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We love it when people give new life to old materials. 
Over the years, we have been amazed at the creative ways that you all have turned discarded building materials and unwanted scraps into beautiful, functional items for your homes and businesses.   



Forklift Fan Luci turned an old window sash into a "stained glass" masterpiece.
Therefore, it seems fitting to celebrate the New Year with a big salvage & scrap sale
We've gathered a bunch of odds & ends, bits & bobs, and parts & pieces -  and we can't wait to see what you do with them! (see sales details below


Don't forget to take before & after pictures of your projects... 
We'd love to share your photos with the rest of the Forklift Fans! Post pictures on our Facebook page, or email them to Outreach(at) Please include a few sentences describing what you built, what Forklift materials you used, and how you put it together (also, make sure to tell us if you don't want your full name used when we share the pictures online)
Artist Antonio Ole once used our doors and shutters for a show at the National Museum of African Art.
Take at least one picture of yourself, posing proudly next to the finished product! If you're camera-shy, cute pets or kids will do nicely.  


To get started with a little inspiration, visit the Customer Creations page on our website! 


Forklift Fans Laura and Kyle said, "Our coffee table was made from what we think was once some kind of mailbox cover, stair spindles and a door knob. We love the unique pieces we've been able to put together!"



January Sales


Check out our consignment partner, Sue at Shabadaba Chic, to get some great ideas for your own upcycling project!
 Salvage & Scrap Sale 


Take 50% off items marked with purple stickers,
including: select furniture parts, lighting parts, mismatched tiles, cabinet doors, shutter panels, and various doodads & thingamajigs.  Sale does not include items without purple stickers, consignment items, or items with missing or damaged price tags. 
Forklift Fan Barbara saved a lot of money by using bifold doors to create sturdy shelving in her storage room.

$2 Hollow-Core Bifold Doors

This month, salvaged hollow-core bifold doors with orange price tags of $5 are just $2 each. Sale does not include surplus/new items, items from our consignment partners, blue-tagged vintage items, select specialty items, or items with missing or damaged price tags.



Forklift Fan Alex did a beautiful job on this cornhole set.  The one on the left was made with scraps of oak flooring.
25% off Select Hardwood Flooring 


Take 25% off salvaged oak and maple flooring.  Sale does not include surplus/new flooring; pine, bamboo, or other types of wood flooring; parquet, items from our consignment partners; select specialty materials, or bundles with missing or damaged price tags.

There are lots of ideas on the web for using salvaged sinks to create birdbaths and outdoor potting tables!


50% off Toilets & Wall-Mount Bathroom Sinks


Take 50% off salvaged toilets and bathroom wall sinks with orange price stickers.  Sale does not include surplus/new sinks, pedestal or other types of sinks, vanity cabinets or sets, items from our consignment partners, select specialty items, or items with missing or damaged price tags.

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Hope to see you at the warehouse soon!

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