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New Hours of Service
Choptank Salutes James Wright
Nashville Hires New GM
Employees Promoted
Community Service
McLeod White Paper
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New Hours of Service Rules
What HOS means to shippers
Now that the new Hours of Service ruling is official, the big question is, how will it affect my business?
The Basic Changes
New Rules: The 34-hour restart rule and the new Rest Break rule are the two primary changes that took effect July 1, 2013. 
  • 34-restart must include 2 periods between 1 a.m. - 5 a.m. Home Terminal Time.
  • May only be used once per week.
  • Rest break rules state the driver may only drive if 8 hours or less have passed since the end of the driver's last off-duty period of at least 30 minutes.  (See complete details on all changes at http://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/HOS)


The Associated Penalties
Trucking companies and passenger carriers that exceed limits by more than 3 hours could be fined $11,000.00 per offense.  Drivers could face civil penalties of up to $2,750 for each offense. (Transport Topics, 7/1/2103)
According to the FMCSA website, the Final Rule cites concerns from the industry regarding the economic impacts of these new changes. They are as follows:
  • Reduce productivity of carriers
  • Reduce driver incomes
  • Affect shippers, receivers, and consumers
  • Increase demand for more drivers and put more inexperienced drivers on the road.
  • Increase congestion

A specific concern was raised over the 34-hour restart which many believe will "reduce operating resources (driver's hours) and increase the cost of goods sold (adding drivers, equipment, and operating costs), which could also result in delays in deliveries to customers and loss of business."


FMCSA responded by saying that their published reports did not include any data that would support the above concerns.  They did admit that the rule would reduce productivity by varying degrees but that it would have much less of an impact than that claimed by the transportation industry.  "To put this figure into context, a 3 cent rise in the price of diesel fuel would impose greater costs on the long-haul segment of the industry than this rule."


The bottom line is it will affect overall capacity which will affect rates.


To review the entire Department of Transportation FMCSA docket, click here.


We would be interested in hearing from our readers. Have you experienced any of the affects yet ? Contact us at marketing@choptanktransport.com

 with your comments.


James Wright  
Choptank Transport Salutes Employee James Wright
Logistics in Afghanistan
James Wright joined the military right out of high school. He was awarded an ROTC fully paid scholarship to Loyola University of Maryland and immediately following college, he joined the National Guard. His first deployment was to Afghanistan where he was assigned a General Transportation Officer position.  "This is the only Army military occupation specialty dedicated to logistical support of combat elements," says Wright.
When he returned to the states he searched for logistics jobs and found Choptank Transport. (And yes, we are hiring!) 
"I am thankful to have had the chance to work at Choptank," comments Wright. "The company has been 100% supportive about my time regarding military preparation and it has helped me become better at my job in the military. The depth of knowledge that my Choptank team leader and staff have, has helped me develop a broader view of large scale logistics. I will be able to take this knowledge with me, which will help me better serve my country."
Wright was asked to report back to Fort Hood on June 24, 2013. He will be deployed back to Afghanistan sometime late this summer. 
On the heels of this July 4th holiday, Choptank Transport salutes you, James Wright!  Thank you for all you and your fellow soldiers do for this country and we wish you a swift and safe return.
                                             --- Your Friends at Choptank Transport
Paul Ayers 
Nashville Office Hires New General Manager 
Like everything else at Choptank Transport, the Nashville office is growing! We are pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Ayers as General Manager of this location.

In this position, Ayers will be in charge of new business development and acquisition, carrier relations, recruiting for new logistics and sales positions as well as overseeing daily operations.
Read more...  
Choptank's Growth Spurs Employee Promotions
Logistics floor Choptank Transport has grown from 36 employees in 2009 to currently over 130 associates covering sales, logistics, accounting, and administrative positions. Those who have shown exemplary leadership skills, dedication and initiative are periodically recognized and promoted.  
Congratulations to those recently promoted in both sales and logistics:

Mike B., Adam W, Jason N., Jenn M., Sonny H., Julie W., Kim G. and Jerry H.

Great job, folks!
Memorial Day and Helping theTroops 

The employees at Choptank Transport are a patriotic bunch. To help celebrate and honor Memorial Day, they donated empty shoe boxes and purchased a variety of food and gift items, enough to fill thirty-five shoe boxes, to be sent to our men and women deployed overseas.

James Wright with members of Salisbury's Armory
James Wright (center) pictured at the Salisbury, Maryland Armory with Choptank's donated shoe boxes.


The employee's generosity and response was overwhelming. Boxes were packed full with hunting and fishing magazines, personal care items, cookies, Slim Jims, crackers, trail mix, batteries, notebooks, energy drinks, hand sanitizer and numerous other "goodies."  


One of Choptank's employees, James Wright, directly reported to the National Guard station at the Salisbury, Maryland Amory which ensured our boxes would go directly to Maryland's Eastern Shore troops overseas.

Giving Carriers and Customers Easy-to-Use Online Access  


The McLeod Internet module makes it exceptionally easy for customers and carriers to conduct business with Choptank Transport online, while assisting operations and sales with what were once tedious and time-consuming tasks.

McLeod White Paper


"An example of this is it greatly reduces the time members of our staff spend on the phone handling various chores, and as a result these people are able to spend more time on work that boosts growth," says Dave Regulski, Operations Manager for Choptank Transport.


"Choptank believes in streamlining operations and strengthening ties with business partners by offering transparency and easy access to its carriers and customers."


"We also create stickier relationships with customers and carriers," Regulski continues. "Our business partners like online access, because it makes life easier for them in a variety of ways. The overall payback for us is that our people are more productive, our customers and carriers are happier, and our bottom line is improved."



To read the full White Paper... click here. 



Erin Wheatley  
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