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Forklift Fans build a fantastic gazebo!
Calling all plaster projects!
January Sales & Freebies
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Dear Forklift Fans,

The City Paper has just launched their 2013 "Best of DC" contest. 
Thanks to our wonderful customers, donors, & supporters, we won Best Home Goods Store in 2010 and 2011, and Best Hardware Store in 2012. After each win, we saw a big jump in donations of building materials.  
Let's make it happen again!   

A few seconds of your time will make a big difference.  As more folks find out about us, more materials will be kept out of the landfill, more folks can afford repairs, more green jobs will be created...and of course, you'll find more good stuff here in the store!!!

Please vote now.  Then, ask all of your friends to vote Community Forklift for Best HARDWARE Store of 2013
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We are still looking for a bilingual Spanish-speaker with weekend availability.  Please see our website for more info.  



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Watch our first video to learn about how you or your contractor can save money by working with Community Forklift to donate leftover materials from your renovations.  Then, share your own videos about the 'Lift, and what you've done with our materials!

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From the Folklife Festival to a Virginia farm...
Janine & Tim built a gorgeous gazebo!


Being so close to the nation's capital, we get some really unusual donations! We've picked up renovation leftovers from the Interior Department, the Architect of the Capitol, the DC Convention Center, and National Geographic, to name a few.

folklife festivalThe Smithsonian Folklife Festival is definitely one of our favorite institutional donors. After the 2008 festival, when we were offered huge vinyl banners, we knew they'd make excellent heavy-duty tarps! 


In 2009, stacked-stone fences were used to portray a traditional village in Wales. After the festival closed, we hauled away many tons of stone, which Forklift Fans put to use in landscaping projects around the region.   


bamboo poles

Then, in 2011, when the "hojamanta" tents in the Colombian exhibit came down, we received a bunch of sturdy guadua bamboo poles.


Janine and Tim Van Norman spotted the bamboo at Community Forklift, and realized it would be perfect for their dream gazebo. It took a while, but they made it happen - and Janine was kind enough to share all the details

See how it turned out - read Janine's story on our blog!

Have you done something fantastic 
with our free plaster trim?!

Bring in your plaster project (or photos) for display
 in our new artists' showcase by January 31st, 2013. 
You could win a $25 gift certificate!


Christa McDermott says, "I transform trash into functional, aesthetically pleasing pieces - and this winter it is coat racks for all those warm woolies. The plaster, hooks, and old doorknobs used for these coat racks are all from Community Forklift.  I painted and glazed them for a unique look, using leftover paints whenever possible."



Email Bea(at) to vote for Christa, 
or to submit your own project.

January Sales


25% off Most Salvaged Doors

Take 25% off salvaged unframed wood doors priced at $40 or less, including interior and exterior doors (Sale does not include metal doors, prehung doors, doors with missing or damaged price tags, select specialty items, and white-tagged items from our consignment partners.)

Bricks for a Nickel

Salvaged bricks are just five cents each! (Sale does not include surplus bricks, concrete pavers, concrete block, historic bricks, or specialty items.)


Stair Balusters for a Quarter  


Pay just 25 cents each for single wood balusters!  Includes modern and vintage used balusters.  Regularly priced at $.50 to $3.00 each (Sale does not include sets of balusters, surplus items, white-tagged items from the Salvage Arts department, and vinyl or metal balusters).

50% Off Steel Studs & J-Track

While supplies last, all steel studs are 10 cents a foot instead of the usual 20 cents. Corner bead/J-Track is now 5 cents a foot instead of the usual 10 cents (Sale does not include angle iron, other metal stock, and items from consignment partners).


Five Gallon Buckets of Stuff for $5

Just $5 for any 4- or 5-gallon bucket of adhesive, tar, color paint, or whatever liquid or powder we have! (Sale does not include white or off-white paint, gallon or quart cans, hardware buckets, and select specialty items.)

FREE Plaster Trim!!!

We still have a ton of samples left from the closing of a plaster-making workshop in Brentwood.  All pieces of trim under 7 feet in length are free, while supplies last - we bet you can find a creative use for them! (This giveaway does not include plaster medallions, brackets, décor, or crown molding).

FREE Orphan/Broken Ceramic Tile! 

Applies to "orphan" and chipped tiles outside in our courtyard. Great for mosaic projects!  Check out this excellent how-to on laying broken tile! 


30% off Vintage Laboratory Glassware in the Salvage Arts Department

Take 30% off the white price tags on lab glass - serve up some fancy holiday cocktails!


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