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Sneak Peak at our Fall Workshop Series
Let There Be (Reliable) Light
Find us at the Big Build...TODAY!
Free Green Building Symposium
Enter the National Reuse Competition to win big!
September Steals

We have to admit, some of our favorite project photos are the pics with little Forklift Fans.
Dear Forklift Fans, 

Since we opened our doors almost nine years ago, we've heard a lot of stories about your old homes. You've sent in project pictures of your historic homes, shared restoration challenges and triumphs, and even invited us over for meals and house tours

Now it's our turn to invite you over to our old warehouse! Let's share, learn, and celebrate all the things that make your old homes and our community special. 

In  partnership with the 

It's not a Forklift party without food and tunes, so we'll have fresh-baked cookies, locally-roasted coffee, and live old-timey music!

If you have old photos or home movies of local people & places, bring them in during the party.  
You can lend them to the Prince George's Memory Project to help create a film about the visual memory of Prince George's County. 
You can also turn your photos into coasters with the help of Forklift Fan and artist Amir Lowery
Mark Wardlaw of BNV Remodeling enjoys sharing his knowledge by leading workshops at the `Lift.

We think you'll really enjoy the free workshops we have lined up for the day! You can learn how to identify your house type, make authentic design choices for your home's era, or preserve visual memories.

Make sure to stop by the exhibit tables too. You'll meet our community partners and local tradespeople who work tirelessly to restore the beauty of old buildings.
L'Enfant Trust works to fight blight and reclaim historic communities.

And, of course, you'll want to do some treasure hunting.  Take some time to browse our growing collection of vintage items and reclaimed materials!
The Salvage Arts department at Community Forklift recently got a makeover. With a colorful paint job, it really shines.

It's gonna be a great party, so remember to mark your calendar for Sunday, Oct. 26th, from 10am-2pm!
Our fall workshop series, beginning October 4th with "Top 10 Ways to Spot a Cheap Flip," will cover topics ranging from reclaiming old wooden floors to tips for working with lead paint. You can learn how to strip wallpaper, shore up a plaster wall, and hang hooks and shelving correctly. 

Workshops will be held throughout the month of October.
We're still firming up the details, so keep an eye out... we'll be announcing the final schedule soon on Facebook & Twitter!

Let There Be (Reliable) Light

by Elizabeth McGowan

Photo Credit: Elizabeth McGowan. The Forklift began testing all donated lights earlier this summer. Rob Rinker, a member of the Forklift's Receiving and Processing Team, will put this lamp out on the sales floor as soon as it is tested and priced.


No doubt the Forklift offers sweet deals on all of its lighting. But even the best bargain can be a dud if it leaves a buyer in the dark.


And that logic is what prompted a team of Forklift staffers to make room in the warehouse late this summer for a station dedicated to testing all light fixtures, lamps, chandeliers and ceiling fans that are received from donors.


Lights that work are marked with a green rectangular sticker noting that they have been tested. They are then priced and added to floor displays for customers to purchase. Staffers harvest the "duds" for reusable and recyclable parts.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth McGowan. Rob Rinker, a member of the Forklift's Receiving and Processing Team, tests a donated ceiling fan.


Rob Rinker, a member of the Forklift's Receiving and Processing Team who spearheaded the light-testing initiative, has tested hundreds of lights since inaugurating the program several weeks ago. When he's on an uninterrupted roll, he can test up to 60 lights daily.


"Bright" advances such as this lighting initiative are geared at making shopping as hassle-free as possible for Forklift fans.


"This is all about quality for our customers," explains Rinker, while attaching yet another ceiling fan to a specially designed foldout arm that's part of the testing station. "We want people to be confident that they are going home with a product that works."



A Hands-on Family Festival of Tools, Trucks, and Construction  
Saturday, September 20 
10 am-4 pm


Be a builder for the day at the Big Build festival! Amateur builders young and old can discover what it's like to build a brick wall, carve stone, hammer nails, and much more as they work side by side with designers, builders, and artisans demonstrating their skills. 


Meet plumbers, electricians, ironworkers, landscape architects, woodworkers, and experts in many other fields to learn about their professions and hobbies. At this year's Big Build festival you can:

  • Climb aboard cranes and tractors
  • Build a brick wall
  • Construct a log cabin
  • Carve stone
  • Imagine a sculpture made of plumbing pipes
  • Compete in a nail driving contest
Best of all, you can visit
 Community Forklift's booth to create a hardware wind chime with our Community Builders!!

Free Green Building Symposium 
Friday, Sept. 26, 2014

Washington Convention Center, 801 Mount Vernon Place NW. 

Find the full schedule of events here 

Enter The Reuse People's National REUSE Competition!

Every year we partner with The Reuse People of America in their national contest, searching for the best reuse projects of the year. Last year Community Forklift contestants took home the national first place prize for their remodel in Brentwood, MD. Let's do it again, Forklift Fans!!

To enter, read all of the offical TRP Reuse Contest Rules and send your submissions* to Aderyn(at)CommunityForklift.org by midnight on October 31st, 2014. You'll be entered into one of two categories:


Construction and remodeling
Art and furniture


* Participation is free and there is no limit to the number of entries per person.


September Sales

30% off
Radiators and Radiator Covers

Sale does not include select specialty items, items with missing or damaged price tags, or items from our consignment partners. 

30% off 
Bathroom Fixtures

Sale includes modern AND vintage bathroom fixtures!  
Take 30% off the orange and blue tags on toilets, bidets, urinals, bathroom sinks, vanities, and bath tubs (including enameled, cast iron, & clawfoot tubs!).  Sale does NOT include medicine cabinets, towel bars, and other bathroom accessories and decor.  Sale does not include select specialty items, items with missing or damaged price tags, or items from our consignment partners. 

20% off Tile
with Orange Tags

Sale does not include items with blue tags, items from our consignment partners, select specialty items, or items with missing or damaged tags.
20% off Granite 

Take 20% off the regular price on granite counter pieces.  Sale does not include laminate, corian, or other types of counters.  Sale does not include stone tile, vanity sets, select specialty items, or items from our consignment partners.
20% off Paint

Sale does not include items with missing or damaged price tags, select specialty items, or items from our consignment partners.  Please ask for assistance if needed - do not open cans of paint yourself!
See you at the warehouse soon!   

Your friends at the Forklift