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January 2013












Forge Shop Best Safety Practices Workshop


Lobby Day 2013 - Mark your calendars - April 16, 2013

2013 FIA Annual Meeting... Come Celebrate our 100 Year Anniversary



Back in 1911 a group of 60 drop forging companies informally met at the Murray Hill Hotel in New York City for the first time.  Some of those companies have familiar names (Cleveland Hardware; Keystone Forging; Queen City Forging; Wyman & Gordon) and are on the member rolls of FIA today!  A few more informal meetings resulted in the formation of the American Drop Forging Association (ADFA) in 1913.

Through the years other groups combined with ADFA, resulting in THE association that represents the interests of the North American forging industry.  Those groups and the dates of their joining are: American Drop Forge Suppliers Association - 1915; American Drop Forge Institute - 1920; Drop Forging Association - 1935; changed the name to Forging Industry Association - 1965; Open Die Forging Institute merged with FIA - 1981. 

One thing rings true through the years in both good times and bad, and that is the commitment of FIA's members to the organization.  Fathers have passed down to sons the importance of not only supporting FIA financially, but also giving of their time and talents to advance the industry through their trade group.

The roster of past volunteer leaders reads like a Who's Who of the forging industry.  This amazing list of FIA leaders and the devoted staff who have dedicated their lives to this industry, illustrates that we are all caretakers of this institution.  Our objective now is to keep FIA relevant for the next 100 years.

So join in us in wishing FIA "happy birthday to you and many more......"

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WelcomeFIA Welcomes New Members! 

 Saarsteel USA (www.saarstahl.com) Saarstahl, a BOF long products mill based in Germany, supplies wire rod and bars worldwide. Saarsteel USA is the company's North American subsidiary. Matthew Jones, Account Manager, will serve as the company's Official Representative to FIA (248-608-6442).


 Valley Forge & Bolt Mfg. Co.  (www.vfbolts.com) Located in Phoenix, AZ, Valley Forge & Bolt Mfg. Co. is an impression and open die producer of custom forgings for the Industrial Equipment, Power Generation, Steel Production and oil and mining markets.  Bret Halley, GM/VP, will serve as Official Representative (602-269-5748)

FifteenNew and Renewing FIERF Supporters Make the Difference

The FIERF Board of Directors would like to thank all that made donations to the Foundation in 2012 for their generous support!  Your contributions of over $220,000 make possible student outreach, Finkl Scholarships, education grants and much more.

We wish to extend a special "Thank You" to three companies that have made the commitment to support the Foundation as an Anvil Society Member:

Gold Anvil:  Electralloy

Bronze Anvil:  IMT and Pat Mooney, Inc.

A complete list of donors is listed in the FIERF honor roll of contributors. 


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ThirteenNominations Open for FIA and FIERF Boards

The best organizations are only as good as their leadership, and the Forging Industry Association and the Forging Industry Educational and Research Foundation are no exceptions to this rule. FIA and FIERF have been very fortunate through the years that industry leaders have consistently stepped up and volunteered their time and talents to serve on these two Boards. This altruism provides the guidance and direction that has allowed FIA and FIERF to consistently provide the services our members need.

FIA's Nominating Committee will meet in February to select and nominate a slate of nominees to the FIA Board of Directors and the FIERF Board of Trustees for election at the Annual Meeting in May, 2013.

Elected Directors and Trustees will serve for three year terms through the Annual Meeting in 2016. Candidates from both FIA forging producer or supplier member companies are eligible and will be considered for either Board, subject to the following guidelines, qualification and preferences:


The FIA Board of Directors provides operating policy and direction to the association and its activities which support FIA's purpose and Mission - "To improve member's global competitiveness". FIA activities are accomplished by committee, staff and member groups through defined, measurable objectives relating to industry marketing, information, public policy, and technology matters relevant to the forging industry and of interest to FIA members. Director candidates are CEO or senior managers who are versed in business operations and strategic planning, motivated to participate and lead in an industry-representative peer-group effort, and able/willing to commit to 3 meeting days per year.


The FIERF Board of Trustees sets direction for, and participates in small working groups to plan and implement highly focused activities relating to Technology, Education and Fundraising matters toward furthering the competitiveness of the forging industry. Trustee candidates should be well versed in either business or technical planning skills, interested in developing long term programs and solutions to these enduring industry challenges, and able/willing to commit to 4 meeting days per year.


FIA members who are interested in serving on either Board, or who would like to recommend a candidate for consideration by the nominating committee, may inquire for more information by either contacting FIA Executive Vice President Roy W. Hardy (Email: [email protected]) , or any member of the nominating committee listed below.


Members of the FIA nominating committee are:

Bob Bolin, Girard Engineering  (Email: [email protected])

Rick Creed, Weber Metals, Inc (Email: [email protected])

Kevin Crowley, Forged Products, Inc.  (Email: [email protected])

Tim Hunter, McInnes Rolled Rings  (Email: [email protected])

Mike Kamnikar, Ellwood Group, Inc.  (Email: [email protected])

Bruce Liimatainen, A. Finkl & Sons Co.  (Email: [email protected])

Hudson Smith, Sifco Industries, Inc.  (Email: [email protected])




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NineWhat a Finkl Scholarship Can Mean to a Student

 We'd like to share a letter received from Elizabeth Eisinger, a Mechanical and Industrial Engineering student at Kettering University...

 "Back in August I was awarded a $2000 Scholarship from FIERF. This is by far the best scholarship (in my opinion) that I have been given so far. Although it is neither my largest scholarship nor a long-lasting one, it shows where my interests in life can truly help me in my academic career. I work for MSP Industries under American Axle. Although many would consider this a harsh environment, I consider it incredibly fascinating and very easy to get drawn into from an engineering and management point of view. MSP Industries has given me the chance to make something of myself - I have worked on everything from: the quality department, design in tooling, robot setup, development work on prototype parts, the installation of a refurbished press, and I have even had the chance to work as a production supervisor of an entire building! I mention all of these points about my co-op employer because I have found (from fellow students that intern at other forging facilities) that my experience isn't that unusual. Engineering students from all over the forging industry are able to play a large part in their respective employers and reap the benefits of those experiences.

I have found a home within the fields of forging and manufacturing. I love it here and I plan on staying. I wanted to say to you that I am completely and utterly thankful for the money given to me so that I can continue my education for a career that I have barely started and already love."

Contact Karen Lewis (216.781.6260 or [email protected]) for more information on Finkl Scholarships or to make a contribution to the scholarship fund.

Note:  Finkl Scholarship applications will be available on the FIA Website February 1st.



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SixPenn State Students Tour Standard Steel

Amy Robinson, Materials Science & Engineering Department Instuctor at Pennsylania State University and her class recently visited Standard Steel in Burnham, PA to see railroad wheels and axles being forged.  "Over all we found the trip very exciting and interesting.  Students found watching the process from start to finish highly interesting.  Each student was able to find a part of the process they related to and the tour guides were great for answering questions", said Kendra Gagliano.



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FourMichigan Tech Students Visit Walker Forge

 Thirteen material and mechanical engineering students from Michigan Tech visited Walker Forge in Clintonville, WI, on November 9th.  In addition to touring the plant, the students were there to discuss potential die lubrication and heat treating projects.

Impressions and comments from the students:

*       Enjoyed the wide variety of products and processes

*       Impressed with the scale of the process and equipment

*       Ingenuity in doing large scale salvage and equipment repairs in-house

*       Appreciation for the blending of art with industry

*       Metallurgy involved in all aspects of the business

*       Enjoyed the "informal" atmosphere at Walker

*       I would like to see this become an annual trip

Tom Wood, Research Scientist in the Materials Science and Engineering Dept., reports, "The students had a great time and are definitely more excited and interested in the forging industry after this trip."

SevenMeadville Forging Company Receives NTN's Supplier Performance Award


December 2012-Meadville Forging Company (MFC) was recently presented with American NTN Bearing Manufacturing Corporation's Supplier Performance Award for 2012MFC was graded against 54 other suppliers on quality, on-time delivery

and overall customer service.  For the second year in a row, MFC Group has received this prestigious award from NTN, as Carolina Forge Company received the award in 2011.


Established in1955, MFC Group has grown to become one of the most diverse forging operations in the country with four plants in three states: Pennsylvania, Virginia and NorthCarolinaMFC Group is headquartered in Meadville, Pennsylvania, and is a major supplier to the automotive industry with parts such as wheel bearing components and transmission gears.


Please log onto our website  www.meadforge.com or give us a call at 814-332-8200 to see how we can fulfill your forging needs.



Three2013 FIA Annual Meeting... Come Celebrate our 100 Year Anniversary

Plan now to attend the FIA Annual Meeting at the historic Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, CA, May 4-6, 2013. We will be celebrating FIA's 100th Anniversary with industry icons both past and present. Be sure and take a walk down memory lane as memorabilia from the forging industry's last 100 years will be on display.

Suggested arrival date is Saturday, May 4, with the opening party starting at 6:30 p.m.  As the May 6 Annual Dinner/Dance will close the program Monday night, suggested departure date is Tuesday, May 7. There will be no scheduled events on Tuesday.

Look for complete registration details and information in February via e-mail, FIA website, newsletter and printed brochure.



EightLobby Day 2013 - Mark your calendars - April 16, 2013

FIA members are invited to join with FIA's Board of Directors and the Public Policy Committee members who form the core group of FIA's "Fly In" Lobbying efforts.This event consists of face-to-face visits with our elected officials and their key staffers in their Washington offices.

Talking points are developed by FIA's Public Policy Committee and all meetings are arranged by The Laurin Baker Group, FIA's Lobbying Group.

For additional information contact Roy Hardy ([email protected]).


ElevenForge Shop Best Safety Practices Workshop - January 23, 2013 -Cleveland

The Forge Shop Best Safety Practices Workshop is a one-day workshop where safety professionals from FIA member forge shops, as well as safety industry professionals, will share their best safety practices with you. The workshop will be held at the Crowne Plaza Cleveland Airport Hotel.

Workplace safety requires providing a safe work environment for your employees. An injured worker is an unproductive employee, costing your business the services of a valued employee as well as driving up your insurance costs. While catchy slogans posted on signs can be effective cautionary reminders, responding to safety issues immediately can reduce the number of incidences of workplace mishaps.


For additional information (Click here  


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It's that time of year to find out how 2012 shipments, tonnage and markets did compared to the last 3 years.


This is a report FIA has been compiling for over 50 years, collecting forging companies information and reporting that in the aggregate to participating companies. 


The questionnaire is going out this Friday January 11th via e-mail or mail or however your company requested it.  If you wish to download the forms  https://www.forging.org/forging-industry-association%E2%80%99s-2012-annual-statistical-survey on our website, but first see a few things as to why you should participate.




FIA's Market Forecasting Service is available to help you:

       Track current and future health of your markets

       Get summary forecast views of business drivers

       Promote a balanced portfolio approach to  business planning

       Lets you look at different sectors

       With corporate planning

       Assess risk by product and sector



  Participating members will receive Annual O&S report and ALL Market Forecasts issued for 2013. 

  Non-member participants will receive Annual O&S report and TWO FREE QUARTERS of 2013 FIA Market Forecasting Service reports.  Additional subscriptions can be purchased.





ForgeFairForge Fair Attendee Brochure
Forging producers worldwide are invited to see, compare, and shop vendor companies from across the globe who are bringing their equipment, materials, services and ideas for practical solutions to the forging industry during FORGE FAIR 2013. Sponsored by Forging Industry Association, this opportunity comes only once every three years


(Click here) to view/print Attendee Brochure.