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Now Hiring for 3 New Positions
It's Truck Driver Appreciation Week
Meet Our Truck Crew
We've Got a New Mascot Name
Calling Crafters & Artists for our Green Gift Fair
National Reuse Contest Deadline Extended
Seeking Workshop Leaders
Stupendous September Sales

Thanks for nominating us last month - 
now, please take a moment to 

Thanks to your nominations, we made it to the finals in the Express Best of 2013 Contest!!!  We are thrilled to be in the running for Best Home Store AND Best Vintage Store in the DC area. 
Now, let's win this thing!  

Winning means more publicity. More publicity means more people will donate - which means you'll find more good stuff here in the warehouse! 


Calling all Fans o' th' Forklift!

What be happenin', Matey? Autumn be here, 'n 'tis the hour to celebrate! 'Tis now th' month o' our pirate parrrrrrrty!  Pirates, gather to hunt vintage treasures in th' Warehouse on 28th of Septemberrrrr!


Read on for all the latest news! 



Arrrgh, mateys!  Get ready for our...

Pirate Parrrty!


Saturday September 28th 





Band together ye scurvy lads an' lasses, for piratey fun & games, grub, costumes, & prizes.  An' of course, ye can scour the warehouse for hidden treasures!  Come one & all!  


Pic of Matthew the Mauler Pirates can plunder storewide!

Wear a pirate costume, and receive a 20% discount on almost everything in the warehouse!  


Special sales on antiques & vintage items SEPT 28-29 ONLY!

  • 20% off mantelpieces! 
  • 20% off wood window sashes, great for creative repurposing! 
  • 20% off clawfoot bathtubs! 
  • 20% off radiators! 

Sales do not include items from our consignment partners, surplus or modern mantels or tubs, items with missing or damaged price tags, and select specialty items.


pic of shark bait Children's activities 

Little Forklift Fans can make their own pirate eyepatch, spyglass, hat, and more. They can also Walk the Plank, and try their hand at Cap'n Hook's Ring Toss! Children always need to be accompanied by an adult while at Community Forklift.


Raffle drawings on the hour!



LIVE MUSIC - Letter of Marque will be singing nautical shanties, and marauding through the warehouse.



Join Captain Redbeard to hunt Pirate's Treasure in the Community Forklift warehouse! Children need to be accompanied by an adult throughout the activity.


Pic of little pirate NOON-1PM


* Costume Contest

Adults & Children are encouraged to participate - prizes for the best pirate-themed costumes!


* Workshop:  Arts, Antiques, Restoration  

with Mark Baker of Fireflies Studio

Learn how to take discarded vintage materials (like doors or tiles) and repurpose them into one-of-a-kind functional art! We'll cover basic restoration techniques and how to create benches and mosaics from found materials.
Pic of Ruthie the Ruthless



* Visit our grill station for lunch


* Crafts station for little pirates


* Cupcakes and various baked goods for sale from Nikki's Brown Sugar Bakin' 


Workshop:  DIY Stripping and De-Rusting at Home 

with Eric Whitesell of ChemStrip

Learn to strip items at home safely and effectively.  Learn some household items that can be used along with what strippers or products that can be purchased locally.
Pic of Kitty dressed as a parrot


Workshop:  Your Classic Heat Emitters, friend or foe?

with David Gordon of R&B Inc.

A gallon of water heated to the proper temperature has more bang for the energy dollar than you would think. Pros/cons of staying with your classic radiators in your heating/cooling strategy. R&B inc. are the pros when it comes to heating and cooling your older home. 




Workshop: Taking The Mystery Out Of DIY Image Transfers

with Sue Older-Mondeel of Shabadaba Chic

Have you ever seen an image online, at a paper store, wrapping paper or even a family photograph that you wanted to imprint onto another surface? Sue of Shabadaba Chic will teach you various methods you can use to transfer images onto ceramics, wood, or even fabric. Learn this skill just in time to make personalized gifts for the holidays!





What's the best treasure you've found at Community Forklift?


Send in your photo and quick description to be featured during our Pirate Parrrty!  All entrants will receive a $10 gift certificate good for Forklift materials! 

Please submit entries to Outreach(at) 
by midnight September 25th! 

 Now hiring! 

Community Forklift is seeking an experienced Office Manager to work full-time with our growing green business. The Office Manager will be primarily responsible for the general oversight and management of the overall office administration, human relations and bookkeeping functions for an organization with more than 40 fulltime, part-time and on-call employees. This is not an entry-level position, only qualified applicants will be considered. 
Vintage & Specialty Products 
We are seeking a Vintage and Specialty Products Coordinator to work part-time (30+ hours). This new position will be responsible for researching and pricing donated vintage and specialty products as well as working closely with our consignment partners. Ideal for an individual with a vast knowledge base and thorough understanding of the intricacies of vintage and antique pricing. Related experience required! 


Our Customer Service team needs hardworking and energetic Reuse Associates to work part-time - including weekends - with our growing green business. Reuse Associates are retail sales positions within our home improvement thrift store. Bilingual English/Spanish preferred.  

It's National Truck Driver Appreciation Week! 


National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is when America takes the time to honor all professional truck drivers for their hard work and commitment.

Community Forklift wants to recognize our hard-working Donations Team!

David, Donations Coordinator            Dagur, Donations Assistant

Tom, Truck Driver                                         Ulises, Truck Helper

Read on for more about this dedicated team! 

 For Forklift Donations Team It's About Working Smart Together


It's 8:12 on a rare early September morning where autumn's welcome crispness has temporarily outmaneuvered summer's tortuously humid grip. Tom Jamison and Ulises Solozano, their stomachs full and their 24-foot box truck empty, idle on Route 1 in Hyattsville waiting for a stoplight to flash green.


In that brief minute, an older woman with a pixie haircut at the wheel of an oncoming blue Subaru wagon, spies the distinctive black block "Community Forklift" lettering above the truck's cab. She smiles broadly, raises her right hand and flashes the two men a peace sign.


Jamison and Solozano both grin. And wave back. In unison.


That's pretty much how the duo has done everything since they embarked on their new green careers as  part of the Forklift's five-man donations team in late August. It's fortunate they clicked because their jobs are all about teamwork. They're side-by-side from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. every weekday negotiating the alleys, side streets, major thoroughfares and traffic jams of the metropolitan Washington, D.C., region in their quest to stop at donors' homes to pick up and haul away the mountains of castoff treasures that are the Forklift's bread and butter.


"I couldn't do this without Ulises," says Jamison, as he steers the truck toward the first pickup of the day in a College Park neighborhood. "We work smart together."


"Tom's a very good listener and I'm a very good talker, so we complement one another," Solozano chimes in as he simultaneously consults a digital map he's called up on his tablet computer and a detailed paper printout on a clipboard listing the half dozen stops they'll be making that day.


"Tom has to concentrate on the driving," he continues. "I have my ways to navigate our route. I direct him and he never says 'I know better.' Instead, he thanks me. It feels good to have a partner like that, one who appreciates your knowledge. So far, we haven't gotten lost. And we're always on time."


They are indeed punctual as Jamison gracefully positions the bulky truck next to the curb on a curvy Calvert Hills street designed for streamlined passenger cars. Joy Melnick, an office worker for the federal government whose first name matches her upbeat personality, practically cheers their arrival. Contractors are renovating most of her house after an enormous oak tree crushed it during a storm almost a year ago.


"The guy who is helping me pick my paint colors told me not to throw anything out," Melnick explains as Jamison and Solozano start loading shower doors, a sink, a kitchen stove and a clothes hamper onto the truck. "He said I had to give it to Community Forklift."


Before climbing back into the truck, Jamison hands the homeowner an invitation to the Forklift's Pirate Party and tells her they hope to see her at the Edmonston warehouse on Sept. 28 for the event.


While Jamison attends to paperwork - meticulously recording mileage, time spent at the house and filling out a detailed donation form for the customer's tax records - Solozano chats up a pair of on-site contractors, touting the benefits of buying surplus and salvage building supplies from the Forklift.


"I like to break the ice," Solozano says about his endless - and bilingual - efforts to promote Community Forklift. "This job is hard work. But customers appreciate it when we take the time to make them feel like they are our friends."



Keep reading this article on our blog!


Announcing our winner for the 
Mascot Contest!

  No, we're not talking about the big goofy animals you see at the ballpark.  We needed to find a name that we could use on our social media sites.  
If the name sounded too fake, Facebook might shut down our page.  
But it was getting confusing to use the name of real employees (For example, folks would send personal messages on Facebook to "Ruthie Forklift" thinking that they were talking directly to Ruthie, our Outreach Director - but as her responsibilities have grown, other employees have taken up the social media work).  


Well, we got plenty of great ideas from our August Mascot Name Contest.  It was a tough choice, but we've picked...

Cameron Forklift! 

We're excited to have one, single name that we can use across all our social media!

Have you ever wondered who you're actually talking to on our social media nowadays?

Meet Aderyn, our Social Media & Outreach Associate! 

CF:  What's your favorite part of your job at CF?  
Aderyn:  I LOVE PEOPLE! I love talking to them. I love hearing their stories. I love sharing thoughts and ideas. I'm so lucky I get to reach out and connect with our communities and neighbors every day.

CF:  If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?  
Aderyn:  This is a hard question for me. I've loved everything I've seen in my travels and experiences. I'd just like to see us value the earth and each other more. Together we are beautiful.

CF:  Why should any "Forklift Fans" contact you specifically?  
Adeeryn: I'd love to hear any comments or suggestions about our social media! You can message me on our Facebook, Twitter, or email me at Outreach(at) 


Calling all Crafters & Artists!


The Green Gift Fair is coming!

 Applications due October 15th!


Apply now! 



Please email Bea(at) with questions! 
National Reuse Contest Deadline Extension!  

We just found out that the deadline was extended through September 30th.  Please be sure to submit your entries by the extended deadline so we can judge & forward the top 3 to the National Reuse Contest!

national reuse contest

Enter your project in the

2013 National Reuse Contest! 


Go to our blog for more details!


Got skills?  

Want to lead a workshop?


  • Are you a contractor, woodworker, artist, DIY-er, or general handy-person?
  • Do you reuse materials in your work or hobbies?
  • Are you willing to spend a couple hours showing other Forkilft Fans the basics of what you do & how you do it?

  • Please email Bea(at) if you'd like to lead a workshop, an "Ask the Expert" Q&A session, or a hands-on demonstration at the Forklift!

Stupendous September Sales


25% off Radiators and 50% off Radiator Covers

Take 25% off the marked price on all cast iron radiators, and take 50% off on radiator covers (Sale does not apply to granite or stone pieces, items with missing or damaged price tags, select specialty items, or items from our consignment partners) 


50% off Salvaged Wood Trim

Take half off the regular linear foot prices on any salvaged wood trim (Sale does not apply to surplus trim, lumber, select specialty items, or items from our consignment partners)  

50% off Security Doors and Window Bars    


Take half off the regular prices on steel security doors and security windows (Sale does not apply to fencing, wood doors, other steel items, or select specialty items) 
Half off Orphan Cabinets and Countertops

Take 50% off orphan kitchen cabinets and orphan laminate, Corian, and wood countertops (Sale does not include cabinet sets, stone countertops, or select specialty items) 
Half-Price Modern Office Furniture

Take 50% off office desks and chairs, filing cabinets, conference tables, and monster 10-foot-long white boards(Sale does not include vintage furniture or chairs, china cabinets, or select specialty items)  

$10 Dishwashers!

Regularly priced at $25, our regular dishwashers are just ten bucks all month long (Sale does not include dishwashers priced above $25, items with missing or damaged price tags, other appliances, or select specialty items)

50% off Blinds and Interior Shutters

Take half off the marked price on blinds, window treatments, and wooden interior shutters (Sale does not include exterior shutters, items from our consignment partners, or select specialty items)
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