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Holiday Hours & One-Day Road Closure
Local artist "paints" canvasses with fabric and thread
December Discounts

Dear Forklift Fans - 


In the past year, many of you told us that you were grateful for Community Forklift. You appreciated saving money on useful supplies, and finding vintage items. You were glad that we picked up your donations and helped you get rid of clutter.


Well, WE have been so grateful for YOU! 
Because all of you donated money or building materials, volunteered your time, and shopped for reclaimed materials, you made amazing things happen in 2013.


Through H.E.L.P (our Home EssentiaLs Program), we gave tens of thousands of dollars of materials to our neighbors in need. For example, we donated:

  • a refrigerator, window and stove to a family in Southeast DC after their kitchen caught on fire.
  • a dryer and household goods to a Prince George's County resident who found housing after being homeless for over a year.
  • a stove and refrigerator to a group home for folks living with mental illness.

You also helped us provide free supplies to dozens of local charities. This year, Community Forklift:

  • gave materials to schools, civic groups, public art projects, playgrounds, camps, and community gardens. 
  • donated freezers to food pantries, and loaned vintage furniture to community theaters. 
  • provided supplies to service groups like Yachad and Christmas in April to build handicap ramps and make home repairs for seniors.
Your support has helped build the local economy. Your donations & purchases support 40 employees here at the 'Lift! Not only that, but small businesses have reduced their start-up & renovation costs, and tradespeople have been able to find more work because they can keep their supply costs low.  

The good news is that interest in Community Forklift keeps growing. But the challenge is that our needs are growing even faster. 



For example, as more builders learn about us, more of them are willing to donate materials -

but they sour on the idea if they have to wait weeks for a pickup appointment! 

So we need more trucks and a larger donations crew to keep up with the demand for pickups. 


Every part of our nonprofit program faces similar growing pains. It also remains an important goal to purchase our warehouse, to ensure that Community Forklift can serve the region for years to come. 


We don't ask often, but your support continues to be critical.  As 2013 winds to a close, please consider a tax-deductible financial contribution. Any amount is appreciated.  


You can donate online or in the warehouse. Checks should be made out to Community Forklift, and can be mailed to 4671 Tanglewood Drive, Edmonston MD 20781.




Together, we'll continue turning trash into treasure and lifting up local communities in 2014!   


Even Kris Kringle is a Forklift Fan!  Here he is volunteering in the warehouse last month.



Steampunk Lamps!!!  
Visit our blog
for more photos of these unique lights, which are crafted from copper pipe fittings, ironclad cog wheels, and other vintage hardware.
Open Daily through 
December 29th


Have some last-minute holiday shopping to do? Perhaps you need to keep visiting relatives busy?
Well, we're here to help! Our Green Gift Fair is a pop-up collection of unique and eco-friendly gifts from 35 local artists. Here are a few examples:

From garbage to gorgeous...
Robert Warren of Silver Spring founded Uhunzi, an award-winning fair trade organization for Kenyan artisans. They use scrap metal from junked cars to create gorgeous home decor and gifts, including this beautiful chrome mirror - read more about it on our blog!



HolidayhoursHoliday Hours 

Community Forklift will be closing early on Christmas Eve, and we will be closed 
on Christmas Day & New Years Day. 

Roadwork on Dec. 30th:

Due to railroad maintenance, Tanglewood Drive will be blocked at the train tracks on Monday, Dec. 30th.  Those of you coming from Rhode Island Avenue will have to travel about 3 extra minutes, but you can still reach Community Forklift via Kenilworth Avenue!  Just print these detour directions, and you should be fine.

At a Glance:

Remember, if you are picking up bulky items or dropping off donations, you must arrive at least 30 minutes before closing.

Don't forget:
Dec. 23

Dec. 24
12-4Closing 2 hours early
Dec. 25

Dec. 2610-6
Dec. 2710-6
Dec. 289-6
Dec. 299-6 
Last day of the Green Gift Fair
Dec. 3012-6Tanglewood Drive closure
Dec. 3112-6
Jan. 1Closed



Work of Heart: 

D.C. Artist "Paints" Canvases 
with Fabric and Thread

Story and photos by Elizabeth McGowan


Textile artist Jamie Langhoff delights in blending the natural and man-made worlds when piecing together her intricate artwork made entirely of fabric and stitching.
Textile artist Jamie Langhoff delights in blending the natural and man-made worlds when piecing together her intricate artwork made entirely of fabric and stitching

As a child in her native New Hampshire, Jamie Langhoff would spend hours with her cherished cardboard box of Crayolas, meticulously arranging each of its 96 crayons by hue.


Now, more than two decades later, the 30-year-old has, for the most part, set crayons aside. But that early fascination with juxtaposing burnt sienna with vivid violet, wild blue yonder or razzle dazzle rose was evidently ideal practice for her current career in Washington, D.C., as a textile artist.


"I refer to this as my magical workshop," the spritely Langhoff says while zipping from task-to-task in her neat-as-a-pin studio with walls the color of sunshine. "Here, I feel like an elf who is making things for a power and reason beyond me."



 Keep reading Jaime's story on our 




December Sales


20% Off Light Fixtures & Lamps

Take 20% off the orange tags on our light fixtures & lamps this month.  Sale does not include items from our consignment partners or gift fair participants, ceiling fans, blue-tagged vintage items, select specialty items, or items with missing or damaged price tags.


30% off Dishwashers

Take 30% off dishwashers with orange price stickers.  Sale does not include items from our consignment partners, select specialty items, or items with missing or damaged price tags.



20% off Mantels 


Take 20% off mantels & mantel shelves.  Sale does not include items from our consignment partners, select specialty items, or any items with missing or damaged price tags.



30% off Fireplace Inserts & Fireplace Screens


Sale does not include wood burning or potbelly stoves, fireplace tools or andirons, items from our consignment partners, select specialty items, blue-tagged vintage items, or items with missing or damaged price tags.


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