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SVL | July 2013
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$1,000 Lighting Application Contest Almost Over 

Smart Vision Lights open contest for lighting application examples is almost over. The window for submitting your example closes on July 27th at midnight. First prize will be a $1,000 Visa gift card. The first 150 applications submitted will be awarded a $20 gift card for The top ten entries will receive a Smart Vision Lights poster. A maximum of 5 applications will be accepted per person. The winner will be announced on August 1st, 2013. Good luck to all who have entered and those who will.  

Increased Demand for Large Light Panels
Over the years our Large Light Panel back lights have become increasingly popular. The LLP's edge lit design produces highly effective light uniformity and the ability for us to offer many customization options for individual applications. Such options include the overall X&Y axis dimensions for size and the strategic placement and size of holes for cameras to peer through. When holes are integrated into the LLP series the light produces a tent effect where soft diffuse light is produced from multiple angles. The outcome of this effect is similar to dome lighting and reduces reflection, glare, and shadowing.  
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What is IEC62471 and Why Should I Be Aware?
Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems
The potentially complex procedure of evaluating LED photobiological safety is now a legal requirement in Europe, but few countries have yet followed the European mandatory-testing lead. This article discusses the implementation of the IEC62471 standard and provides an in-depth look at the measurement of radiance and irradiance. 

Power LEDs for Machine Vision Lighting


Infrared Lighting 101


Advancements for UV Lighting in Machine Vision 


July 27th, 2013:  Lighting Application Contest ends


August 1st, 2013:  Winner of Lighting Application Contest is announced.

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