LED Certification Lab Guarantees Lights Meet International Safety Standards 

New Intertek-certified in-house LED light lab guarantees that LEDs from Smart Vision Lights comply with new international photobiological damage standards, protecting customers from possible fines and loss of European CE, North American UL, and Asian safety marks for sales across global markets. Smart Vision Lights recently qualified as a Level IV LED testing and certification facility by Intertek (LSE: ITRK), a leading international provider of testing, inspection, and certification services under Intertek's SATELLITE™ Data Acceptance Program. The new Level IV LED light testing and certification lab means that all Smart Vision Lights' LED light sources are tested and documented to meet international light performance and safety standards, including IEC-62471, "Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems."  

New Pulse Generator Module - Stroboscope
More and more vision applications are utilizing a pulsed light source than those operated in continuously on.  Historically, when a strobe trigger signal was not present, the choice was to purchase an expensive external driver that doubles as a strobe controller.  Since all Smart Vision Lights LED arrays feature an integrated constant current SMART Driver, these driver/controllers are not required or compatible.  Therefore, SVL created the PGM Pulse Generator Module.  This stroboscope easily installs between any 24VDC power source and our LED array using male-to-female M12 quick disconnect cables.  It gives the user hte ability to pulse any SVL product at a rate of 12-3200hz with a 10% duty cycle.  The PGM is compatible with all Smart Vision Lights lighting products including our ultra-high intensity, strobe only, OverDrive Series.

International Conference for Vision Guided Robotics
On November 12-14, Smart Vision Lights will be exhibiting at the International Conference for Vision Guided Robotics.  This event is hosted by The Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.  The event focuses on the successful implementation of vision guided robotics for a variety of industries. From proven techniques to new technology advancements, you'll learn effective ways to address your specific challenges, including reducing costs, improving quality and advancing productivity.

Strobe; A New Era for LED's and Machine Vision 



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