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Free workshops on Furniture Repair and Zero Waste
5 local bands, 5 workshops, and lots of FUN!
Rain barrel season is here!
Lend a hand with our party!
NOW HIRING for a pricing associate
Gift cards available!
Win a $1,000 Gift Certificate!
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Joyous June Sales

Read on to see what we've got in store for you with our Half-Birthday party on June 15th -- HALF-OFF discounts throughout the store, LIVE MUSIC, DIY Workshops, and a celebration of creative activities for the whole family!  What better time to bring some friends on over to check out the fun & funky Forklift?!

We've also got a new partnership with District Garden that will get you a great discount on a rain barrel installation.  Read on for details!

With free workshops this and next weekend, and literal tons of materials coming in every week, June is definitely the month to check out what's happening at Community Forklift!

A final reminder, please "like" our Facebook PAGE to stay in the loop (Many of you joined our Facebook Group long ago, but it will be closing very soon).

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Free workshops!



Carpentry & Furniture Repair


Saturday June 1st
Drop in between 10am-3pm

Have an old piece of furniture you want to restore but don't know how to get started?  Bring it in to Community Forklift during this workshop!  Bill Kinneary will show you how to repair and restore old furniture easily, without great costs.

He'll also demonstrate how to create furniture out of wood and other materials found at Forklift.  You don't need a fortune to take on wood-working projects; come learn how many projects can be made with simple hand tools, and have a little fun!

This is an interactive workshop, please bring your questions and your projects to share!

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Working toward Zero Waste

Saturday June 8th  



A growing number of cities, counties, and communities around the world and across the United States are joining the zero waste movement.  Zero waste is an economic strategy that conserves energy and materials, reduces pollution, protects public health and helps fight global warming.  It's an environmental strategy that saves money, creates good  jobs, strengthens communities and puts Main Street before Wall Street.



Want to know more about how you can help Maryland, DC and your community join the zero waste movement?  Join us for a presentation and discussion with Greg Smith of Community Research, a local nonprofit that has founded Zero Waste Prince George's and co-founded Zero Waste Maryland. 


After all, if you're not for zero waste, how much waste are you for?

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Got skills?
  • Are you a contractor, woodworker, artist, DIY-er, or general handy-person?
  • Do you reuse materials in your work or hobbies?
  • Are you willing to spend a couple hours showing other Forkilft Fans the basics of what you do & how you do it?

  • Please email Bea(at) if you'd like to lead a workshop, an "Ask the Expert" Q&A session, or a hands-on demonstration at the Forklift!

Are you coming to Community Forklift's  

 Half-Birthday Party?

Saturday, June 15, 2013 



Saturday, June 15, 2013


Discover a warehouse full of home-improvement items, for half the price! Community Forklift is turning 7 years old, and we'll be celebrating with a half-birthday party. Join us for half-price special sales, live music, and DIY workshops! 


5 Live Bands!

Join in our 1st annual local music festival - show off your moves on the dance floor, or bring a lawn chair to relax and enjoy good tunes!

9:30-10:30: Panmasters (steel drums)

11:00-12:00:Wild Anacostias (New Orleans jazz band)

12:30-1:30:Doublethink (acoustic rock)

 2:00-3:00: Coming soon!

 3:30-4:30:M.R. Jam Band (classic rock/R&B)


5 Free Workshops!

Attend an array of DIY workshops to inspire you to complete your half-finished projects!


9:30-10:30: Handtools 101 - presented by Mr Fix-it

Mr Fix-it will be giving hands-on demonstrations to show you how to use a variety of basic handtools. Find a funky old tool in our 50% off tool sale? Bring it over to the Resource Room and ask the expert!


11:00-12:00: Watermelon Carving - presented by Oswald Fernandes

Oswald Fernandes, a professional chef and Kitchen Artist, will lead a demonstration of traditional fruit carving techniques.


12:30-1:30: Introduction to Backyard Chicken Coop Design - presented by Ryan Cooper

Ryan will cover the basics of what to consider as you plan and build housing for a backyard chicken flock. We will cover issues such as coop size and dimensions, predator protection, insulation and ventilation, ease of cleaning, and much more.  


 2:00-3:00: Rain Barrel Installation - presented by Ben Hackett of District Garden 
It's rain barrel season! Ben Hackett will discuss residential rainwater management, and go over the basics of why and how to install rain barrels. He'll demonstrate with CF's new model rain barrel, installed courtesy of District Garden

 3:30-4:30: How to restore an antique table - presented by Charles Thomas of Millinium Properties

Charles Thomas will be talking about the antique furniture restoration process and demonstrating techniques on an antique table he has restored.



One free raffle ticket to all party-goers! Buy more tickets to increase your chances. Winners will be called every hour between bands.



DC's first and only traveling culinary carnival, the Merlindian food truck will be serving up its delightments in our courtyard from 11am-3pm. The fojol bros. serve delicious and healthy meals with no preservatives, offering both vegetarian and meat dishes. The fojol bros. go the extra mile for our planet by serving their food with certified biodegradable & compostable utensils, and delivering used eating materials to recycling and composting facilities.


Cake Contest!

Bring your best half-themed birthday cake by 11am to be entered into the contest. Cakes will be judged by Forklift Fans based on their visual appearance and how well they represent the "half-birthday" theme. Gift certificates will be awarded to the bakers with the most votes! We'll serve the cakes as soon as the winners are announced, at noon.


Creative Activities for Children of All Ages!


Mike McMullin orchestrates "Community Site Painting", a process whereby participants in gathered groups are asked to collaborate in an expressive activity capturing some of the feelings of the moment, using paint to get their message out, to record the energy that brings them together. Help us create a community painting to decorate our Reuse Resource Room!



SCRAP-DC will host a crafting area where Forklift Fans and their children can engage in creating fun musical instruments from recycled materials.

Half-Price Specials,

ONLY on June 15th!

Only during our party, take 50% off the marked price on all CF appliances. (Sale does not include items with missing or damaged price tags, items from our consignment partners, or select specialty items.)

Take 50% off Tools! CF Power and Hand Tools are 50% off. (Sale does not include hardware, items from our consignment partners, or select specialty items.)


Take 50% off any piece of Granite & Marble Countertop. (Sale does not include sink vanities, kitchen cabinet sets, stone tile, other stone, or select specialty items.)




It's Rain Barrel Season!!

District Garden is proud to bring their rain barrel installations and other green garden and yard services to the friends and associates of Community Forklift!

In business since 2011, District Garden has installed over 300 rain barrels in Washington, DC and surrounding communities in No. VA and MD.  Harvesting rainwater from your home has environmental and economic advantages, with most barrels paying for themselves in 1-2 seasons.  The reduction in storm water runoff protects local rivers and water tables from further contamination. Your plants and gardens also prefer the soft rainwater.

District Garden is now partnering with Community Forklift to offer a special discount on rain barrel installation for our Forklift Fans!

Depending on where you live, you may also be eligible for additional rebates from your municipality.  District Garden offers an up-front $50 rebate to DC customers!  MD customers in Montgomery County, Rockville, and Gaithersburg may apply for rebates as well on District Garden's rain barrel installations.  For more information & details, search for "rain barrel rebates" on your city or county website or connect with District Garden!

A complete single barrel installation consists of:
1) 55 Gallon Rain Barrel (Typically White)
2) Downspout diverter (to ensure no overflow issues)
3) All the related parts, spigots, hoses and seals required for use.

Multiple barrel installations (linked together or separate downspouts) are also quite common, and something we do on a regular basis. We also serve VA/MD and can offer a special rate of $100 for MD/VA residents within 20 miles of DC.

Be sure to mention you're a Forklift Fan
to get the installation discount!


Help out with our Half-Birthday Bash!


Do you enjoy making crafts with kids?  How about greeting fellow Forklift Fans?  Are you skilled with  photography or videography?  Love decorating for parties?  How about cleaning up?  Directing parking?

Or have you got a fun skill you want to share with the crowd -- face painting, juggling, stilting, clowning?

We've still got a few needs for volunteers with our half-birthday party!


Now Hiring!

Community Forklift is still seeking qualified candidates for our new Pricing Associate 

Is your dream job a combination of the "Price is Right" and a hardware store? Do you wish you could combine your passion for "all things green" with your immense ability to accurately calculate the prices of obscure hardware, tools and architectural ornaments? Do you astound people with your uncanny ability to rapidly "surf the net" for answers when researching a topic? If yes, you might be the perfect fit for our new Pricing Associate position!

Did you know Community Forklift sells gift cards?


They make a perfect gift for Father's Day!


Have you done something cool with reused materials?   


Enter your project in the

2013 National Reuse Contest!


Community Forklift is participating in the 6th annual National Reuse Contest, sponsored by Oakland-based The ReUse People of America (TRP). The National Reuse Contest calls for entrants to submit projects built of primarily used building materials.


Community Forklift is accepting entries now through August 31, 2013; the top 3 winners in the CF contest will be announced September 30th and forwarded to TRP for consideration in the national competition. National winners will be named on October 30, 2013.


"The Reuse Contest is a lot of fun and allows participants to showcase their ability to transform salvaged materials into beautiful, functional objects," said Ted Reiff, president of TRP. "It's also a great way to promote the reuse and sale of reclaimed building materials. Past entries have included remodeled kitchens, home offices, custom windows and doors, green houses, chicken coops-even an elaborate tree house."





Each participating store sponsors its own local contest, with various prizes for first, second and third-place winners. These winners are automatically entered in the national contest. TRP awards gift certificates of $1,000, $500 and $250 to the first, second and third place winners of the National Contest, redeemable at the stores where the entries were submitted. TRP displays annotated photos of the winning entries at various green building shows and expos throughout the year.


Reuse Contest Rules:

  • Entry must be submitted to local participating store between April 1, 2013 and August 31, 2013
  • The project must have been completed with the last 12 months.
  • Four before and after photos must accompany the submission. 
  • A 250-word description of the project and materials used must also accompany the submission.


For a complete list of rules and participating stores, and to see photos of previous contest winners, visit:



For more info about Community Forklift's Reuse Contest, or to enter, please email



For more info about The Reuse People or the National Reuse Contest rules, please contact Shannon Barnes at or 510-878-0920.





Have you seen our blog lately?


Community Forklift's blog just got a makeover!



Check it out & be sure to "Follow" us to get the latest posts! 


Joyous June Sales


50% off Lights at $50 or Less

Take half off all CF lights marked at $50 or less. (Sale does not apply to lights over $50, light parts, lights with missing or damaged price tags, ceiling fans, or items from our consignment partners.)


Granite Counters of 4 Sq Ft or less at $2.50 sq ft

Take half or more off the regular price on all granite and marble counter pieces of 4 square feet or less. Make your own walkway, radiator cover, mosaic... (Sale does not apply to stone sink vanities, stone tile, wall stone, slate, or select specialty items.)    

Steel Studs and Stuff!


50% off the usual price on steel studs, j-channel, and drop ceiling tracks. (Sale does not apply to angle iron, metal stock, or select specialty items.)  


50% off Hollow Core Doors

Take half off of our unframed hollow wood doors. (Sale does not include doors with missing or damaged price tags, specialty items, pre-hung hollow doors, solid wood doors, doors with glass, or metal doors.)  


'Ten for a Buck' Orphan 12"x12"Ceramic Floor Tiles

Ten unmatched 12 inch ceramic floor tiles for just a dollar! (Sale does not include sets or matched pieces, stone floor tile, or other sizes of ceramic tile.)  


Manager's Special on Select Sewing Machines and Dressers 
Look for the brightly colored special discount stickers on vintage dressers, sideboards, and sewing machine cabinets!

June 15 and 16: T-Shirt Special
Father's Day weekend special: Take 20% off on 'Nuts about Community Forklift' T-shirts!
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