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VoteForUsDear Forklift Fans - 
We're excited to announce that we're in the running for "Best Green Business" in the City Paper's 2016 contest.

City Paper readers have awarded a "Best of DC" title to the Forklift every year since 2010. Each year when it's announced in the paper, the phones start ringing because a ton of new people find out about us.

However, we need your help to win it again! When we win, more homeowners & contractors learn about us, more of them will donate, more materials will be kept out of the landfill, more folks can afford repairs, and we'll be able to create more green jobs. And of course, you'll find more fun stuff here in the store.

The contest ends on Feb. 29th, and the winners will be announced in March.  We would be so grateful for your support.  

Thanks very much,
The Forklifters

A Big Warm Thank You
Each year the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) hosts a Polar Bear Plunge to raise awareness and funds to fight climate change. And for the last 3 years Community Forklift has sent out our bravest, most daring, possibly reckless Forklift Freezers to splash into the icy Potomac River in support of this cause.  

Our 2016 Forklift Freezer team and fans

We'd like to thank everyone who supported our Forklift Freezers at this year's Polar Bear Plunge. Community Forklift raised more money than ever before and were one of the top fundraising teams. Whether you cheered us on, sent us encouragement, or donated to this great cause, we couldn't have done it without you and we're so thankful for your help.

Ready to Plunge!

We had a lovely time saving the polar bears and our environment last week, and we'll be back again next year in our 4th run as the Forklift Freezers.

Forklift Freezers at the 2016 CCAN Polar Bear Plunge  
Forklift Freezers at the 2016 CCAN Polar Bear Plunge
We are especially grateful to those who donated in memory of our dear friend & Forklifter Josh Bombeck, who passed away in December. We miss him a great deal, and CCAN kindly asked us to speak about his life at the event. 
Josh at the 2014 Polar Bear Plunge
Thank you to everyone who has helped us during this sad time. We are continuing to collect memories to compile into a photobook for his family and friends. Please feel free to send thoughts, stories, and photos of Josh to Outreach(at)CommunityForklift(dot)org, or leave your sympathies at the memorial page set up by his family.
Love At The 'Lift
We've got dust, salvaged building materials, and antiques; but who knew it was a recipe for ROMANCE? Well, apparently a few folks did! In honor of Valentine's Day, we're sharing some love stories.

Neil and Lauren
Once, two youngsters met at the Art Deco Society in DC, and then ran into each other months later at a video store (that tells you how long ago it was). They hung out as friends for a few years before losing touch. 

Fast forward to 2012, and Neil was volunteering at the Community Forklift booth at the H Street Festival when he ran into Lauren again. This time, they were both smitten, and decided they wouldn't lose touch again. Lauren says, "Neil is my best Forklift find!"  Nowadays, they can often be found adding art-deco touches to Neil's cool old house in Hyattsville. (He also spends his spare time as a weekend Community Builder, helping to spread the word about the 'Lift at local festivals.)

Rebekah and Mark
In 2012, Forklift Fan Mark called us to ask if he could propose to his girlfriend Rebekah the following weekend in the warehouse. A friend painted a vintage-looking sign for him to stash in our antique section. On one side it said "Mark & Rebeckah's Auto Shop," and on the other side it said "Will you marry me?"  She was so surprised when she found the sign!
Mark and Rebekah's Proposal
Mark and Rebekah's Proposal

Rob and Zoe
Three years ago, we hired two of our favorite Forklifters. Rob and Zoe started working in our warehouse within a few months of each other and quickly hit it off. These two have both moved on from the 'Lift to pursue careers in deconstruction and environmental work, but they often come to our events or pop in to say "Hi" to old friends at the front desk. What's even more exciting is that they've recently announced their engagement! So wedding bells will be ringing next year...do you think they'd like to use our courtyard?

Aderyn and Doug
What do you get when you cross our Events Coordinator with our Pricing Coordinator? A 100% Forklift Baby of course! Aderyn and Doug met and fell in love right here at Community Forklift a little over three years ago. Now, they're a Forklift Family of three with their 16 month old daughter. Both Aderyn and Doug continue to work here at the 'Lift, and you can sometimes spot our littlest Forklifter cruising around the warehouse visiting mommy and daddy at work.

Celebrity Forklift Fans
Sometimes, after a long day at the warehouse, we'll head to a new restaurant in a trendy neighborhood, and we'll spy a familiar-looking object. "Hmm, is that the light fixture that I dusted last month?  Is that bar made out of salvaged wood from the 'Lift?"

 Often, when we flag down the manager, they tell us. "Yes!  We saved lots of money and found some really unique items at the 'Lift!" It's great to know that we help small business owners, and it feels cool to be part of the fabric of the community.  

In recent weeks, we're feeling even hipper than usual because we've had a few brushes with fame!  

First, we got a call from some very excited set designers. They saw a mid-century bathroom set in our Ebay store, and asked us to ship it to Brooklyn. Our vintage tub, sink, and toilet now makes regular appearances on Netflix! The next time you're watching the adventures of superhero Jessica Jones, keep an eye out for the "Mamie Eisenhower pink" fixtures in her apartment's bathroom.

Next, we got a call from the House Hunters TV show. They were filming an episode about a woman looking for an eco-friendly home in the DC area.  After selecting a house, she used several items from the 'Lift in her renovations. So she talked them into shooting a few scenes at our warehouse! We'll keep you posted about the exact date, but it should air on HGTV in a few months.

WTOP reporter Neal Augenstein live-blogged the whole ceremony.

Then, just a few days ago, we were honored to learn that one of our pre-loved kitchen cabinets played an important role in a local Groundhog Day tradition. 

Accompanied by accordians and top-hatted VIPs, Potomac Phil announces his weather and political predictions each year. This time, he used our cabinet as his podium during the ceremonies at Dupont Circle! This seems fitting, as we understand that he lived in a vintage shop for a time himself. Thanks for being a Forklift Fan, Phil.
Plakookee Photo Project
 We have a real treat this month - we're going to have artists in residence! 
Plakookee is a collaboration between artists Rachel Debuque and Justin Plakas. Their projects span across design, sculpture, installation, constructed photography and time-based art work. Their work, together and independently, has been exhibited and screened in spaces across the U.S. and internationally. Their studio and production space is located in Mt. Rainier, Maryland.
Photographs constructed in the Plakokee studio in Mt. Rainier using materials from the Forklift tile department.

 On the weekends of Feb. 13-14, and Feb. 20-21, 
they'll be here at the Forklift warehouse.  
To create a series of photographs using our material, they will bring their lighting and camera equipment and set up a temporary studio in our classroom. While they're working, they're hoping curious Forklift Fans will stop by. They'd love to answer questions and discuss their work with you.
Then, they plan to exhibit their work locally, and donate part of the proceeds to our Home Essentials program! They say, "Our goal is to raise visibility for Community Forklift within the arts community and the Washington DC area at large... We see this as a great opportunity to generate discussion about the life of the materials beyond the warehouse and all the good that is being done at Community Forklift."
First FREE Workshop 
of the Season
 Growing a Beautiful Fruit Orchard  
in Your Own Backyard

Have you always dreamed of having fresh fruit right outside your door? This workshop will give you the basics of planting, raising, and caring for beautiful trees that create fruit, provide shade, and help increase the value of your home.  

When: Sunday, February 28th, 1pm-3pm
Where: Community Forklift Classroom 
4671 Tanglewood Drive, Edmonston MD 
(just 5 min. outside DC in the Hyattsville area)

For more information and to reserve a seat, please visit our Eventbrite page
Don't miss out - early spring is the time to get planting!
Plus, Free Trees for Edmonston Residents!
To support the Edmonston Green Team's edible gardens initiative, we will be giving away free Pawpaw and Serviceberry trees to Edmonston residents. 

If you are a resident of Edmonston, Maryland and would like to bring home a tree to plant in your yard, please bring proof of residency to this class. Our presenter, Kimberly Knox, will be giving out trees while supplies last. 

PartnerNewsCommunity News 
Rooting DC 

Rooting DC is a FREE, all-day gardening forum that aims to provide education about urban food production and consumption, to cultivate health and preserve the environment. 
There will be dozens of information tables & interactive workshops covering topics like raised bed gardening, herbalism, food preservation, food justice, growing techniques, building healthy soil, irrigating your garden, youth gardening, and many more. (Stop by the Forklift booth to say hello!)
WHEN:  Saturday, Feb. 27th, 9am - 4:30pm
WHERE:  Wilson High School, 3950 Chesapeake Street, NW DC

Register HERE

For more info, and to see the full lineup of workshops, visit www.RootingDC.org

RainGardenRain Garden Workshops in Prince George's County 
Register HERE
CookingClassesJust a few minutes from Community Forklift:

February Specials 

This month, take half off the orange & blue price tags on lights, shades, & bulbs. We've got a ton of different lights, with a variety of periods and styles. Sale includes a large variety of chandeliers, flush mounted lights, wall sconces, patio lights, lamps, ceiling fans with lights, and fluorescent fixtures!  

Sale does not include other light parts or electrical supplies, select specialty items, items from our consignment partners, or items with missing or damaged tags.


Take half off the marked price on modern & vintage sinks, including pedestal sinks!  

Sale does not include sink sets with matching vanity cabinets, sink sets with matching toilets, sinks attached to granite counters, other plumbing parts, select specialty items, items from our consignment partners, or items with missing or damaged tags.

Pay ZERO DOLLARS for any hollow-core doors marked with orange price tags of $5 or less.  Limit 5 per household.  

Freebie does not include any other types of doors, select specialty items, items from our consignment partners, or items with missing or damaged tags.


We're cleaning up to get ready for spring, so we've created a "Free-bruary" section in the middle of the warehouse. Look for the neon "Free" stickers and stock up.  

We'll be be adding to the section throughout the month. Free items may include carpet tile, lights, cabinets, cabinet doors and drawers, chairs, window sashes, and more!

Almost everything in the warehouse is 30% off right now - did you know about it?

You receive our newsletter once or twice a month, and you learn about all sorts of community news, upcycling ideas, and month-long sales. But did you know that you are missing out on our flash sales? 

That's right, we frequently have short sales with deep discounts in popular departments - and sometimes these flash sales
include the entire warehouse!   

However, because flash sales are announced the night before, you WON'T learn about them in our monthly newsletter. 
To get the details about our current FLASH SALE, and to find out about future flash sales: 
sign up to get an email when we post breaking news on our blog.  Or, you can just follow us on Facebook or Twitter!    

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