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Save the Date: Spring Soiree Mar. 23
Garden tool collections in Montgomery Co. & NW DC
DC students build skills & picnic tables with Forklift materials
Get dirty with hot handy-people
Neil's "Best Forklift Find Ever"
Forklift helps happy couples
Hiring Bilingual Help
Attention Artists!
Seeking skilled volunteers for Christmas in April
Fantastic February Sales
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Save the date!  
We'll say goodbye to winter at our 4th annual 
Garden Party & Sale from 9am to 6pm on Sat, March 23!
The all-day event geared for families will include door prizes, grilled concessions, live DJs, plus FREE vegetable and flower seed packets. ECO City Farms, Groundwork Anacostia, Neighborhood Farm Initiative and Leafyhead Lotions & Potions are among the local organizations that will be conducting workshops on such topics as building a raised bed, growing medicinal plants and using coldframes to extend the traditional growing season.  Event photographers Sarah & Samantha will have a photobooth to capture the fun!


The spring sale will feature a full array of gardening tools, outdoor furniture, brick, stone, landscaping materials, planters, pots and architectural accents that are priced to be easy on the wallet.

 (ATTENTION EARLY BIRDS:  No garden supplies will be sold 

before 9am on March 23rd)

Hey Montgomery County & NW DC!


Garage getting cluttered?  Here's a good excuse for spring cleaning: drop off gently-used garden tools, and receive a 10% discount on brand-new items.  


















American Plant Nursery and Landscapingin partnership with John Shorb Landscapingare collecting donations of garden supplies for Community Forklift on two weekends in February and March.



  • Montgomery County:  both American Plant locations in Bethesda, at 5258 River Road and 7405 River Road
  • Washington, DC:  John Shorb Landscaping will be collecting items at 2931 Albemarle Street NW.


Donations will only be accepted at these locations during collection weekends:

February 16-17, and March 16-17

10:00 am - 5:00 pm



Everyone donating at the collection events will receive a coupon from American Plant good for 10% off an entire purchase (Coupon is valid through March 17, 2013.  Excludes gift certificates and landscape services).



Lawn and garden supplies in working condition (mowers, hoses, hand tools, power tools or lighting) or decorative lawn items (pottery, birdbaths, arbors, edging, brick or stone) will all be accepted.  


If you are unable to attend the collection events, or if you have a large donation such as a riding mower or building materials, contact Community Forklift directly to schedule a free pickup at your home. 


For more info, visit or contact us at Events(at) or 301-985-5180.


Phelps Vocational High School in NE DC
Puts Forklift Finds to Great Use 
By Elizabeth McGowan 


Cassandra Rosales-White remembers feeling swarms of butterflies turning somersaults in her stomach when she walked into her very first carpentry class at the beginning of her sophomore year at Phelps Architecture, Construction and Engineering High School.


"I didn't know how to read a blueprint or a tape measure," recalled Rosales-White, now a junior at the high school in Northeast Washington, D.C. "And I was afraid that was the first thing Mr. Hughes would ask me to do."


However, it turned out that teacher Kevin Hughes, a journeyman carpenter, was sensitive to her case of the jitters. He defused any tension by deploying humor and a light touch to introduce his classroom of willing rookies to screwdrivers, hammers, levels, speed squares, power drills, sanders, table saws and a slew of other tools that were foreign to most of them.


Since those initial shaky days of autumn 2011, Rosales-White and her classmates have learned to wield a measuring tape with aplomb and crack the hieroglyphic code of blueprints. They've crafted paper towel holders, stepstools, personalized toolboxes and classroom doors. As well, they've mastered high-tech equipment such as the computer numerical control machine that can be programmed to transform a piece of wood into a simple hall pass or an intricate sign complete with type, artwork and other flourishes.


But the wood for these projects isn't free. To stretch their dollars for supplies and equipment, school administrators at Phelps have linked with local organizations that can offer the resources they often need to offer a top-notch education to high-schoolers studying carpentry; welding; plumbing; electricity; heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration; architecture; and engineering.  Enter Community Forklift.


As part of its outreach mission, the Forklift provides $100 worth of materials on a monthly basis to Phelps. Teachers from the different disciplines rotate their trips to the 40,000-square foot warehouse, depending on who needs what and when.




Community Forklift can help!



Are you looking for a hot handy-person 

before Valentine's Day?  

Get Dirty at our Paint-Mixing Mixer!


Join Single Volunteers of DC 

at Community Forklift 

THIS Saturday February 2nd.

Mix (paint) and mingle 

with DC-area singles 

from 1-5pm.


Please note, you MUST pre-register 

through SVDC's website:  




    Don't forget to dress for the weather, and in clothes that can get a little painted!


A Forklift Romance: Neil and Lauren

Contributed by Forklift Fan Neil Gladd

Lauren and I first met 20 years ago, when we both lived near Eastern Market and were members of the Art Deco Society of Washington. We hung out together as friends nearly every weekend for a few years, but eventually lost track of each other after we both moved. 

Fast forward to September 2012: I had volunteered to help at the Community Forklift booth at the H Street Festival, but was told that they had enough help and wouldn't need me. Then I saw Ruthie putting out cries for help on facebook when the intern who was going to help got sick, so I headed downtown to help for the rest of the day. After a few hours, I went to find some food for Ruthie and I, and ran into Lauren in the street, the first time we had seen each other in 15 years. We both seemed pretty happy to see each other, so I soon invited her to dinner so that we could catch up. 
On our second outing, I took her to Community Forklift, lunch at Franklin's, and then my work-in-progress house, all of which impressed her, with her background in historic preservation. By our third outing, it finally became obvious (to me) that we were dating, and that our former friendship had been upcycled to a romance. Lauren had apparently figured that out the first night! 

 Local Couple Shops Community Forklift to Create the Wedding of their Dreams!

A hearty congratulations to Terri & Jim Iacarino!  The couple came into the Forklift shopping for wedding décor to create a truly one-of-a-kind backdrop for their wedding.





The couple's wedding was recently featured on the Capitol Romance blog - check out the full article with lots more photos!






Our Reuse Associates has heard your creative ideas as you've shopped & planned for your big day - please send us stories and photos of how it turned out!  We'll be featuring romantic Forklift stories on our blog and newsletter throughout February.


Send your stories to Bea(at)  



¿Habla español?



We are still looking for a bilingual Spanish-speaker with weekend availability.  Please see our website for more info.  




Community Forklift is sponsoring materials and supplies for a new initiative by Joe's Movement Emporium, called Art Lives Here.


Art Lives Here will provide more than $30,000 for artists to implement creative place-making activities. All mediums and experiences are encouraged to apply.  Arts education, youth groups, film, poetry and other art forms will be considered based on merit, budget and schedule.

Our Friends at Christmas in April are
Seeking Skilled Volunteers


February Sales


Roof Slates for 25 cents

Salvaged roof slates are just a quarter each! (Sale does not include other types of slate, plastic roofing, terra cotta tiles, stone, and select specialty items.)


50% off most HVAC

Take half off the orange price tag on most gas fireplaces, fireplace screens and accessories, dehumidifiers, ductwork, and furnaces! (Sale does not include mantels, radiators, radiator covers, hot water heaters, air conditioners, select specialty items, and items with missing or damaged price tags).  

50% off Ceiling Fans


Take half off the orange price tag on used and new ceiling fans and fan blades (Sale does not include other types of fans and lights, select specialty items, and items with missing or damaged price tags).

Manager's Special on Display Cases
Look for the 50% sticker on select glass cabinets, display cases, and shelves. (Sale does not include select specialty items, and items with missing or damaged price tags).  



Whiteboard Blowout

Take 50% off the orange price tags on whiteboards (Sale does not include vintage items, select specialty items, and items with missing or damaged price tags).  We've got some huge ones, great for a classroom!



50% off Rectangular Salvage Windows and Sashes

Take half off the orange price tag on used, rectangular or square windows and window sashes (Sale does not include vintage items, transoms, sidelights, non-rectangular and surplus windows, items from our consignment partners, select specialty items, and items with missing or damaged price tags).


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