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Top Five Reasons to Love the `Lift
Please VOTE for Community Forklift!
Meet Hot Handypeople & Friendly Forklift Fans at our Volunteer Day For Singles
Report from the Polar Bear Plunge
Staff Spotlight: Sommie Atkinson
Volunteer Spotlight: Desiree Yang
Fantastic February Sales
Dear Forklift Fans -
We've got a lot of big news to share this month!  
PIC OF DEBBIE IN SNOWNot only is February a good time to find love at the 'Lift, but did you know that it's also the best time of the year to shop at the 'Lift?  Although contractors keep donating, fewer homeowners come out to visit the chilly warehouse.  This means we're overflowing with good stuff, but our proceeds go way down and finances are very tight.  
Please help us by letting your friends & neighbors know:  Right now, we have some of the best sales of the year!  
For example, reclaimed wood flooring is hardly ever discounted - but it's currently HALF OFF!  We've also got excellent discounts on kitchen renovation supplies.  Read on for more details. 
Second, we're in the running for TWO big awards!  We're up for "Best Green Business of 2014" in the City Paper's reader's choice contest.  Also, we've made it to the finals in a national contest - Green America's People & Planet contest (our friends at Amicus Green Building are up for a prize too!).  We'd be so grateful if you'd show your love for the 'Lift, and take a second to vote.


The Forklift keeps a remarkable amount of building materials from going to landfills or incinerators. In one year, for instance, we rescue:


*enough paint - 1,133 gallons - to coat the White House exterior not once but twice;
*enough lumber that, stacked end-to-end, would reach the 18 miles from DC to George and Martha Washington's Mount Vernon home along the Potomac; and
*enough radiators - almost 40,000 pounds - to outweigh five adult elephants!

The Washington Post has recognized Community Forklift as a place in the region "where diverse groups of people mingle comfortably." Customers include everyone from day laborers to artists to congresspeople, while donors include homeowners cleaning out their basements, supply companies clearing out overstock, and deconstruction companies salvaging entire buildings.


We attract tourists from around the globe, and on holiday weekends, Forklift Fans bring their out-of-town relatives to visit the warehouse. The State Department has even arranged tours for foreign dignitaries, touting the 'Lift as an example of American innovation and green industry! 
The Forklift's eco-friendly business model means we have a very small carbon footprint. We're keeping significantly more air pollutants out of the atmosphere than we add to it.  By recycling buildings and reusing materials, the Forklift prevents the emissions of the equivalent of 360 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. That's the same as keeping 242 passenger vehicles off the road for a year!
The Forklift has created 45 green jobs for local residents since opening in late 2005. That's close to a 10-fold increase in eight years!  
Materials reuse decreases pollution and demand for natural resources, and is better for our pocketbooks and the planet!
Did you know that in addition to providing affordable building materials at our thrift store, Community Forklift distributes item to nonprofits and families in need?  
In 2013, we worked with social service agencies to provide $13,290 in supplies & appliances to 81 households through our HELP program.  We also provided $23,106 in free materials to 136 nonprofits throughout the DC region - and even loaned $1,437 in materials to student and community theater companies!  
Adventure Theater in Glen Echo borrowed a woodstove from the 'Lift to use in their production of "Little House Christmas"
"I Heart Community Forklift!"
 Single Volunteers Event
What are you doing after Valentines Day? Hopefully, socializing while doing some good work! 
Next Saturday, February 15th, we're calling all singles to help us at the Forklift from 1-4pm. You'll be measuring doors and windows so customers can easily find the materials they need.  It should be fun getting to know other Forklift Fans who care about our planet and community.

To participate, just email Outreach(at) right away.
Outreach Team member Tiffany tries to look cheerful, not chilly


Thanks to everyone who came out to cheer on our Forklift Freezers at the Jan. 25th Polar Bear Plunge. They had to cut a hole in the ice on the Potomac that morning because it was so chilly - but we still had over 40 employees, volunteers, and Forklift Fans show up!!  

Thanks also to the generous folks who sponsored our team.  We were able to give over $1,200 to the Chesapeake Climate Action Network for their work to fight climate change and "keep winter cold!" 


We had a blast.  If you missed the Plunge, here's a visual recap....


The Polar Bear Plunge begins!


Here's CEO Nancy Meyer, our fearless leader!
Sue from the Administrative Team was one of many who came out to cheer on the Forklift Freezers.
We were super excited to support the Chesapeake Climate Action Network
Josh, one of our Reuse Associates, had a great hat to keep him warm!
Staff Spotlight: Sommie Atkinson 

When Sommie was in her early twenties, she packed up her belongings and bought a one-way ticket to the other side of the world. She had prepared nothing - there was no job or host family waiting to greet her, all plans thrown to the wind. Yet somehow she managed. Today, that is exactly what she continues to do. 


Sommie has been managing customer service at the `Lift now for about six months, and folks are noticing the difference. One Yelp reviewer summed it up, "I'm so proud of Community Forklift!!!!  First time I've been in six months, and they spiffed up - it's great."


"Spiffed up" might be an understatement compared to the amount of vision and work Sommie has invested. From creating vintage "vignettes" to attractive endcaps, Sommie has a knack for turning a warehouse into a wonderland. 


So, what does Sommie like best working for Community Forklift? "It's the customers. We have the most creative and resourceful customers on the planet. They have to be, if they've found us!"



Volunteer Spotlight: Desiree Yang


We'd like to believe that Community Forklift was the reason why volunteer Desiree Yang changed her profession from law to interior design, but she didn't learn about us until later. We did, however, help her with the transition by offering a calming and creative space while she figured out her next steps. 


After finishing design school, Desiree volunteered with us this winter.  "I have an interest in historic preservation and adaptive re-use, so I had a great time being in the warehouse among shelf after shelf of materials."


Desiree helped with re-organizing hardware and pricing products. "The Forklift staff was great! They are so friendly and enthusiastic about their jobs and the Forklift's mission. It was wonderful energy and vibe to be around."


Gosh, thanks so much, Desiree!  The hardware section is looking great, we're excited that you've found a great new job, and we sure hope you'll come back to visit sometime.


WOODFLOORINGNow is the time!
Did you know that the coldest part of winter is the best time of the year to shop at the 'Lift?  


Contractors and tradespeople can't get much done outside, so they stay busy cleaning out their workshops & storage sheds - and our truck crew stays busy picking up their donations!  However, homeowners are much less inclined to come shopping when it's so chilly outside.  So if you're willing to bundle up and visit our warehouse, then...


Lots of donations + fewer customers = 

great finds for you!


It also means that the warehouse starts getting full, so we have some of our best sales of the year, like this:


Doug shows off maple basketball court flooring that came from a gymnasium renovation this winter.  We got tons of it!
Manager's Special: 
HALF OFF Reclaimed Oak & Maple Flooring!!!


Take 50% off the regular price on salvaged oak & maple flooring. Get a few square feet for a patching job, or a set of flooring to do an entire room 


(Sale does not include heart pine or other species, tile, other types of flooring, select specialty flooring, or flooring with missing or damaged price tags)


Hurry - a sale this good won't last long!


20% off Kitchen and Laundry Appliances


Take 20% off the orange tags on our kitchen and laundry appliances that are priced under $1000.  Sale does not include items from our consignment partners, select specialty items, vintage items with blue tags, or items with missing or damaged price tags.


30% off Kitchen Cabinets & Cabinet Doors


Take 30% off all kitchen cabinet sets, individual kitchen cabinets, and cabinet doors.  Sale does not include items from our consignment partners, select specialty items, vintage items with blue tags, cabinet hardware, or items with missing or damaged price tags.  


20% off Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks


Take 20% off stainless steel kitchen sinks.  Sale does not include items from our consignment partners, select specialty items, vintage items with blue tags, or items with missing or damaged price tags.  


20% off Formica & Corian Countertops


Take 20% off formica and corian countertops.  Sale does not include granite, stone, or marble, items from our consignment partners, select specialty items, vintage items with blue tags, or items with missing or damaged price tags.   


30% off Ceiling Fans


Take 30% off all ceiling fans.  Sale does not include items from our consignment partners, select specialty items, vintage items with blue tags, or any items with missing or damaged price tags.     


Hope to see you at the warehouse soon!

Your friends at the Forklift