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When the Weather Gets Bad, Our Sales Get GOOD!
Save the Date for our Garden Party!
We Need Your Donations of Patio Furniture and Lawn & Garden Supplies
Building Community By Building Partnerships
Randall Cleaver Does It Again
Tanglewood Works Call for Artisans
Free Mercury Glass Demo
Great Events Going On Around Town
Fantastic February Sales

Dear Forklift Fans,  

The polls are closing soon...
photo credit: Lolly Robinson
Top Four Reasons to Vote Community Forklift 

1. We kick butt when it comes to conserving
 carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and lots of toxic chemical compounds. 
When you made the decision to donate or purchase building materials at Community Forklift in 2014, you helped us offset an estimated 1,398.99 metric tons of CO2! How did we get this number you ask? We analyzed material output from our 2014 sales data and used this really awesome calculator by Carnegie Mellon University.

2. We provide good green jobs. Over half of our staff members live within five miles of work. 
Employees receive good pay and benefits, and they are encouraged to be active members of the local community. We also promote good green jobs in the local area (stay tuned about our Green Jobs & Internship Fair taking place in June 2015). 

3. We spend time educating our community about the importance of reuse. We've had young explorers from the Maret School, Lowell School, and even College Park Nursery School visit us to learn that reuse is cool.

4. We spread the love! 
This old warehouse is your old warehouse. 
Community members borrow props for their movie and theatre productions, receive free lumber to build little libraries, make repairs for neighbors in need, and renovate their nonprofit offices with the help of our community giving programs.

When the weather gets bad, 
our sales get GOOD!!  

To find out about weekend flash sales and snow day specials, sign up to follow our blog, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook. 

Recently, Forklift Fans have gotten huge deals on vintage furniture, granite counters, kitchen cabinets, reclaimed lumber, and more - we've even had storewide sales of up to 40% off almost everything in the warehouse! 

And make sure to check out our February Sales
some departments are 75% off!  

I know it's hard to believe, 
but spring IS coming soon! 
So, please save the date...

Building Community By 
Building Partnerships
Community Forklift's Outreach & Education team 
has been busy in the new year! 

In the last few weeks, we've met with a ton of local housing and community development organizations to build stronger relationships and brainstorm more ways to work together. These partners include:

We'll be meeting with even more great organizations in the next few weeks! Partnerships are critical to community building, and we look forward to strengthening these valuable relationships so that Community Forklift can continue 
lifting up local communities in 2015.


A Kick in the Pants
from Randall Cleaver

One of our favorite Forklift Fans, Randall Cleaver, has outdone himself with his new clock, called "Politics as Usual". Click the image to watch his clock in movement.

It's encased by an old gas fireplace  found at the `Lift. 

If you're interested in this or other works of clock-art from Randall, visit his webpage at randallcleaver.com

A Call for Artisans

by Sue at Tanglewood Works

You know that problem that you dream of having when you open a small retail shop? The "Oh my, I need more inventory cause this joint is jumpin' and we are selling so fast, we are just barely keeping up with demand" problem??? I LOVE this problem because it is so very easily solved by finding more awesome local artisans. 

Do you brake for trash day? Do you have over 25 cans of paint on hand at any given time? Did you ask for a power tool for Valentine's day? Then you are one of us. The mighty Team Tanglewood. We paint, create, fix, break, fix again, laugh and meet for drinks while the paint dries...

If you want to try out for our team, please click here, enter the passcode "consigner" and follow the prompts. We'd love to chat in person, but please follow these steps first, and then we will call you for a meeting at the shop. We are primarily looking for upcycled creative furniture and lighting.

Held at Tanglewood Works, 4641 Tanglewood Drive, Edmonston MD 20781
(entrance in front of the Community Forklift courtyard) 
Questions?  Contact S[email protected] or 415-595-9839
More Great Events Going On Around Town:


February Sales
   75% Off   
 "Oops!" Stain, Adhesive, Paint, and other Liquids

"Oops!" paint that is normally $5 per gallon is now just $1.25, and $2 quarts are just $0.50 each! 


(Sale does not include our new line of Amazon Recycled Paint, select specialty items, powders, or items with missing or damaged price tags).


Granite scraps were used to create this awesome walkway from 
 Granite Counter Scraps of 3 square feet or less


Pay just $0.25 - $1.56 per square foot for granite counter scraps!  Sale does not include thresholds, tile, or other finished pieces of stone.  Sale does not include other types of counters, select specialty items, or items from our consignment partners.  



75% Off
  Cloth, Plastic, and Glass Light Shades with Orange Tags 
Great for a craft project! 
Sale does not include light
fixtures, lamps, other electrical supplies, shades with blue tags, items from our consignment partners, or shades with missing or damaged price tags. 

75% Off

  Single cabinets, "orphan" cabinet doors, and cabinet drawers

Take 75% off kitchen cabinets with orange price tags of $30 or less, and unmatched "orphan" cabinet doors and drawers.

Sale does not apply to other types of furniture, cabinet hardware, bathroom or living room cabinetry, cabinet sets, items with missing or damaged tags, specialty items, or items from our consignment partners.



25% Off
Chairs with blue tags

Sale includes folding chairs and stools. Sale does not include items with orange tags, items from our consignment partners, select specialty items, or items with missing or damaged price tags.



25% Off 

Save on white and color toilets, including vintage and modern toilets and vintage toilet-sink sets! Sale does not include items from our consignment partners, select specialty items, or items with missing or damaged tags.



25% Off 
Bi-Fold Doors


Take 25% off the orange price tags on louvered & panel bifold doors.  Great for creating room dividers, hiding water heaters and ductwork, and all sorts of craft projects!  Sale does not include surplus, oversize, exterior, or glassed doors; cabinet doors, other styles of doors, select specialty items, or doors with missing or damaged price tags.


See you at the warehouse soon!   

Your friends at the Forklift