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Free Workshops
Magnificent May Sales
Community Connections
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Dear Forklift Fans,

What an incredible week it's been! If you celebrated Earth Day in your neighborhood, its possible that you saw us there, waving the flag
for the reuse movement!  

We were also lucky enough to have some young students visit our store to learn about the benefits of reuse. One third grader asked,"Isn't it weird to use other people's stuff?"

"No way!," another said. "This place is so cool! Reuse is cool."

Well, we think so, too. And we're happy to know that we're making a change in the attitudes of young folks in the DC area. If you want to arrange an educational tour for your school or youth group, let us know.

Free Workshops


So sorry!  Our May 3rd Workshop,
Purposeful Planters: Building Planter
Boxes with Re-purposed Materials
has been cancelled.

Stay tuned for more workshops coming up!


Edible Edens:
Landscaping to
Grow it & Eat it


May 17th, 2pm  
Location: Community Forklift  
Presenter: Phyllis Pouyat Thibodeau  
Organization: Master Gardeners / University of Maryland Agricultural Extension  
Contact: p2thibodeau(at)  
Price: FREE


Did you know there is a movement known as Edible Landscaping? Wherever you live, you can enjoy fresh produce that you grow yourself - and it can be beautiful enough for the front yard! Learn how to combine perennial, colorful and nutritious fruits, flowers and vegetables into designs for your yard, balcony, windows or rooftop for year round abundance. It's fun, creative, educational, cost-effective and a great way to "grow" friends as well!


Phyllis Thibodeau has been a certified Master Gardener since 2008, working on various projects throughout Maryland, including schoolyard gardens, rainscaping, and edible landscapes. She has enjoyed working with teams to support Cylburn Arboretum, City Blossoms and Druid Park Earth Day festival in Baltimore, Audubon Society at work in Silver Spring, Chesapeake Ecology Center in Annapolis, and currently with Phillips Wharf Environmental Center on Tilghman Island. Phyllis also is an educator and career consultant focused on the "Green Economy."


She is founder and CEO of Chesapeake Career Consulting, working with various organizations, schools, professionals, leaders and students, locally and globally, with common focus on preparing "next generation leaders for a sustainable future!"



66% off Maple Basketball Court Flooring - now just $1/Square Foot!


Reduced from $3 per square foot, this reclaimed maple was salvaged from the Greenbelt Recreation Center. Maple planks included in this sale are pre-bundled and labeled BC99. Sale does not include other bundles of maple flooring or other types of hardwood flooring, or items with missing or damaged tags and labels.

50% off Bowling Alley Lanes - now just $2/Square Foot!


We've just halved our price on the salvaged lanes from the Riverdale Rinaldi Bowling Alley!  Lanes must be purchased in entire pre-cut sections.  Great for workbenches or interesting countertops! 

30% Off Washers, Dryers, & Utility Sinks


Take 30% off the orange stickers on washers, dryers and utility sinks. Sale does not include items from our ALCO consignment partner, items with blue tags, select specialty items, or items with missing or damaged price tags.

10% Off Reconditioned Appliances from Alco  


Take 10% off the marked price on all appliances from our consignment partner. Alco Appliance Repair is a local company that refurbishes quality machines. These appliances are guaranteed to work, and come with a warranty!


30% Off Doors


Take 30% off interior and exterior doors with orange price tags of $500 or less. Sale does not include items with blue tags, specialty or consignment items, or items with missing or damaged tags.


30% Off Windows, Sashes & Shutters


Take 30% off all surplus and salvaged windows, window sashes and shutters with orange price tags of $300 or less. Sale does not include items with blue tags; specialty or consignment items; vintage windows and sashes with wavy glass, stained glass, leaded glass; items from our consignment partners; or items with missing or damaged tags.


Community Connections 

Did you know
that from 2011 to 2013, Community Forklift donated more than $78,000 in materials to 268 small non-profits and local community partners?

Some of these partners have great events coming up this month - check 'em out below!!!

And if you know of a nonprofit in need of materials, we'd love to help. 
Contact us at: Outreach(at)

Bostwick Heritage Festival 
May 4th
Riverdale Park Arts Fest
May 4th 

Eco-City Farms Composting Course 
May 10th 

Art Works Drink & Draw 
May 16th 

 Wangari Gardens Free Workshops 

May 4th: Gardening 101


May 11th: Gardening 101


May 18th: Soils and Composting


May 25th: Container Gardening and Companion Planting


June 1st: Garden Weeds and Invasive Plants
June 8th:
Native Plant Identification

June 15th:
Vegetable Pests and Diseases

June 22nd:
Pruning, Pollinating and Trellising

June 29th:
Beginner Bees

Port Towns Youth Council
Graduation & Fundraiser
May 22nd 

See you at the warehouse soon!   

Your friends at the Forklift