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Red or Blue or...?


Watching the states become red or blue during the presidential ballot counting is both a moment of clarification and of emotion. As the colors add up for one side or the other our response brings clarification to the values that prompted our vote. At the same time our emotions reveal how we feel about the results.


Some of you reading this have smiles this morning (I'm writing this Wednesday morning after the election), and some feel otherwise. Some have a sense of hope, others of despair. Some are ecstatic, some angered.


But regardless of whether we're feeling red or blue today, for us as Christ-followers there is another dimension of clarification and emotion. In his message last Sunday, one of our pastors asked if we thought Jesus would have been a Democrat or a Republican. He went on to answer, neither, because He wasn't an American!


His point was to draw attention to our true allegiance and hope. It's not in our government, nor any government. Our ultimate allegiance and our only hope have to be Jesus! We may or may not be politically active. Without question there are valuable causes to fight for. But regardless of being red or blue, Republican or Democrat, Tea Party, Green or Independent, our trust and our hope are in God, who establishes all authorities on this earth. (Romans 13)


As people who follow Jesus Christ, the clarification we need is to remember that our citizenship is ultimately not in the U.S. We live here. We are earthly citizens of this particular geo-political country, and it is our duty and honor to serve it well. But scripture instructs us that we are actually spiritual aliens here. In fact, our role here is as ambassadors. We represent another "country," and the only reason we are presently in this one is to be campaigning for the one candidate who can bring authentic hope: Jesus!


As well, the dimension of emotion is one of inner peace and joy. Things may be difficult all around us. The direction of our state or nation may bring any variety of feelings. But standing back for a moment and getting our eternal perspective straight, we belong to a God who says, "Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun" (from Psalm 37). That promise brings great peace.


Journey Deepens   

Sender? Goer? Mobilizer?


Have you been sensing the tug of God on your heartstrings? He's telling you that He wants you to be participating with Him in His purposes for the world. But maybe you're not sure how He wants to use you right now. We as Christ-followers are all called to join with Him in making disciples, but there are countless ways in which He might want to utilize the unique set of skills and circumstances He's gifted us with. His next assignment for you might be as a sender. It might be as a goer. It might be as a mobilizer. Sorting through the options and opportunities can be difficult. Wouldn't it be great to sit down with an experienced coach and work through all these questions? The Journey Deepens retreats are designed to do just that - to help you discern just what God's specific call is for you right now, through teaching sessions, small group discussions, one-on-one coaching, and fellowship with other like-minded believers. You'll find the assistance you need to plan the next steps on the journey God has planned for you.   Join us at one of our weekend retreats. You'll find them listed above on the left.


Register online at, or call Cathy at (918) 640-2986 for more information.


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