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Only Two Weeks Left!!!
My name is Bob Segraves. I am the Director of Sales & Marketing for Smart Vision Lights. I am here to offer you a $1,000.00 visa card for the best vision application utilizing Smart Vision Lights illumination product(s). We are also offering a $20.00 Amazon gift card for the first 20 applications that are entered. If you enter two applications you will receive two Amazon gift cards.


As you know, our industry consisting of OEMs, End Users, distributors and colleagues alike, love to hear about application success stories. This is one way to get your company recognized. Our last winner was on the cover of "Vision Systems Design" and received a high level of recognition in addition to the prize awarded by SVL.


Your entries will be used on our website and applications presentations depicting specific uses and industries that your solutions are utilized in. With your permission we can also list your organization as providing the sample application anywhere SVL is using it providing continued exposure and recognition for your abilities and services to our industry.


We understand in some cases you have to protect your end user. If you signed and NDA of course we do not want you to jeopardize yourself. As always we will avoid specifics regarding companies using the technology and the parts being inspection. However, if the company you worked with for the solution is okay with mentioning their specifics we can include that also.


I challenge you to please submit any and all applications in the contest while disregarding your own opinion of its complexity or simplicity. We make it very easy to submit your entries. Just visit and follow the menus. It's that easy.


Thank you very much for taking the time in reading this and good luck.


Yours truly,


Bob Segraves