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The Bridge
 Ninety-Sixth Edition - March 2016
What's Your Good News?

As you prepare to enter the mission field, there are 
many things to plan for and consider. There are obstacles to overcome and blessings to enjoy.  And in the midst of it all, sometimes the reason you are pursuing missions in the first place can get buried.
So why do you want to be a missionary?

You feel God calling you to use your gifts and skills to minister, support or move in His Name. Yet there is something deeper - the strong desire to share about your Savior; to spread the Good News!

When the women found Jesus' tomb empty that morning, they ran to tell others of the resurrection, salvation and victory. It is that same message of hope and faith we share today. It is the root of our testimonies and the message to a hurting and lost world. With everything our Lord has done, how can we not speak of Him?

Just think of everything His death and resurrection has opened for you - letting you turn from death and sin to life and joy, cleansing and welcoming you to rejoice in the perfect plan of the Father and Son. The blessing of fresh mercies each morning. Your life is living proof of the miracle of redemption. There is an abundance to share, with people millions of miles away or in your own backyard.

True, there will be doubters and deniers. There will be those who push you away. Yet there will be some who see the Light of Christ in you and reach toward Him. So speak out! Share the wonderful story "of Whom we have much to say."

"...that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light." 
- 1 Peter 2:9b NKJV

Share Life Today! 
You may not be in the mission field yet. That's no reason to keep quiet about your Savior or not take steps to the Great Commission. Here are just a few ways to proclaim His goodness:
  • Share on social media, with your friends or with the MissionNext Family your story of how God is working in your life and calling you to serve. 
  • Tell someone about MissionNext or about the the agencies and opportunities listed in this newsletter or our website
  • Review our featured Short-Term Opportunities on our website to explore agencies and to find out what it's like in the field.
  • Contact your church or local ministries to discover ways you may serve people and your community right from home.
  • Pray for those around you to know Christ. Pray for agencies and missionaries around the globe or those just beginning their journey. Pray about your next step.
Confessions from a Journey Guide
MissionNext wants you to have the support and guidance you need along your mission journey. That's why Journey Guides are a key part of our service to you - free mission coaches for anyone who submits a service profile. These experienced and caring guides know what it takes to be a missionary and are just waiting to serve. They're here for you.

3 things Journey Guides want you to know about their ministry in their own words:

  1. It isn't a contract. We will reach out after you finish your profile. You decide how often we talk and the most convenient way to connect. We may email once or call every month. It's up to you - whatever help you need along your journey to the mission field!

  1. You pick the best fit. If you talk to us, we we won't sign you up for the first available position or push a specific agency. We will help you prepare for talking with agency representatives, consider opportunities and discover how God is calling you to serve. Where, when and if you serve is up to you.

  1. We know it's a big decision. Dedicating your life to missions is no small step. There will be sacrifices and hardships. You may be years away from entering the field or you may choose to serve in a different way. And that's OK! Whatever you decide and however long it takes, we want to help and guide you every step of the way.

Create or update your service profile to get in touch with a Journey Guide today!

Featured Opportunity:
Awareness Trips

Awareness Trips are short-term mission trips that reveal the opportunities available and the needs of mission agencies. They are a wonderful chance to experience life as a missionary first-hand. From traveling to the field overseas, to eye-opening learning opportunities stateside, you'll get have personal interactions and build meaningful relationships. 

Here are two Awareness Trip opportunities:

Every year we schedule a number of awareness trips to over 20 countries with the purpose of helping individuals find their place in God's plan overseas. Trips are designed to help individuals, families and churches learn more about the opportunities and needs in missions and to help people learn more about missions in general.
Immerse yourself in a month or more of cross-cultural learning, ministry, and mercy through dynamic service happening only through partnership! Go to our website and click on the Opportunities section to see how you can be the voice and hands of Jesus with HCJB Global (now Reach Beyond)!

Find even more Awareness Trips on our website!

Please Pray...
Prayer requests for a missions retreat
In one week, pilgrims interested in missions and MissionNext staff will gather for The Journey Deepens retreat in Portland, OR. It will be a weekend of worship, teaching sessions (group and one-on-one), mission agency interactions and time for quiet reflection. It is our hope that by the end of the retreat participants will have a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and a clearer path toward their calling.
As fellow Christians gather to focus on Jesus Christ and His Word, we humbly ask for prayers over this event and all those involved. Please pray:
  • For wisdom  while we work as coaches with those considering missions.
  • For uplifting interactions & fruitful outcomes from the weekend for everyone involved.
  • The participants will leave knowing what journey God is directing them on & their next steps.

Answered Prayers
We have seen time and time again the Lord's presence at The Journey Deepens retreats. And we are blessed to see people walk away with a stronger commitment to serve in missions. As a testament to God's goodness and encouragement to you, here are a few comments from the participants:

"The past few months have been a period of intense growing and pruning, and I wouldn't have missed them for anything.  It certainly all started at The Journey Deepens, but never did I expect the journey since then!"
"The teaching from the weekend with you was certainly needed and confirmed during my time in Uganda - the Enemy attacked my health, and upon my return, my finances (due to the health situation, which is now fine), and relationships.  I viewed it as a badge of honor!!"
"Thank you for your encouragement and teaching - it was truly life-changing, and I pray I will, in turn, be life-changing for the unreached people with whom I will be privileged to work among."
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