SVL | June 2014 

Why Doesn't Everyone Offer Internal LED Drivers?


The answer to that question tells you a lot about the industrial LED suppliers. First, let's look at the undeniable facts: Internal drivers mean you have one less thing to buy, one less thing to install, and fewer headaches overall. So why are all the other LED manufacturers just now starting to put internal drivers in their new products?
It's not cost. Smart Vision Lights has always put our SMART driver inside every light, and we don't cost more than the competition. So, external drivers aren't cheaper. 
It's not performance. Our SMART internal LED drivers do everything you need: current control, continuous or strobe operation, NPN/PNP strobe input, intensity adjustments, etc. 

It's not about LED lifetime.
Competitors will say it's because it allows the customer to replace a driver if it fails, but how often do LED drivers fail? Ours don't, which is why we have the best warranty in the LED lighting business - 10 years of guaranteed protection.

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Matt Pinter, Director of Engineering, Smart Vision Lights 

New Blister Pack Inspection Lights for Reflective Surfaces
Smart Vision Lights recently introduced its TL305 Series lights designed for pharmaceutical blister pack inspection, or any inspection of products with a highly reflective finish. The new dome lights feature a built-in individual on-axis and off-axis intensity control lighting system that provides maximum diffusion and control over the interaction between the light, camera, and reflective surface. For more information, click here

Application Case Study: Candy Cane Inspection
This customer required inspection of packaged candy canes to ensure that the boxes were full and properly labeled. The application required a solution that could determine if the correct number of canes were in the boxes and if the labels were appropriately applied to the front of the boxes. The recommendation was to use infrared (IR) illumination to eliminate glare and see through the plastic wrappings and provide a grayscale image that showed a dark location if a cane was missing. For more details on how this candy cane inspection solution works, click here.

Ooh La La: SVL Joins Stemmer Imaging at Paris Imaging Event
Smart Vision Lights showcased machine vision lighting technology at Stemmer Imaging's Technology Forum recently held in Paris. Booth attendees were very excited about the SVL technology, and Casey Seagraves also gave his presentation, titled "Enlightened Illumination Techniques," which highlights applications using machine vision examples and IEC62471 safety standards of LED illumination. To read more, click here

SVL - Standard Wavelengths for Machine Vision 


SVL - UV Lighting for Machine Vision

November 4-6, 2014: Vision 2014 - Stuttgart, Germany


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