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The Bridge
                                     Ninety-Eighth Edition - May 2016
Do You Pray?

"Of course! A few minutes in the morning, before meals, in church, with friends, when something in my day goes wrong, or when I need answers."

Yeah, but do you Pray?

Prayer is one of the greatest acts of faith and one of the most rewarding, intimate things we can do with our Heavenly Father. 

Yet it's so easy for it to become commonplace and taken for granted - whispering a few requests and praises on the way out the door, or telling others we'll pray for them and forgetting a few minutes later.

How often do we spend an hour or more in fervent conversation with our Lord? How intentional do we make our prayers, focusing on specifics, questions and praise? How long do we sit in silence listening to God, even if we don't need answers? Or reflect upon all the prayers and petitions He has already answered?

You may be considering missions. You may be about to start in the field or have years of experience under your belt. There will always be petitions to ask, direction to seek, and a  burning desire for a closer, more intimate walk with Him. Of course, there are many aspects to our relationship with Christ, but prayer is a crucial step in understanding Him - His plans and goodness, His faithfulness and deep love for you.

The beauty of prayer is that God always answers. It may not be right away. And the answer  may be no. It may be a calling to wait on Him or to start in a new direction. It may be a flood of joy and direction that reveals the greatness of His glory. The Bible says when we confidently pray in faith and truth, God hears and will grant us wisdom, understanding, peace and much more! It's so simple, that first step. You just need to start the conversation.
Let me hear Your lovingkindness in the morning; For I trust in You; Teach me the way in which I should walk; For to You I lift up my soul.  -  Psalm 143:8

A Missionary's Prayer
Thoughtful, intentional prayer is such a key part in our Christian walk. Sometimes the hardest part is knowing how to start - or how to keep going. With the help of missionaries, we built this "Missionary's Prayer" to give you ideas on what to pray for, scriptures to consider and an opportunity to record what the Lord shows you. May God bless your time with Him!

Have Questions?QandA

Committing to a life of service creates a whole flood of questions. We asked experts on the MissionNext Team - people who have walked the journey and discovered some answers. Perhaps you're praying about one of these questions right now:

Q: How do you address moving overseas with your kids?

A: If you're just starting the process, make sure they're involved all the way through. If you have the chance, invite missionaries over to your house and focus on your kids, letting them ask questions. Include the cultural aspect-put a map on the wall that shows where you're headed. Learn the history, customs and fun facts about your destination. As you prepare to leave, have the kids help you pack, allowing them to pick a few favorite items to include. Once there, be sure to keep communication open. Most importantly, continue as many family traditions as possible, like enjoying dinner together.  

Q: What's the best way to raise support?

A: There is no right or wrong way- just God's plan for you. The traditional way is to build a support team asking members of your church and community to help partner with your ministry by providing financial support and prayer. Another approach is to find a job in another country to support yourself, with your workplace as the mission field. Crowdfunding, with sites like GoFundMe for short-term trips or projects is also an option.

You may have the resources to fund yourself. Still consider building a team for prayer and support. There are also ministry groups and books that may help you plan for raising funds. One example, The God Ask by Steve Shadrach.

Do you have a question you'd like answered by the experts at MissionNext? We'd love to help! Fill out a service profile to talk with a Journey Guide, no matter what answers you're searching for.
crossworldFeatured Agency:
Where can your job go?
Rather than "give it all up for Jesus" (leave your job and do "full-time ministry"), why not use it all up for Jesus - use your job as a bridge to make disciples cross-culturally? You can be like the tentmakers of the first century by taking your unique skills to a place where people have never met a follower of Jesus.

Join the Crossworld team of disciple-makers from all professions bringing God's love to life in the world's least-reached marketplaces. Start the conversation at
Teach English, make disciples...
In Thailand 
Come teach English in the public schools. You'll have the unrestricted ability to use the Bible, enabling immediate impact in a least-reached region! Local churches are excited to partner with you so that you can be mutually effective in reaching the Thai communities. Plus, a salary and housing are provided by the school.
In East Asia 
Join an English training center that's producing second- and third-generation disciples among the local staff and students. Be mentored by veteran disciple-makers, and learn from them how English and disciple-making fit together. Have an entrepreneur mind? You can study the business side and then launch a new training center in another least-reached area of the world!

Find out more about these opportunities and more at
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We're sharing stories of the people who make up MissionNext - from those taking the first step of faith by filling out a profile to the experienced team praying and working behind the scenes. Read from the wealth of testimonies to God's faithfulness, timing and grace. Be encouraged no matter what point you're at in the journey!

Meet MissionNext:
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