December Newsletter
Tools for the Holidays


We are half way through the holiday season and you may have already seen a great spike in sales and that's terrific.  So to keep the moment going we have another round of powerful tools to send your way.   


     Read on for 3 powerful tools to make your holiday campaigns a memorable success.

1.                           Join the Movement
Please post the image below on your facebook.
By spreading the message, our community gains strength
and you get the benefit of allying yourself with this city wide advertising campaign.

2.                      Its Working
The Institute for Local Self-Reliance has published the data from their sales survey, which confirms that Buy Local Campaigns do make a BIG difference in local economies.

 The findings are usually cited in over 100 news stories each year.  This news coverage is some great free advertising for the Buy Local movement.  So lets all join in on this free advertising by giving them more data .

Please participate in the upcoming Survey
The survey will only be open for a short window. So here are the dates so you can put them on your calendar:       
January 6 - January 21st.
3.           Shift Your Shopping

Kevin Bacon is now joining the movement and the momentum is building.  
He has joined forces with a gospel quire and the 
Shift Your Shopping For Good Campaign.  
Shift Your Shopping for Good Informercial - Featuring Melvin Macon
Shift Your Shopping for Good Infomercial 
This is just one more intelligent resource for you and your small business. Learn more about their program at  Shift Your

4.      As usual: Let us post your content
          for you.

 Just send us your: 
  • deals
  • special items 
  • festive images 
  • wonderful stories about buying local.


Once we receive submissions they will be edited down to a single voice.  Not all submissions will make it, but many will.  In order for us to post your content you must be a member.  Membership benefits are many and with the offer from us and East Bay Express, now is a great time to become a member.  

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