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                                                                                                                                           Seventieth Edition - August 2013
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Is It Time to Go? 

     In this column during these summer months we have been focusing on the three roles of mission-engaged people: being a Goer, a Sender, and a Mobilizer. 

     For many of you, to be a Goer seems to be the highest calling. And you think that if you can't go, then perhaps you can fill a somewhat lesser role by helping to send someone, by praying for them or maybe by encouraging others to consider going. 

     But the question is not about a higher or lower role, it is about the right role for you at this time in your life. It is about fully engaging in the good works He has prepared for you today, not about waiting for some future role. And roles change. Scriptural examples of God's servants show them in all of these roles at one time or another. Even the three persons of the Godhead can be seen, each exercising each of these three missional roles at various times. 

     Last month we looked at being a Sender, and this month we'll consider the role of being a Goer.   A simple definition would be: a person who leaves their present location to go somewhere else, in order to engage in expanding the kingdom of God in this world. Often we hear the phrase, 'the whole world a mission field, everyone a missionary. ' While there is truth in this perspective, for our purposes in this article I am going to define a "missionary" as a person who goes somewhere with the intention of expanding the kingdom of God, and a person who stays home and shares the gospel right where they live as a "witness," something we are all called to be.

     Scripture gives us insights into the characteristics of a Goer by looking at the life of Jesus.  Here are several of those qualities:

Obedience to Sender- "I only do the will of Him who sent me."

Humble and gentle - Mt. 11:29

Willing to learn - Jesus' childhood

Relational - Jesus' personal relationship with his disciples

Built into the lives of others - life-on-life with his disciples

Sacrificial - Jesus' simple lifestyle and His ultimate sacrifice on the cross

Confrontive when necessary - with religious leaders and demons

Purposeful - John 13:8, Heb. 12:2

Passion for his cause - "Not my will, but Yours be done."

Servant - to his disciples as seen in John 13

Aware of being sent - "As the Father has sent me . . ." - John 20:21

Multiplied Himself - ". . . so send I you." - John 20:21

In communication with the Sender - Luke 9:28, 5:16

More preparation years than ministry years - 30/3

     Ask yourself this question:  Am I a Goer? Do I have a willingness to humble myself, to learn how to lovingly and sacrificially give my life so others can hear the good news of Jesus and see him modeled in my lifestyle, desiring to build my life into others knowing that multiplying into others is much wiser than trying to do it all myself, being passionate for the cause of Christ, purposeful and determined to be obedient no matter what the cost and to live as a servant, and willing to prepare well and always seek to learn rather than have to have all the answers?  If you sense God may be calling you into a "Goer" role during this season of your life, click the button below and fill out your Service Profile on our website.  It's a free service we offer, and you'll be matched up with numerous opportunities, short-term or long-term, to be a "Goer."

     So what is the role God has for you right now?  A Mobilizer? A Sender? A Goer?  Whichever it is, I encourage you to fully engage in your present role and opportunity.  Do it well.  Do it with a passion, remembering it is the Lord you are serving, not man.  And if the Lord of the Harvest has a different role for you in the future, make sure you do the present one well because it is part of your preparation for that coming role.

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