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A New Website for the New Year!
No More Pesky Hold Stickers
A New 'Historic District' is in Town
A Year Full of Free Parties & DIY Workshops
So Cold, We're Cool
We're Hiring!
January Sales
We had so many things to be grateful for this past year - our amazing staff, wonderful Forklift fans, and the incredible opportunities presented to us in 2014 to lift up communities in the DC area.

We are so excited about the year ahead that we made a Top 5 list of all the things to look forward to in 2015.

Here they are... 
A New Website for the  
New Year!

It's been a long time coming, and finally, it's gone live! Please visit our new website and let us know what you think!

No More Pesky Hold Stickers!

As more folks have discovered Community Forklift, our warehouse has gotten busy.  We used to allow folks to put a one-day hold on items so they could go home and check measurements.  However, with the increase in shoppers, the hold stickers dotted every aisle.  At times, it seemed that half of our inventory was unavailable! 

So, due to popular demand, we will no longer provide holds.  Come to the warehouse with measurements for items you're seeking, and if you see something you like, jump on it quick! 

 We will, however, still provide one week of free storage after you purchase an item.  So you still have time to round up friends with muscles to help you load, or to rent or borrow a truck!    
A New
'Historic District'
is in Town!

Thanks to all of our Forklift Fan submissions for the "Name that Room!" contest for our new .
Our winner is sixteen-year old Grace, who came up with the name
by "just thinking out loud". Thanks, Grace! We hope you enjoy your new gift bag of tools for playing a part in our contest.

Be sure to stop by regularly in 2015 to check out all the unique offerings in The Historic District!  
A Year Full of Free Parties & DIY Workshops

If you haven't join us for any free DIY workshops yet, make sure you join us in 2015 as we explore creative reuse
in the garden, in the home, and in the arts.

In late March, we're having our annual Spring Garden Party - our biggest event of the year! So get out your derby hats and frilly dresses for the costume contest, and come find great deals for the garden.   
So cold we're cool !

And wanna know why we're really excited about 2015??    

We were just listed in the 2015 National Green Pages as one of "11 Cool Companies" considered to be  "the gold standard for green."
Pretty cool, eh?

But what makes us even cooler (or maybe just plain cold) is that on January 24th, the Forklift Freezers are taking the plunge for a second year running with
Chesapeake Climate Action Network!
If you would like to support us by joining our team or contributing to our $1000 goal, please check out our Team Page here:

We're Hiring!

Community Forklift is seeking a full-time Truck Driver to work with our growing green business. This person will represent the organization while picking up used and surplus building materials in the DC area.


Responsibilities include driving our 24-foot box truck with manual transmission, loading donated materials carefully, and providing friendly service to donors. A Commercial Driver's License (CDL) is preferred. All applicants must have an excellent driving record, a friendly personality, relevant driving experience and a current Maryland Department of Transportation medical card. If you do not have medical card, you will need a physical before you begin. Prior related driving experience is required!   

January Sales
off the orange price tags on windows!

Sale does not include select specialty items, windows with blue tags, shutters or other types of window treatments, stained or wavy glass, items from our consignment partners, or items with missing or damaged price tags. 
off cast iron sinks and tubs in the courtyard

Sale includes modern and vintage items! Sale does not include select specialty items, items with missing or damaged price tags, and other plumbing parts.  
50% off the orange tags on salvaged kitchen & bathroom sinks 
  Take half off salvaged sinks, including pedestal sink sets, stainless, cultured marble, and porcelain sinks!  Sale does not include select specialty items, vintage sinks with blue tags, surplus sinks, sinks with matching vanity cabinets, vessel or stone sinks, faucets or other plumbing parts, or sinks with missing or damaged price tags.
25% off
boxes and bundles of tile
Sale includes ceramic, glass, and stone tile. We've recently received some beautiful surplus tile from high-end suppliers! Sale does not include loose tile; select specialty items; carpet, wood, or other types of flooring; or items with missing or damaged price tags.
10% off
appliances from our consignment partner, Alco Appliances

These are high-quality machines that are guaranteed to work well.  They have been carefully reconditioned and come with a warranty.
See you at the warehouse soon!   

Your friends at the Forklift