December 11, 2014
Arts & Power: WPA's Place and Influence on the Current State of the Arts in DC is Highlighted


DC Modern Luxury recently published its annual Arts & Power issue which highlights "the Creative Geniuses, the insiders, the vaunted venues and must-see performances that define" the current state of the Arts in DC. From spotlighting our upcoming move to our new home, to recognizing the contributions artist members including Margaret Boozer, Erin Curtis, Cianne Fragione, Carolyn Hartman, Alejandro Pintado,and Julie Wolfe along with Board Member and "arts maven" Vikki Tobak, the issue strongly affirms the place and influence WPA has in the current state of the Arts in DC. 



Join us TONIGHT for the Opening Reception of Lobby Project: JD Deardourff


JD Deardourff, Spider Y 2 Banana, 2014. Screen print on paper.

B and E , WPA's newest Lobby Project installation, is JD Deardourff's exploration into the energy, technology, destruction, construction, and juxtaposition of the urban and natural environment he sees in NoMa. Deardourff makes abstract landscapes based on comic book collages. These collages are then transformed into bold, painterly screen prints through a process that mimics the way comic books were traditionally printed. JD's work is intuitive and unpredictable, but for this project he has created a sequential, abstract narrative. It expresses the evolution of the NoMa neighborhood through composition, shifts in color, and the repetition of imagery.


Join us for the Opening Reception of Lobby Project: JD Deardourff this evening from 6-8pm at 1200 1st Street NE, Washington, DC 20024.



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Hothouse Video


Deadline: January 17, 2015


WPA invites artists to submit proposals for our continuing series, Hothouse Video.


Hothouse: ImPRINT

Deadline: January 17, 2015

WPA is currently accepting submissions for Hothouse: ImPRINT, an open, juried, group exhibition of works by WPA member artists as part of our Hothouse Exhibition series at the Capitol Skyline Hotel. 

Lobby Project

Deadline: January 17, 2015

WPA invites member artists to submit proposals for our continuing series, Lobby Projectin partnership with the NoMa Business Improvement District (NoMa BID)


January 29 - March 6, 2015

SELECT 2015: WPA Art Auction Exhibition & Gala

Tickets on Sale Now!

SELECT 2015 consists of a 3-week public exhibition and a ticketed auction party to support contemporary art and the local artist community.

December 11, 2014 - January 30, 2015

Lobby Project: JD Deardourff

Opening Reception:
Thursday, December 11, 2014, 6-8pm

WPA presents an exhibition by JD Deardourff that brings the NOMA neighborhood to life through works created in the style of comic book splash pages.

November 20, 2014 - January 9, 2015

Hothouse Video: Fantastic Voyage 

WPA partners with Brooklyn, NY based 
Animation Block Party to present Hothouse Video: Fantastic Voyage.

November 10, 2014 - January 31, 2015

South Capitol Skyscape: Amber Robles-Gordon

Amber Robles-Gordon creates new public art commission for WPA's 
South Capitol Skyscape series.



Mary Michaela Murray, Starting Fresh, 2014, oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches.


Color moves me, and at once, arrests me-a sunny lemon on a cool blue tabletop; a punch of pink against a neutral gray vase; a patch of grass jumping from the purple shadows. These things compel me to stop, take notice, and breathe. I paint to recapture these moments.


Humble objects and ordinary scenes from my daily life inspire me to linger. It might be an oddly shaped spaghetti squash, the cyan of a ceramic bowl, or a simple can of tuna on a counter. From these mundane snapshots, I engage the objects, arranging layered relationships between figure and ground, light and shadow, color and value. This is when the fun begins, when I get "out of the way of myself" to freely interpret what is before me, and by tilting planes, jacking colors, skewing perspective, add drama to images we see everyday.


In the end, it is not about mirroring what I see but sharing the pleasure I have in looking and lingering.

- Mary Michaela Murray



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Felix Angel interview featured in EL MUNDO in Medeillin, Columbia on the occasion of his upcoming book presentation at Portico.






Larry Cook at Lincoln Theater on December 12


Dorothy Fall open studio on December 13


Fabiano Amin, Christopher Baer, Jeremy Flick, Brian Petro, and Will Scott at Fathom Gallery on December 17


Anne Marchand at Green Chalk Contemporary on December 13 - December 27


Aziza Claudia Gibson-Hunter  Open Studio on December 20


Ellyn Wiess and Pat Goslee at Brentwood Arts Exchange on January 12 - February 28





Paul Shortt and Raymonde van Santen at The John A. Cade Center for Fine Arts Gallery through December 12 


Sheila Crider at Honfleur Gallery through December 19

Julia Bloom, Greg Braun, Elizabeth Burger, Joel D'Orazio, Mary Early, Mike Shaffer, Foon Sham, Lynda Smith-Bugge, and Julie Zirlin at American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center through December 14


Leda Black at Vivid Solutions Gallery through December 19


Joseph Corcoran, David Knopp, and Laurel Lukaszewski at Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery through December 20


Khanh H. Lee at Arlington Arts Center through December 21


Frank Adams, Amy Hughes Braden, Becca Kallem, Dana Maier, Kendall Nordin, and Jerome Skiscim at John Fonda Gallery through December 21


Gordon Binder at gallery plan B through December 23

Leslie Goldman at Washington ArtWorks through December 23

Melissa Burley, Sabine Carlson, Michael Fischerkeller, Tom Kenyon, Marla McLean, Mame N'Diaye, John Paradiso, Ronnie Spiewak, Gilbert Trent, and Acquaetta Williams at Brentwood Arts Exchange through December 27


Becca Kallem and Jenny Walton at Alley Cat Studio through December 28

Rita Eisner, Kung Chee Keong, and Kevin Roberts at Foundry Gallery through December 28 


Alex Tolstoy at Circle Gallery through December 28, McLean Art Society through January 30, and Jo Ann Rose Gallery through February 2, 


Megan Van Wagoner at Montpelier Arts Center through December 28 


Bonita Bing at Ritz Camera through December 31


Lee Gainer and Foon Sham at Greater Reston Arts Center through January 2


Michael Auger, Liliane Blom, Julia Bloom, Greg Braun, Adam Chamy, Cornett Ellen, Pierre Davis, Mary Del Bianco, Julia Dzikiewicz, Rita Elsner, Stephanie Firestone, Tom Greaves, Jessica Hopkins, Brian Johnson, Larry Jones, Susanne Kasielke, Zofie Lang, Donna Mccullough, Patricia McDonald, Cleave Overton, Jamie Peterson, Davide Prete, Raymonde Van Santen and Valentine Wolly in Artomatic Takes Flight through January 8


Pattee Hipschen at Art Space Herndon through January 11


Felisa Federman at the Embassy of Argentina through January 30


Wilfred Brunner, Jeremy Flick, Joyce Jewel, Katherine Knight, Kate Kretz, Renee Lachman, Cory Oberndorfer, Alexandra Silverthorne, Megan Van Wagoner, and Jenny Walton at King Street Gallery through January 30


Vian Borchert at Local Colour Old Town Art Gallery through January 31


Julia Kim Smith at Institute for Women and Art at Rutgers University through April 15


Stephen Schiff at American Center for Physics through April 10

We want to provide our Members with Resources to help them further their careers.  We are always updating our Member Opportunities page for our Artist Members to find the latest Calls and Opportunities. Log into your account on our the WPA Website to view current listings.