SVL | June 2015 

Imitation May Be Flattering, But Don't Fall For Second Best!

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but you can't beat the real thing. Recently, other light suppliers have attempted to replicate Smart Vision Lights' built-in, all-in-one internal driver, but be cautious. 


Fact: Heat is the enemy of LED Lights.


Fact: And brighter isn't better if you can't dissipate the heat properly. 


Do you think this might be why other LED suppliers only warranty their products for 2 years? We do.


Smart Vision Lights is so confident in our designs that we have the industry's only 10-year warranty. And that isn't the only catastrophe you'll avoid by saying "no" to copycat designs..... Read more 


Bobby Segraves, Director of Sales & Marketing

Smart Vision Lights  


Smart Vision Innovates with Linear High Power, Multicolor Lights 

LHP Line Scan Light: Brightest Industrial Line-Scan Light 

Smart Vision Lights continues to be the leader in innovative ideas. This year's introduction of Linear High Power (LHP) Line Scan Light and the new DADL75 Series of multicolor inspection lights represents just a sample of things to come. Offering exceptional uniformity and intense output design, the DADL75 series of lights is a perfect lighting solution for applications requiring variable intensities with multiple color options for any product inspection process involving a highly reflective finish. The new LHP light is the world's brightest industrial line-scan light at greater than 5 million lux and the only scan light on the market to offer polarization (patent pending). Stay tuned for more exciting products coming soon!

SVL Smart Tip: We Make Camera Connections a Snap!


Did you know that SVL Ring Lights are designed to quickly mount to many Baumer, Cognex, Datalogic, Keyence, Sick, and Dalsa cameras? Now that's SMART and EASY! 


Don't see your favorite camera listed? Email Smart Vision Lights or call 231-722-1199. Let's work SMARTer, together!


See Smart Vision Lights' LED Brick Light reading a spinning barcode during a Stemmer Imaging demo. Click here to watch the video. 


August 13, 2015: Advanced Manufacturing Expo, Hudsonville, Michigan 


October 7-9, 2015: AHTD Fall Meeting,
Banff Springs, Alberta, Canada


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