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Watershed Cleanup this weekend
FREE Spring Workshop Series
Upcoming Community Events
Amazing April Sales

We at the Forklift want to thank our many fans, friends, and family for joining us this past weekend in celebrating the start of spring! Even with the drizzle, we had a beautiful turnout and we hope you'll share your photos with us on Facebook!

If you missed the party and garden sale, don't worry--our warehouse will continue to be full of unique and useful items, and if you're disappointed to have missed our free gardening workshops and demonstrations, there will be many more to come

In fact, starting April 12th, we'll begin our free spring workshop series (see details below.)




  APRIL 5th, 9-12pm 
Join the Anacostia Watershed Society
and 2000 of its volunteers (including Community Forklift) as we clean up the tributaries in and around the Anacostia River watershed. There are over twenty sites to choose from, and if you live in DC, Prince Georges County, MD, or Montgomery County, MD, there is probably a site close to you.
Check out the site closest to you and register here: 

Backyard Chicken Coop Design 

Location: Community Forklift
Presenter: Ryan Cooper
Contact: [email protected]
Price: FREE  

Backyard chicken keeping is on the rise as more and more people learn what great pets chickens make. In this class we will discuss what it takes to house, feed, water, and protect your backyard flock.

We will look at several basic styles of coops and discuss how to determine the size,shape, and location of the coop. We will also talk about how to implement reclaimed building materials to make the coop beautiful but also inexpensive and environmentally friendly. No construction or engineering knowledge required; if you can use basic hand tools like a hammer and handsaw, you can build a backyard coop. Whether chicken keeping is in your immediate plans or you are just chicken-curious this is a class you won't want to miss.

 Instructor Ryan Cooper raises a backyard flock on his smallholding in Mt. Airy, MD with his wife and newborn son. He built his coop using many reclaimed materials purchased from Community Forklift. He believes strongly that you do not need to be a master builder to create a suitable home for your birds and that many people could benefit from the joy of backyard chicken keeping.

Respectful, Chemical-Free Beekeeping
APRIL 19TH, 2pm
Location: Community Forklift 
Presenter: Stefano Briguglio 
Organization: Azure B LLC 
We will provide an overview of the basic - the bees, the lingo, the equipment and the details of how to get started. You will leave the workshop with a sense of the responsibilities involved in caring for honeybees, what to expect throughout the year and a good sense of whether beekeeping is a good fit for you!

After years in the organic pet food and grocery industry, Stefano Briguglio escaped the city and bought a tiny farm in Marbury, MD with the dream of becoming a self taught farmer. Quite by accident, he developed a mutual fondness with honeybees and has cared for the ladies every since.

When he is not spreading the word of the respectful, chemical free revolution in beekeeping, he is loving on his family, brewing bio-diesel or tending to one the million chores required to run even the tiniest of farms. 
Purposeful Planters:  
Building Planter Boxes with Re-purposed Materials 

May 3rd, 2pm

Location: Community Forklift 
Presenter: Chris Gummo  
Contact: [email protected]
Price: FREE
Have you been wanting to experiment with a crafty DIY project in the garden this spring? Well, now here's your chance! Led by craftsman Chris Gummo, you'll explore the idea of using found objects from the Community Forklift reuse center to build planter boxes for the garden. This workshop will include a hands-on demonstration as well as how-to instructions and a small reuse kit of your own to take away and build at home. 
Toddler Sensory Tour & Baby Food Gardening Workshop

May 10th, 10:30am


Location: Eco-City Farms*

Presenters: Deborah Wren, Ryan Cooper, Viviana Lindo

Organization: Eco-City Farms

Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

Price: FREE  


*Note: This workshop will be held at Eco-City Farms located just around the corner from Community Forklift at 4913 Crittenden Street, Edmonston, MD 20781


Eco-City Farms is partnering with Community Forklift this Mother's Day weekend to provide hands-on learning for the whole family. We'll start the day with a twenty-minute sensory tour of Eco-City Farm's gardens, ideal for the curious toddler. After the tour, we'll give the children a chance to make Mother's Day cards with paint made from vegetables, while interested parents attend a Baby Food Gardening Workshop hosted by Ryan Cooper.    

In this class we will discuss what veggies you can grow that can be easily turned into baby food and how to grow them in a baby friendly manner. We'll also learn how to turn your harvest into nutritious and delicious food for your infant. The class will finish with an opportunity to taste test some homemade baby foods. No previous gardening or cooking experience is required. If you have a baby, are having a baby, or just like the consistency of beets which have been ground into a paste, this class is for you!


Instructor Ryan Cooper has over a decade of experience as a horticulturist. After becoming a father earlier this year, he decided to combine his knowledge of gardening with his desire to feed his son the very best and put together this class to help others do the same.  

Edible Edens:
Landscape Design to
Grow it & Eat it! 

May 17th, 2pm

Location: Community Forklift  

Presenter: Phyllis Pouyat Thibodeau 

Organization: Master Gardeners / University of Maryland Agricultural Extension    

Contact: [email protected]

Price: FREE  


Did you know there is a movement known as Edible Landscaping? Wherever you live, you can enjoy fresh produce that you grow yourself -- and it can be beautiful enough for the front yard! Learn how to combine perennial, colorful and nutritious fruits, flowers and vegetables into designs for your yard, balcony, windows or rooftop for year round abundance. It's fun, creative, educational, cost-effective and a great way to "grow" friends as well!


Phyllis Thibodeau has been a certified Master Gardener since 2008, working on various projects throughout Maryland, including schoolyard gardens, rainscaping, and edible landscapes. She has enjoyed working with teams to support Cylburn Arboretum, City Blossoms and Druid Park Earth Day festival in Baltimore, Audubon Society at work in Silver Spring, Chesapeake Ecology Center in Annapolis, and currently with Phillips Wharf Environmental Center on Tilghman Island. Phyllis also is an educator and career consultant focused on the "Green Economy". She is founder and CEO of Chesapeake Career Consulting, working with various organizations, schools, professionals, leaders and students, locally and globally, with common focus on preparing "next generation leaders for a sustainable future"!
Upcoming Community Events 


  Joe's Movement Emporium and Art Lives Here team up for and community oriented, arts-centered evening at the intersection of Rhode Island Avenue and 34th Street


Mount Rainier, MD:  April 25th from 6 - 10 pm the Mount Rainier Circle and intersecting streets of Rhode Island Avenue and 34th street will come alive for one evening of music, workshops, parade, performances, open studios, arts activities, and more! This year Better Block will feature Lesole's Dance Project, Urban Eats, Adinkra Cultural Arts Studio, Beloved Community Mosaics, artist Kenny George and Patrick McDonough's Chard/Hops spot, a Hoop Jam by Noelle Powers to the body rollin' tunes of BOOMscat and family friendly arts activities by local organization s. calls the model of Better Block a "demonstration tool that acts as a living charrette so that communities can actively engage" with they spaces they call home. Art Lives Here partners the artist community with local businesses, two community development corporations, four cities, and Prince George's County to increase regional visibility for the arts district and enliven our two-mile corridor using a mix of temporary and longer term projects to support existing small business, attract commercial in-fill, prepare for a new round of anchor developments, and further strengthen our diverse and streetwise creative communities. Funded by ArtPlace America's creative placemaking grant, Art Lives Here seeks to empower community organizations and artists as activists for the Gateway Arts District.


For additional information about Art Lives Here, contact Neena Narayanan, Art Lives Here Coordinator, at Joe's Movement Emporium, at [email protected] or 301-699-1819. Please visit and to learn more about Art Lives Here and the Gateway Arts District.


 Art Lives Here is a community collaboration facilitated by Joe's Movement Emporium. Planning Partners include Gateway Community Development Corporation, Hyattsville Community Development Corporation, Prince George's African American Museum and Cultural Center, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, Art Works Now, Red Dirt Studio, Joe's Movement Emporium and Prince George's Arts and Humanities Council. The initiative is supported by ArtPlace America and Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission.


Invasives Become Art!

Two of our favorite partners, SCRAP DC and the Anacostia Watershed Society, have paired up to create some innovative programming in our area. Hear from our friends at SCRAP DC...


Invasive plants aren't native to this area, and in fact try to take over -- even killing -- ones that are. The Anacostia Watershed Society regularly has volunteer events in which their teams responsibly remove invasive plants and give the natives a chance to thrive. The guy behind (AND the Washington Post's Urban Jungle column), Patterson Clark, goes many steps further: he transforms the invasive vegetation from around his neighborhood into materials and tools for the art he creates!


We're delighted to be hosting a talk and hands-on opportunity for you to learn about, then work with, these plants:   


Saturday, 4/19 @ 11am -- at SCRAP HQ, Mr. Clark will discuss the variety of plants he uses and will present examples of his lovely work. Immediately following a Q&A session, we'll head over to Bostwick House in Bladensburg, MD, to pull up all the invasives we can under the direction of the Watershed Society crew. We expect to be done by 4:30pm.



Saturday, 4/26 @ 11am -- return to SCRAP and make some inks! We'll cook up a range of workable inks for you to use with brushes and paper that we provide. Experiment, too, with sculptural techniques (basket-weaving? how about quilling?) By 3pm, we should be sending you home with resources on how to make your own paper, brushes, and wood blocks to carve.


To reserve a space, click here: or contact Karen at [email protected]


Check out all of our specials on bathroom fixtures!

Managers Special: 50% Off  

Select Tubs and Sinks in the Yard


Take 50% off many of the sinks and tubs in our outdoor yard marked with pink tags.  Sale does not include select vintage or specialty items, sinks and tubs that are displayed inside our warehouse, items from our consignment partners, or items with missing or damaged price tags.


Toilets & Wall-Mounted Sinks

20% - 50%


Take 50% off the price tag on all salvaged white toilets & salvaged white wall-mounted bathroom sinks.  Take 20% off the price tag on all other toilets and wall-mounted bathroom sinks.  This sale INCLUDES VINTAGE  toilets, wall-mounted sinks, and toilet-sink sets!!!  Sale does not include items from our consignment partners, or items with missing or damaged tags.


50% off All Urinals and Bidets


Take 50% off the price tag on all urinals and bidets.   Sale does not include items from our consignment partners, or items with missing or damaged tags.


20% Off Bathroom Vanities and Medicine Cabinets


Take 20% off the orange sticker on bathroom vanities, vanity sets, sinks for bathroom vanities, and medicine cabinets.  Sale does not include items from our consignment partners, items with blue-tags, select specialty items, or items with missing or damaged tags.

20% Off Pedestal Sinks


Take 20% off the price tag on bathroom pedestal sinks.   Sale does not include items from our consignment partners, select specialty items, or items with missing or damaged tags.



30% Off Lighting


Take 30% off the orange tag on most light fixtures.  Sale includes a large variety of chandeliers; flush mounted ceiling and wall fixtures, patio lights, lamps and fluorescent fixtures.  Sale does not include vintage and specialty items, items with blue tags, items from our consignment partners, or items with missing or damaged tags.


Hope to see you at the warehouse soon!

Your friends at the Forklift