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The Bridge
 Ninety-Fourth Edition - January 2016
One Step at a Time
Ah, January - when we craft lists of resolutions and goals to accomplish before the next year rolls around.

Whatever our good intentions, these aspirations are easy to kick down the road to deal with later. Or we try to take everything on at once. And often, that's where discouragement and doubts are waiting to flood in and freeze us up.

So what if instead of taking on a year, we took on a day - this day - and did something with it?

The Lord has called each of us towards His glorious purpose, in His timing. But a calling is just a start. The path towards it is where the real growth springs, relationships build, and miracles happen. God will be leading your journey, moment by moment. But to reach the destination you have to move! Then He can guide and use you along the way. As the old saying goes, "You can't steer a stationary ship."  

So we challenge you not to start with one year, but with one day! We challenge you to start with just one step. Go forth this day with the grace God has given you for it. You may not reach your destination by tomorrow, but you will be moving! 

"Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time." - Colossians 4:5 

Take A Step Towards Missions  
So you're going to serve in missions! Maybe God put it on your heart years ago or last night. Perhaps you're in the middle of processes and applications, or maybe you have no idea where to start! Whatever the stage, it's easy to feel overwhelmed or just put it off for later. 
Instead, take a deep breath, pray, and start with a step. There are countless ways to get moving right now, no matter what point you're at. Here are five easy ideas you can do today that will get you closer to your goal.
1. Fill Out a MissionNext Service Profile
You put in your experiences and interests. We use it to send mission agencies and opportunities your way. If you've already filled out a service profile, update it! Click Here to create your profile!
2. Chat With a MissionNext Journey Guide
Connect with our missions coaches who offer advice on what steps to take, choices to consider, and prayer for your journey towards mission service. Contact one through your service profile.
3. Research Agencies
Be proactive in your missions search! Visit our list of partner agencies and featured positions. Then check out the personalized agency matches on your main service profile web page.
4. Find a Mission Event
Locate a mission expo or retreat near you to attend workshops and talk with agency reps. Check out this Missions Events Calendar or host a MissionNext Forum in your area!
5. Craft a Mission Statement
Write down your calling and specifics about what you're looking for in missions, such as time commitment or funding options. This helps you narrow down opportunities and agencies.
Important Giving Opportunity!

MissionNext has been blessed with a generous matching gift, doubling up to $8,000 of donations made to our General Fund! Thanks to your commitment to the Kingdom and global missions, we have nearly reached this challenge goal. 

From the heart of one donor:
"I am and always will be passionate about Christ-followers discovering all the ways to follow God's invitation to serve the Kingdom and glorify Him. When I learned that MissionNext had a matching fund to help people with a heart to respond to God's call on their life, I couldn't resist. Even without the match, I still believe this is an investment that can only multiply blessings. My question to everyone else: What are you waiting for?" - Brian

Balancing our 2016 budget depends upon us raising $50,000 in donations.  This $8,000 is a great start towards reaching that goal, but we are relying upon God and His people to offer up the remainder.  So please consider giving financially to MissionNext and helping us connect people who want to serve with Christian organizations looking for personnel!
Your stewardship allows us to continue encouraging and reaching those called to serve our Lord.  We are so thankful for your generosity and support! Click HERE to donate now!

Bless you,

Robert Werntz
Donations must be made to the MissionNext General Fund by April 1, 2016 to qualify for matching funds.

Featured Agency:
United World Mission
United World Mission exists to help you engage your world! Today we have more than 350 missionaries serving in 45 nations. We work with national partners to see God change lives and transform communities everywhere by equipping leaders, establishing churches, and engaging in holistic mission.
United World Missions Service Opportunities:
Children-at-Risk Ministry Worker
Colombia (Latin America)
2 Months - 2 Years +
Viento Fresco (Fresh Wind) is a full daycare center that works with at-risk women and children, from infancy to preteens in Medellin, Colombia. Their goal is to restore the families they serve by providing nutritional, medical, social, psychological, and spiritual care. We are looking for interns (serving 2-12 months) and long-term missionaries to join this ministry to assist with their daycare programs, games, classroom supervision, and ESL programs.
Leadership Development Staff and Interns
South Africa (Africa)
2 Months - 2 Years +
East Mountain, United World Mission's principal ministry in South Africa, is an intentional community in Cape Town, dedicated to developing Christian leaders for global missional service. Programs seek to integrate development of leaders in the areas of spiritual formation, theological education, and practical leadership skills. They have a 6-week summer or year-long internship focusing on leadership development for American and African young adults. Additionally, they have a great need for additional long-term staff in the areas of administration, logistics, communications & marketing, and teaching.
Church Planting Facilitators
Poland (Europe)
1 Year - 2 Years +
Two Polish church planting teams are starting churches in two small but strategic cities in Poland using Redeemer City to City principles. They desire to reach locals, especially the students and young professionals in their communities, with the gospel and develop them into fully devoted followers of Christ. We are looking for people to come alongside and help support these Polish leaders as they establish their churches.
Visit United World Mission at to learn more, or connect with them via Facebook and Twitter 
Upcoming MissionNext Event
TJD facebook
The Journey Deepens Retreat  
Portland, OR, April 1-2
This MissionNext event will give you a deeper perspective on missions and your relationship with God. Spend quality time with missions mentors who will guide you through small groups and discussions on joining the mission field. Be sure to register by February 19th!

Happy New Year from MissionNext! 
It's a new year for MissionNext! You've probably heard by now BIG changes are coming.  We're just so excited about the doors God is opening, and what these changes mean for you:

Better ways to 
connect, more chances to 
serve, and a fresh 
user-friendly look!
But with these exciting changes ahead in 2016, we will still be offering the same support, guidance and resources for those called to serve in the Great Commission. So we, the staff at MissionNext, wish you a Happy 2016, thank you for your support during this time, and pray that your missionary journey gets off to a great start in this New Year!

Please reach out to us at if you have any questions or comments.

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