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Amazing August Sales

August may be a lazy month in the DC area, but we're staying pretty busy at Community Forklift!  We've got useful workshops coming up, contests to enter, and fun new t-shirts for you to collect.  Save big during National Thrift Shop Weekend, and keep your eyes open for our flash sales... 
During the summer, we often throw big FLASH SALES.  Want to know what's on sale when?  You'll need to stay tuned to our social media to find out when these surprise sales are coming!  Don't use social media? 
Hint: You can read our Twitter feed at the bottom of our website without signing up for anything!

Read on for all the latest news! 

 Now hiring! 

Community Forklift is currently hiring for 2 positions. 

PIC OF TRUCK Part-Time Truck Helper This person will represent the organization by picking up used and surplus building materials in the DC metro area. Responsibilities include picking up building materials from a wide variety of sites including homes, construction sites and other difficult to access areas and unloading them at Community Forklift. 

PIC OF FESTIVAL STAFF On-Call Events Assistant
The Outreach & Education team needs energetic, hardworking and friendly people with excellent interpersonal and communication skills who are available to work on Saturdays and Sundays. On-Call Events Assistants will work at local events, festivals and in the warehouse, educating the public about reuse and our organization. 

Solar Heating 
& Green Renovating:  
A local green builder shares his experiences

Green Home LLC, based in Mt. Rainier, Maryland, provides energy-saving, healthy, earth-friendly additions, renovations, and solar heating.  In addition, Green Home is now partnering with us to offer SolarSheat panels at Community Forklift!   


On Monday, August 19th at 6:30pm, Green Home's Brian Higgins will be at the 'Lift to answer questions about the easy-to-use solar space heaters, as well as general green renovation topics. This workshop is free and open to the public, so please stop by!

Click here to learn more about the economic & environmental benefits of using SolarSheat panels. 


Learn more about Brian in this interview on the Green America blog. 







Empowering Women to Work with Tools and Materials 101 


Dr. Wendy Wu, a podiatric surgical resident physician as well as an active DIY-er, will be leading a workshop sharing what she has taught herself about carpentry and power tools. This workshop will empower and inspire women who want to learn but just don't know where to start...yet! 


Wendy will cover several aspects of carpentry starting with safety, basic tools and concepts, and then get hands-on and make something simple.  Come get your hands dirty!


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Please note: Bill Kinneary is on vacation in August.  Stay tuned for the return of his Furniture Repair Workshop this fall! 


Celebrate Reuse during National Thrift Store Weekend!

We always like to encourage everyone to reuse items and shop second-hand whenever possible -- it's just the right thing for our planet!


But did you know that Saturday August 17th is National Thrift Store Day?  We're turning the event into a weekend to celebrate reuse!


We've put together a list of nearby reuse & thrift stores, and we want to encourage you to check out as many of them in the next 2 weeks as you can.


If you make purchases at other reuse stores between August 1-18, save your receipts on your Reuse Passport.  


Then, if you bring your passport in to Community Forklift on Aug. 17th or 18th, we'll give you a discount based on how many other thrift stores you've shopped at!


Collect 1 receipt, get 10% off at the 'Lift!

 Collect 2 receipts, get 20% off at the 'Lift!

Collect 3 receipts, get 30% off at the 'Lift!

(Discount cannot be used for consignment items or items with missing or damaged price tags) 

 Macklemore's hit song "Thrift Shop" will pump you up for your bargain-hunting adventure! 




SCRAP-DC, the reuse center for arts & crafts, will extend a 10% discount to anyone who mentions Thrift Store Day at checkout on Saturday August 17, 10am-1pm.

Stay tuned for more discounts, coming soon!  


Staff Spotlight: Tony Ayeni


By Imani Lewis

The success of an organization like Community Forklift relies entirely on the hard work and passion of its workers. This week, I had the chance to sit down with one of the newest members of the Forklift Staff, Tony Ayeni, to talk about his life and his role in the operation of the organization.


IL: Where are you from?

TA: My family primarily is from Nigeria, but I moved here when I was around eight years old. I spent the majority of my life in West Hyattsville. I went to local elementary and high schools, Thomas Stone Elementary in Mt. Rainer and Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt. When I finished studying at North Carolina Wesleyan, I came back. [I've come to like living and working in this area.]


IL: What brought you to Community Forklift?

TA: It's actually a funny story. My friend lives around the corner, so I have always known about the store because I would pass by it on the way. I also work on cars and while I was attending Lincoln Tech for auto mechanic certification, I drove by it a few times, too.

--- The first time I came here, I was looking around and I thought to myself "This. Is. Heaven!" [It was awesome to see all the cool stuff and that it was for sale!]  It was after that visit that I made a decision to try and get a job here.


IL: How is Community Forklift a great option for folks working on home and DIY projects?

TA: Community Forklift is a great option for them because it's an affordable place to find materials to work on projects. Most of the time, people start working on DIYs as a hobby. They research and look online [to learn what they need to do], but it's hard to get materials for cheap. Community Forklift allows them to get the things they need risk-free because the prices are so great!


IL: What do you do at Community Forklift?

TA: Well, I do a lot of things. I work as a Reuse Associate, writing up tickets and helping customers down in the warehouse during our store hours. I work with the Floor team on inventory. I go out with the truck at times to help with donations. I also work with the Outreach and Education team doing work for the events that we hold. I'm kind of like a jack-of-all-trades.



IL: What the most rewarding thing about working at Community Forklift?

TA: In Africa, we don't waste anything. Old stoves, containers, furniture, everything is being reused there. So, when I found out about what CF does, I knew that this was the perfect place for me to work. CF does the things that that are done back home [in Africa] but in a controlled environment. They take the things that would be thrown in a junkyard or placed on the street [and put them to good use]. I love the mission of the organization and what they're try to do in the community. In the future, I hope to start that kind of organization at home.  


A BIG Congratulations  

for Forklift Fan and neighbor
Adam Ortiz!
He's been named as the new Director of the Prince George's County Department of Environmental Resources!


Limited Edition T-shirts Now Available! 

Come on in to the warehouse to get your limited edition T-shirt, designed by Forklift Fan Randie Hovatter!  We've got two styles/colors available, from sizes S-3XL.  While supplies last!



Enter Community Forklift's
Mascot Contest!

One last contest for the summer!

 Community Forklift has expanded our online outreach through various social media platforms.  You may know us by our current Facebook mascot, Ruthie Forklift

Or maybe you know us by our G+ moniker, Adam Plummer (a former slave who founded our town of Edmonston). 

We want to have one, single mascot that we can use across all our social media!

Please submit mascot ideas
to Outreach(at)

If your mascot idea is selected, you'll win a $25 gift certificate to the Forklift!  Please submit ideas by midnight, Saturday August 31st.


Have you done something cool with reused materials?

YOU COULD WIN $1,000! 


Enter your project in the

2013 National Reuse Contest! 


Go to our blog for more details!


Subscribe to CF's
YouTube Channel!

We'll be adding more videos of DIY projects, community events, and much more!

Have a topic you want us to make a video about?  Submit your ideas to Outreach(at) 

Our media equipment wishlist!

In order to ramp up our media outreach, CF's Outreach & Education Team is looking for some donated equipment.  Our goal is to REUSE items the community may already have lying around!  Are you cleaning out & updating your old gear?  Take a look at our wishlist:
  • Intel iMacs -- we can even use those with lines on the screen!
  • 20-inch and 23-inch LCD monitors
  • 15 Vista laptops
  • MiniDV camcorders (Sony, JVC, Panasonic) -- with microphone input ports
  • Video lighting equipment
  • Blank media (blank CD's and DVD's)
  • Blue Snowball USB microphones
Please note: we are only able to accept these items in working order!

If you're able to donate any of the above items, please clearly mark them "For O&E Media Team" and donate by dropping off at the warehouse during our open hours.  If you're not sure whether we can use your items, please email Outreach(at) with the specs before bringing them over!

Thanks in advance for your generosity!

Got skills?  

Want to lead workshop?


  • Are you a contractor, woodworker, artist, DIY-er, or general handy-person?
  • Do you reuse materials in your work or hobbies?
  • Are you willing to spend a couple hours showing other Forkilft Fans the basics of what you do & how you do it?

  • Please email Bea(at) if you'd like to lead a workshop, an "Ask the Expert" Q&A session, or a hands-on demonstration at the Forklift!

Some of our partners are looking for skilled volunteers!

Hillcrest Day seeks DIYers 
The Hillcrest Community Civic Association, Anne Beers Elementary School and the Friends of Francis A. Gregory Library are looking for people to host Do-It-Yourself workshops and/or demonstrations geared towards homeowners for the 2nd Annual Hillcrest Day on Saturday, October 19 from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM on the grounds of the Francis A. Gregory Library (3600 Block of Alabama Ave SE). 
If you're interested in participating please contact Liz at lizhammond28(at)


Resource Foundation for Women Veterans

RFWV is looking for people to help finish a basement for returning women veterans.  They especially need volunteers who are skilled with drywall work, painting, and finish work.  If you're able to help, please call Wanda Petty at 301-809-0291.  


Save the date...   

Saturday September 28th:

CF's Pirate Parrrty! 



Arrrgh, mateys!


Band together ye scurvy lads an' lasses, for piratey fun & games, grub, costumes, prizes, an' of course, ye can scour the warehouse for hidden treasures!  Come one & all!


Mark yer calendars, an' please contact Bea(at) if ye'd like to help out with the parrrrty!  


Awesome August Sales


Half-Price Chairs!

Take 50% off the marked prices on vintage and modern CF chairs (Sale does not apply to chairs from our consignment partners, items with missing or damaged price tags, or select specialty items).    


50% off Glass Display Cases and Store Fixtures

Take half off the orange price tags on glass display cases, sales desks, and store display cabinets (Sale does not apply to kitchen cabinets, china cabinets, items with missing or damaged price tags, or select specialty items).    

Half-Price Cooktops and Range Hoods   


50% off our regular price on countertop cooktops and vent hoods (Sale does not include stoves, ranges, bath or house fans, items from our consignment partners, or select specialty items). 
50% off Cast Iron Sinks

Take half off the marked price on cast iron bath and kitchen sinks with orange price tags (Sale does not include ceramic, vinyl or steel sinks, bathroom vanity sets, items with missing or damaged price tags, or select specialty items).  
August 17 National Thrift Store Weekend

Print CF's Reuse Passport and take up to 30% off your purchase all weekend with receipts from other thrift stores.  Here's a list of local thrift/reuse stores to get you started.  Support regional reuse!

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We hope to see you at the warehouse soon!


Your friends at Community Forklift