the next ten years? A look at international forging research, future international forging meetings and the global economic status in general will also be on the agenda. New on-line methods of maintenance training will be discussed, including a review by those that have used these resources. FIA Committees will quickly keynote future projects and recent accomplishments that may impact your business. Roundtables will look at forging technology's future, the Global Insight forging market forecast, as well as a special session on strategic planning for FIA.


The second day will feature presentations from two speakers noted for the trend research and forecast work. Robert Tucker, from Innovation Resource, returns to FIA with Managing the Future. And Alan Beaulieu, from the Institute for Trend Research, and noted economist for many metalworking trade associations, will present Where Do We Go From Here?


Please note that this year's Fall Meeting schedule has changed from past meetings, with sessions now beginning first thing in the morning on October 22. An optional reception will be held the evening prior for those that have arrived early. FIA Members are asked to please mark your calendars now for this meeting. Complete information and registration materials can be found by Clicking Here, or visiting the FIA website.


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One1Induction Heating for Forging- November 6, 2013 - Cleveland, OH

This Is the Only Induction Heating Seminar Focused Exclusively on the Forging Industry

  • Basics of Induction heating
  • Induction Heating Power Supplies
  • Material Handling
  • Induction Coil Design / Repair
  • Electrical Control Systems
  • Water Cooling Systems
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Energy and Economics


Click here for additional information, or contact George Layne at: [email protected]


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Five1First Line Supervisory Development Seminar November 12-14, 2013 - Cleveland

This three-day Seminar focuses on the continued development of your organization's first line supervisors by enhancing their skills in the following areas:

  • Leadership and Relationship-building;
  • Effective Communication (verbal and non-verbal);
  • Use of Interpersonal Problem-solving Tools;
  • Coaching for Performance Improvement;
  • Personal Development and Self-actualization;
  • and much more.


This class is limited to 30 students, the last Seminar filled up quickly, so please register early.

Click for more information.

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FourteenLobby Day 2014 - Mark your calendars - April 1-2, 2014

Capital Building FIA members are invited to join with FIA's Board of Directors and the Public Policy Committee members who form the core group of FIA's "Fly In" Lobbying efforts. This event consists of face-to-face visits with our elected officials and their key staffers in their Washington offices.

Talking points are developed by FIA's Public Policy Committee and all meetings are arranged by The Laurin Baker Group, FIA's Lobbying Group.

For additional information contact Roy Hardy ([email protected]).



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