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Sixty-Fourth Edition - December 2012  
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From all of us here at MissionNext!  May your heart overflow with joy as you contemplate the birth of our Savior!


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The Bridge is provided to keep you abreast of news pertaining to MissionNext.  We trust that you will find this helpful and informative!

Twelve - Twelve - Twelve


This is the last time we'll see a combination of the same three numbers in our calendar. For now at least, there is no thirteenth month, so 12-12-12 is it.


On the one hand, this really doesn't mean much. It's just an interesting calendar fact.   On the other hand, it got me thinking about other things that won't happen again. Like this day of my life. Like the final days of 2012. Like my whole life. I won't have another chance to do 12-12-12, to finish 2012, or to re-do my life on this earth.


Just because this will be the last time we'll experience a three-number-repeat date like 12-12-12, that doesn't make the day more special than any other day, but I still want to take advantage of its uniqueness to do something special. And the final days of 2012 are no more special than the closing days of any other year, yet whose life can I touch to make it special for them? And my whole life is no more special than the billions of other lives in this world, but how can I invest it to the max since I have only one life to give?


How would you answer these questions?


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The vision of MissionNext is to see thousands of God's people making a vital impact on the world by being fully engaged in God's purposes for their lives.


This is a great vision! God has asked us to ask him for more workers. That's what we do. We have grown greatly in this past year and have seen God position us to have even greater impact next year.


As with all kingdom work, God asks his people to channel the funds he provides them into ministries they are part of. Since you are part of this ministry, if you have not already done so, we ask you to consider contributing to MissionNext as we end this year, to participate with us in fulfilling God's vision. Thank you for your interest, your involvement and your support!


You can mail your contribution to our address listed above, or you can contribute online by clicking here and listing the contribution in the General Fund.  


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