Eighty-fifth Edition - March 2015
The Bridge

Sought and Found!

Last month we asked the question, "Have you found the good works God has prepared you to do?" This month we would like to share a testimony from a young woman who sought the Lord with this question; here's the story of how He answered her as she faithfully followed step by step:


"During the retreat at Warm Beach 2014, I was able to walk away with practical next steps and came to the realization that God would take me one step at a time.  


Once I got home, I followed each of those steps I made for myself, and as God brought me through each of those steps, His plan began to unfold before my eyes. One of the impacting things I learned on the retreat is that I don't have to know everything right now. God knows the whole plan, and that's what matters! 


A few weeks after the retreat, my church had our annual mission conference, and I was able to chat with a couple who works with the organization I was looking into. They encouraged me to attend a 9-month Muslim ministry internship they have in Portland. Throughout the spring and summer, I got in contact with the organization and saw God clear the path. In the fall I moved to Portland to begin the internship. In November, I was accepted by the organization as an appointee, and I will hopefully be going overseas in January 2016!"


What a blessing and how fulfilling for those of us at MissionNext and The Journey Deepens to see the fruit of our labor. I am happy to say there are many more like this woman who have found their calling by going through the highly relational weekend retreat called The Journey Deepens.


Are you considering if you are called into some kind of service to our Lord?  We encourage you to contact us about one of our weekend retreats.


Our next event dates are listed below.  Please visit our website at www.thejourneydeepens.com for more information about these events or to register. And may God bless you as you seek to serve Him in all you do!



Carol Grever

Director, The Journey Deepens



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