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                      July 2013




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Theory and Applications of Press Forging and Die Design

ATTN: Sales and Marketing Execs: October Marketing Workshop 2013 in Nashville 

FIA Fall Meeting to Focus On Future


Forge Fair 2015 Exhibitor Prospectus Posted - Register Your Booth Early 

WelcomeFIA Welcomes Nutec Bickley S.A. de C.V. 

Nutec Bickley S.A. de C.V. (http://www.nutecbickley.com/) Located in Santa Catarina, Mexico, Nutec Bickley S.A. de C.V., provides furnaces, ovens and quench services to the industry.  Welcome Nutec Bickley as FIA's newest member!  Arturo Arechavaleta, President, will serve as Official Representative (855) 299-9566.


twoFIA President Ormerod Represents FIA before Congress
Ormerod with Congressman Mulvaney (SC-5th)

FIA President Simon Ormerod of Ajax Rolled Ring & Machine was invited to testify before the House of Representatives Small Business Committee's Subcommittee on Agriculture, Energy & Trade on June 20, 2013.  He was asked to testify on the economic benefits of increased domestic supplies of natural gas and oil for small manufacturing concerns, and  

specifically how those benefits would assist a forging producer. 


His testimony can be found here: (Click Here)

Invited  Panel for Testimony 
Small Business Committee 

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ElevenPast Board Members Recognized For Their Service with Artwork

For any organization to not only survive 100 years, but to prosper while doing so is quite an achievement and is truly a testament to the commitment and dedication of its people.  In the case of a trade association those people are the volunteers, and FIA and FIERF have been blessed to have so many step forward over the years to fulfill that need.


Our 100 year anniversary is a perfect time to publicly recognize the efforts of all our leaders, and so we have presented all past Board members of FIA and FIERF with a small gift to express the association's appreciation.


FIA commissioned artist Mark Brabant to create a work of art that not only says "thank you", but also in a picture tells the story of how the volunteer leaders have lifted the organization to where it is now and where it will be in the future.


Presenting "Lifted by Giants"


The picture's central and dominant theme is the relationship and teamwork of the main figures, "the people" that by working together, lift and support FIA.  In the background, it includes recognition of some of the key markets we serve quietly, without fanfare.  The anvil is a nod to our past, and the sunburst represents our bright future.  The chain border is symbolic of the industry's strength and to our critical part in the manufacturing supply chain.


Going forward we will present a copy to all FIA and FIERF Board members as they finish their tenure on either board.  Our desire is that it expresses our heartfelt gratitude for all of the efforts in lifting up the association.


          "Lifted by Giants"                                     

                                                  Past and Present FIA and FIERF Board Members at Annual Meeting of Members



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FiveFinkl Scholarships Awarded
Seventeen incoming college juniors will be the next class to receive Finkl Scholarships. An additional fifteen seniors will continue to receive financial assistance through the program. "We received more applications this year and the review committee was very pleased with the quality of those applicants", said FIERF Education Committee Rick Recktenwald of Walker Forge.



Eight of the students receiving the scholarships are co-oping or interning at a forging industry company. Congratulations to this year's recipients! They are:


Jeffrey Barkas, Ohio State University

Jace Birschbach, Marquette University

Thomas Chrobak, University of Wisconsin - Madison

James David, Wright State University

John Fisher, Geneva College

Sarah Gilbert, University of North Texas

Christopher Long, University of Michigan

Michael Lou, Rutgers University

Kathleen Murzynski, Penn State University

Daniel Nordal, Oregon Institute of Technology

Daniel O'Sullivan, Stevens Institute of Technology

Matthew Pallone, Ohio State University

Connor Pearce, University of Cincinnati

Alesha Stein, Kettering University

Paige Stevens, Colorado School of Mines

Stephen Vitello, University at Buffalo

Daniel Winland, University of Dayton



SNSad News

Harlan Todd, Esq., Chairman of the Board of The Dayton Forging and Heat Treating Company , passed away June 16 at the age of 84. Known as an irrepressible transformer, Harlan served proudly in the U.S. Army, and was the Chairman of Dayton Forging for over 50 years. The family asks donations be made to The Children's Dyslexia Center, Valley of Dayton, Dayton, OH.


NewForging Industry Association 100 Years History Book for Sale

A labor of love from the staff of FIA to our membership is now for sale, with the proceeds going to FIERF scholarships.  This book captures forging history and FIA's part in the story, with the theme being "it's all about the people". 


Included in the book is a copy of "Forgings moving the world forward....", the FIA 100 year timeline that was on display at both Forge Fair 2013 and the Annual Meeting of Members in San Diego.


Cost is $25/copy and orders should be placed by emailing : roy@forging.org 



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SevenSchool's Out for the Summer, but Teachers are learning about metals!
Thanks to Ann Klodor of SIFCO,

Rob Mayer of Queen City and

Greg Scheuring of The Ellwood Group, the forging industry has already been represented at three ASM Materials Camps for Teachers held in Cleveland, Dayton and Pittsburgh.




Because of these folks and others like them, over 200 teachers will learn about the forging process and careers in the industry from industry volunteers.   Camps are scheduled in July for Akron, Columbus, Ann Arbor, Indianapolis, DeKalb, Fort Wayne. Contact Karen at the Forging Foundation (216.781.6260 or Karen@forging.org) for more information or to participate.



EightPenn State Erie School of Engineering

Penn State Erie School of Engineering is currently in the process of identifying senior capstone project ideas for the upcoming academic year.  We are seeking industrial partners willing to sponsor a project team that will benefit your organization and provide our students with valuable practical experience. 


Sponsoring a senior design project can enable you to:

  • Explore the application of new technologies on back burner projects with low-cost and low-risk.
  • Take a close look at creative and energetic students who may make great employees for your company.
  • Draw from faculty expertise in a variety of disciplines and take advantage of the resources and libraries of a world-class research university.
  • Provide an enriching opportunity for students to use their valuable education in an industrial situation.

Project proposals should be submitted by August 15th and are officially accepted and assigned to students in October; however, faculty and/or students may contact sponsors for additional information any time after the start of classes in the fall.  Students begin working on their senior design projects in October and follow project timelines through late April.  Click here for more details.

The students showcase their work by presenting these projects at the Richard J. Fasenmyer Engineering Design Conference. This unique conference is open to the public and held the last Saturday in the spring semester each year.

Project proposals should be submitted by August 15th.  


We look forward to hearing from you.



Michael Lobaugh
School of Engineering Senior Design Coordinator

Lecturer, MET Department
Penn State Erie, The Behrend College


Carola Sekreter

Forging Industry Associtaion




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NineDo You Have a Forge Shop Safety Question...?
Do you have a forge shop safety question regarding: OSHA Regulations, Machine Guarding, PPEs, Confined Spaces, Best Safety Practices, etc., and want the advice of a safety professional with years of hands-on forge shop experience?

The FIA Safety, Health & Environmental Committee is here to help.

  • You may e-mail your Safety Question to George at: glayne@forging.org, the Safety Committee Liaison.
  • Your question will then be copied from your e-mail, and sent anonymously to the Committee.
  • All responses to your question will also be relayed to you anonymously, unless the responder wishes to be identified, so you may contact them directly for additional advice, which often happens.

Many safety managers think they are the only ones experiencing a specific safety problem, when in most cases, others have confronted the same problem and have fought through it.

TenJuly/August Safety, Health and Environmental Committee Newsletter

In this issue:
  • OSHA Launches Initiative to Protect Temporary Workers
  • Rules for Flammable Liquids in Industrial Plants
  • OSHA Issues New Resource to Protect Emergency Workers at Combustible Dust Fires
  • Congratulations to FIA 2012 Safety Award Plaque Winners
  • Safety, Health & Environmental Committee Needs YOU!
  • 2012 Occupational Injury & Illness Summary
  • Seven Year DART Incident Rate Trend

Click here to view/print Newsletter

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TwelveIFM 2014 Call for Papers Issued

The International Forgemasters Steering Committee is pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the 19th International Forgemasters Meeting (IFM2014) has been issued, with information now available online.


Forging industry producers and suppliers are welcome to take this opportunity to share your technical knowledge and achievements at the world's premier event on open die forging to be held Sept 29 - October 3, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. If you wish to submit a paper, please visit http://www.ifm2014.com/ and click on "Call for Papers". The submission deadline is October 31, 2013.

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OSHAOSHA Policy Change Regarding Third-Party Visitors During OSHA Inspections


In the latest skirmish in the continued Battle Royal between employers and organized labor, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently issued a "letter of interpretation", departing from decades of OSHA policy and interpretations, indicating that under certain circumstances OSHA inspectors conducting a "walk-around inspection" of a workplace could bring along a third party who was neither an employee of the business nor a member of a union representing employees at the facility.


Although there have been no reported cases of such activity as yet, a number of employers have expressed concern about the potential for such visits, and have asked what actions they might take to prevent or mitigate the impact of unwanted guests accompanying OSHA on "walk-around inspections" of their facilities.


The National Association of Manufacturers conducted a webinar on this subject on June 25, conducted by an attorney from Jackson Lewis, a law firm specializing in workplace-related issues.  The presentation is attached, and offers further explanation about the OSHA policy and a number of actions that employers can take to protect themselves and their rights should such an incident occur.


Please let FIA know if you have any questions or you experience such a visit. 


E1Theory and Applications of Press Forging and Die Design
The fifteenth presentation of a 4-day FIA education program providing forging-specific information regarding the application of various types of presses as well as guidelines for designing tooling for forging and trimming will be held September 16-19, 2013. Taught by experienced academic and industry experts, the specific goals of the course are:
  • Broaden knowledge about press forging
  • Provide a basis for objective press selection
  • Furnish useful tool design guidelines
  • Compare approaches to press automation
  • Review guidelines for matching the press to the part in terms of size and operational features

Click here to view/print Program brochure

E2ATTN: Sales and Marketing Execs: October Marketing Workshop 2013 in Nashville.

Forging and supplier sales and marketing executives are encouraged to mark October 1-2, 2013 on their calendars for the 2013 FIA Marketing Workshop... this year to be held in Nashville, TN at the Hilton Doubletree Downtown. Highly rated speaker Joe Calloway will open the Workshop with a fresh look at Sales Strategy. A special look at future energy markets --- what's hot and what's not - will follow.

Day two will open with noted speaker and trainer Scott Deming focusing on Branding & Marketing. A Material Supplier Panel discussing elements that influence pricing and lead times, and immediate and long term opportunities / threats from offshore material suppliers will follow. The day and the Workshop will conclude with IHS Global Insight taking an in depth look at our customer markets, where they are heading and the impact on open, impression and rolled rings sales for the coming 5 years.

This Workshop is open to members and non-members, and is an opportunity not to be overlooked. Complete information and registration materials will be mailed, e-mailed and posted on the FIA website later this month. 

E3FIA Fall Meeting to Focus On Future

Both internal and external influences on the forging industry will be discussed and dissected at the 2013 Fall Meeting of Members to be held October 21-23 at the Hyatt Regency San Antonio, right on the town's famous Riverwalk and adjacent to the Alamo.


We'll open with an overall look at the future of North America - Will the U.S., Canada and Mexico become the most powerful Economic Union in the world over the next ten years? A look at international forging research, future international forging meetings and the global economic status in general will also be on the agenda. New on-line methods of maintenance training will be discussed, including a review by those that have used these resources. FIA Committees will quickly keynote future projects and recent accomplishments that may impact your business.


Roundtables will look at forging technology's future, the Global Insight forging market forecast, as well as a special session on strategic planning for FIA .


Please note that this year's Fall Meeting schedule has changed from past meetings, with sessions now beginning first thing in the morning on October 22. An optional reception will be held the evening prior for those that arrive early. FIA Members are asked to please mark your calendars now for this meeting. Complete information and registration details will be forthcoming via web posting, e-mail and mail.



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E4Forge Fair 2015 Exhibitor Prospectus Posted - Register Your Booth Early

Forge Fair 2015 will be held at the new Cleveland Convention Center, April 14-16, 2015. FIA is now accepting early exhibitor registrations, don't wait, don't be left behind.


Why Register Early?

  • Receive the special discount rate
  • Receive preferential booth assignment
  • Reserve an Exhibitor Presentation slot
  • Be included in early Forge Fair mailings and promotions

Click here to view/print Prospectus


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