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Donna Henes is an internationally renowned urban shaman, award-winning author, popular speaker and workshop leader whose joyful celebrations of celestial events have introduced ancient traditional rituals and contemporary ceremonies to millions of people in more than 100 cities since 1972. She has published four books and currently writes for the Huffington Post, Beliefnet and UPI (United Press International) Religion and Spirituality Forum, and serves as ritual consultant for television and films. Mama Donna, as she is affectionately called, maintains a ceremonial center, spirit shop, ritual practice and consultancy in Exotic Brooklyn, NY where she offers intuitive tarot readings and spiritual counseling and works with individuals, groups, institutions, municipalities and corporations to create meaningful ceremonies for every imaginable occasion.



"In The Queen of My Self: Stepping into Sovereignty in Midlife, an inspirational resource for the more than 60 million women now entering their middle years, Donna Henes has beautifully instituted the role of the Queen, retaining the vigor of youth but full of experience and self confidence."

- Women's Radio News, Seattle
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The Queen of My Self is now available in all E-book formats: Kindle, Nook Book and Apple 

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"I learned some new and different ways to take care of myself. I like the idea of a fourth stage of life for women. Of course, I like the idea of being a Queen. This is a great book for any women who is no longer a mother but not a crone, yet."

- Rexanna, MO


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"Your Majesty, I am pleased to be part of your court. I have come to see my own value, that I have value regardless of  what the world reflects back to me. When I stand for my  own value, I insist that my  interactions express that and  always I am rewarded, Thanks so much for reflecting that to me long enough for me to connect to it."

- Francine, NY

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Queen Mama Donna offers upbeat, practical and ceremonial guidance for individual women and groups who want to enjoy the fruits of an enriching, influential, purposeful, passionate, and powerful maturity.




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"We must suppose that we go deep within ourselves, deeper and deeper into our most hidden self. There in our innermost being, in the very core of ourselves, we will find a place where there is peace, stillness, and above all, love."

Irina Tweedie

with Mama Donna

Red Telephone




Lessons in practical spirituality that offer no-nonsense approaches and practices to help you live your daily life in a consciously (and conscientiously)
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Celebrate the first moment of winter - it gets lighter from here on! Drum up the spirit. Bring drums, percussion, children, positive energy. 
A family friendly event.


Grand Army Plaza, Park Slope
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Saturday, 7:00 PM
A Cross-Cultural Presentation and Celebration of the Winter Soulstice


The Winter Solstice is as dark as it gets! It is the first day of winter, the shortest day of the year. The light begins its slow return to the Northern hemisphere, making the solstice a time of great optimism. The return of the light is celebrated around the world by lighting fires to symbolically rekindle the sun.


Join Mama Donna Henes, Urban Shaman, for this very special Winter Solstice presentation and celebration.     

* Hear the stories from many traditions about the birth of the sun.
* Light the holiday lights of many cultures including, Divali, 
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* Share in a solar ceremony of rekindled light and hope.

Lighting a light at the darkest time of the year is a pledge. A promise. A sacred vow. Let us reignite the light in our 

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"Thank you very much for leading our Remembrance Day Lantern Festival celebration again this year. It was a huge success and we have received so many favorable comments. More than seven hundred grateful family members were touched deeply by your ceremonies at the gathering."

- Bonnie Dixon, CEO

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Breast Power!

Crow Flag

Hail Queens!



When the cultures clashed after the onslaught of the patriarchy around five thousand years ago, the Great Mother Goddess did not just roll over and die. She put up a damn good fight. She sized up the situation and proclaimed, like Dolores Ibarruri, "La Pasionara," the anti-Franco folk heroine of the Spanish Civil War (the Pilar character in For Whom the Bell Tolls), "It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees!"  
She took a deep breath of air, of water, of fire, of earth, and pronounced, like any Native North American brave on his way to battle, "Today is a good day to die." She learned to ride horseback and to brandish an axe. She armed her priestesses and defended Herself as best She could.She rolled up her sleeves, tied back her hair, stuck out her tits and proposed, "Make my day!                 



The pre-historic battle between the matrilineal and patrilineal perspectives has been mythologically preserved in the wide-spread legends of the Amazons, a presumably fictitious matriarchal race of women warriors devoted to the Mediterranean Great Mother Goddess, known variously as Ishtar, Artemis, Gaea, Thea, Hera, Demeter, Diana.


The Amazons seem to have occupied a time and place just at the cusp of the widespread changeover from a goddess-centered, earth-oriented, circular spirituality to the male-dominated worship of a hierarchical and abstract father sky god. These warrior women exhibiting as they did, characteristics of both traditions, were an interesting amalgam of the old and new world orders. They were led by queens, prayed to a divine mother, and worshipped the female principle. They tilled fields, hunted, befriended animals, tamed the horse. They were cultured and practiced the graceful arts. They also knew and used arms, did battle, sought vengeance.


Popular legend has it that as young girls they were mutilated, their budding right nipples cauterized with a red-hot iron rod by their mothers. This, so that their daughters would not develop a bow-impeding breast. Ancient Arab authors wrote that Amazons were born with one male and one female breast. Some African tales said that they had but one breast in the middle of their chest rather like the udder of a cow.  


Related myths tell how breasts, once grown, were cut off. All the better to shoot with, my dear! I have read the speculation (by a male author) that the removal of a breast would in no way facilitate sharp shooting with spears or bow and arrows. Well, I'm not so sure about that. I took archery in college and I can assure you that it is quite easy to really hurt yourself if you are clumsy (like I am) and/or buxom (like me).  


A-mazos is Greek for "without a breast." But even though the tales tell of one-breasted women, the exquisitely detailed classical painted pottery doesn't portray them as such. The Amazons who grace Greek vases are fully formed voluptuous maidens sporting sharp spears and two round breasts. According to scholars in the field, the word, amazon, more likely comes from the Armenian word for "moon woman." Certainly the Amazons were the priestess/guardians of the Moon Goddess, handmaidens accompanying Her on Her monthly circle promenade round the sky.


Thinking about these herstoric Amazon models leads me to realize that I, myself, have known any number of one-breasted women walking around in recent times. Veterans all, and some victims, too, of a hideous insidious invasion. It is  estimated that one out of every eight women will contract the dread c-word disease at some point in her life, as my own mother did in her later years.


From pesticides? Estrogens released from chemical pollutants? Hormone-enriched cholesterol? Stress, anyone? Cancer of the breast is a perfectly apt and particularly ugly metaphor for the poisoning of our planet. Talk about biting the teat that feeds you.


It seems to me that if we are going to be faced with the appalling and all-too-real possibility of a losing a breast, we might as well take on the rest of the warrior woman persona. Become sturdy and centered; peaceful, resourceful rainbow warriors who can and will face a challenge and attend to what needs to be done. Strengthen and train our bodies, our minds, and spirits. Steel ourselves to our task. Set our sights straight. Take aim. Take loving action. Turn ourselves into true Amazons - the faithfully devoted and fiercely protective adoring daughters of Mother Earth, Mama Moon.




Mother of the fruitful breast,
when at the front of combat She is seen.

She is a flood of light whose strength is mighty.


Invocation to Ishtar

Semitic inscription


 With blessing of bosoms, signature  

The Warrior 



Deena Metzger is a novelist, poet, playwright, essayist, and counselor. After her mastectomy in 1977, and after many months of physical and spiritual healing, she had a tattoo drawn in the place of her missing breast, and writes about it. This is what she wrote about her decision in her journal:



"I am no longer afraid of mirrors where I see the sign of the amazon,the one who shoots arrows. There is a fine red line across my chest where a knife entered, but now a branch winds about the scar and travels from arm to heart. Green leaves cover the branch, grapes hang there and a bird appears.  


What grows in me now is vital and does not cause me harm. I think the bird is singing....I have relinquished some of the scars. I have designed my chest with the care given to an illuminated manuscript. I am no longer ashamed to make love. In the night, a hand caressed my chest and once again I cameto life. Love is a battle I can win. I have the body of a warrior who does not kill or wound. On the book of my body, I have permanently inscribed a tree."


Photo by Hella Hammid
Deena Metzger after her breast-cancer mastectomy. She calls this "Tree." She had the image of a tree tattooed over her surgical scar.

"The photograph taken of me by Hella Hammid has become known as the Warrior. Our intention in turning it into a poster was to invite the world to look at a one-breasted woman and exult in the health and vitality she had not carried so powerfully before cancer. The illness I suffered was the means of profound spiritual transformation." 


Big Boobs Ain't So Hot


Cowgirl Poetry by Judy Bailey and Shannon Rector,

with help from the Sierra West Homesteader Gang 

(Cindy Pepper, Darlene Whiting, Jill Sharpe)



The idea for this Cowgirl Poem was born

Inside my trailer at breakfast one morn.

It was early on Saturday at Sierra West

Miss Shannon Rector was my trailer guest

As I ate almond crunch I watched Shannon dress

But my munching stopped suddenly at what I saw next.

She first put on one bra, and then put on two,

So I insisted she explain why one wouldn't do.

Shannon said "Sometimes I even have to wear three,

To control this plus-sized bosom you see"

This spectacle I knew must eventually be shared

I vowed Shannon's secret soon had to be bared

It was later that day as our trail route wound higher

Randy said we must come to the evening's campfire

Prepared to recite our self-composed Cowboy verse

Or we must dance or sing or something equally diverse

So at the end of our ride but before dinnertime

We sat down to work on some beer and a rhyme

The limerick below is about Shannon's breasts

And her advice to a less endowed lassie's quests...

There once was a girl from the west

Who contemplated enhancing her flat chest

I told her, you know,

They're only for show,

And here's why you should reconsider your quest

Big boobs they are so over-rated

Despite how by men they're appreciated

They swing and they sway,

They just get in the way,

And it's hard not to become unseated.

Having big boobs ain't so hot

When you're riding your horse at the trot

They flip and they flop

When you clippety clop

And I can tell you, it hurts a lot

They are out of proportion to your hips

Men just stare at your tits, not your lips

You need two or three bras

To tie down the hoo-haws

Your shirts are too tight...

Oh hell let's say it right,

They are really great for good tips.

But keep the money you saved for a boob job

Instead buy a Horse or a Cob

Be happy with your "Girls"

Decorate them with pearls

And thank God that your bosoms don't bob


October Ritual of Solidarity


October Ritual for Breast Cancer Month:
Litany of Solidarity 


by Diann L. Neu 


Put a bowl of water and a few stones on a table. In Celtic mythology, stones have healing qualities. They activate the power of holy wells. 


Put a stone in the well and pray. One in every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Put a stone in the water for every woman who hears the words: "You have cancer." 


Spirit of Life, give her strength to face the unknown, patience to go through the tests, and courage to make the decisions that are best for her.  


Let every woman hear:  

I am with you; you are not alone.    


For every woman with cancer, there are family and friends who are shocked and grieving. Put a stone in the water for all mothers and fathers, partners and husbands, children and siblings, friends and colleagues who wait and watch. 


Holy One on the Journey, give them strength to be with their loved ones.  

Let every woman hear:
I am with you; you are not alone.


Early detection is the best protection. Put a stone in the water for all involved in cancer research whose life and work make early detection, careful diagnosis, and the hope of healing possible. 


God/dess of Many Names, guide their minds to discover the ways of cancer. 

Let every woman hear:
I am with you; you are not alone. 


The days of treatment are so long, the chemotherapy and radiation so scary, the face in the mirror is so strange. Put a stone in the water for all women who fight the exhaustion, the fear, the loss of hair and appetite; for women who fight back, who stay the course, and look fear in the face with courage and even with humor. 


Holy One of Courage and Laughter, be near. 


Let every woman hear:

I am with you; you are not alone.


Faith, prayer, and community are sources of help and healing. Put a stone in the water for all the prayers and visits, the phone calls and cards, the food and kind acts that bring comfort and healing. 


Holy One of Hospitality, surround us with community. 


Let every woman hear:  

I am with you; you are not alone.


There will be a cure; there must be a cure! Put a stone in the water for all who believe in and work toward the day when cancer does not take the lives of women. 


Divine Healer, send your healing spirit to bring a cure for cancer now.  


Let every woman hear:

I am with you; you are not alone.  


circle of hands  


Diann L. Neu is co-founder and co-directior of WATER. This ritual is published in Seasons of Healing: Prayers for Women with Cancer, WATERworks Press.  


Hard Lessons




Surrender, dear.

That's my advice. When the bad news comes

Breathe through your heart, settle into yourself,

Grab your grey sweats, pink blanket.

Draw the dog so close you can feel her sweet breath on your face.

Pull out J. S. Bach, Ray Charles, Johnny Mathis, Norah Jones.

Decide what's fundamental for survival and only that

Because for a while that has to be enough.

This will be the worst movie you've ever seen,

Absolute worst, maybe nightmares, hallucinations,

unexpected twists of fate, irony and comic relief.

But I want you to believe it has a happy ending.

And hey, you don't need your breasts to live.

(Did you ever consider what you can live without?)

But sunshine, green tea, long strong hugs, flowers,

Fresh baked bread, a little dark chocolate and a sip of wine,

Chicken soup, belly laughter, comforting words

Are all essential.

And those who love you will see that you have them

In abundance. Which is why I say,


Better days are coming,

just the other side of adversity.



Was it all a tragic mistake? Divine coincidence? Unsolicited Gift?

The mammogram of bad news, the unexpected diagnosis,

Mastectomy, axillary node dissection, chemo, radiation.

They came like a freight train, whistle screaming, clearing the tracks,

Hell bent on derailing a life already in high gear.

Not so quickly, not  so quickly. Digging in my heels of German stock,

Iron Will meets dreadful Courier of Death.

The timing was all wrong or was it exactly right?

Forces of spirit and goodness join powerful petitions storming the Heavens.

Surgeons, nurses, specialists, technicians, survivors, husband, mothers, children, neighbors, friends, strangers (so many strangers) raising voices, joining arms

lifting me up.

Was the Universe poised for the onslaught of prayers?

Ready to respond to love unleashed, the opening of so many hearts?

Was there a miracle waiting to happen?

How did the surgeons-of-my-dreams know I needed them

That morning, in that place? Death always wins, you say?

Not today.


Teresa L. Werth, NY 


The Queen's Court  





 The Queen's Court is a gathering of sovereign women of a certain age - our dear peers - who graciously offer information, guidance, inspiration and encouragement to each other.





We Queens know what we know. And we know a great deal. Our experience has made us wise. So, feel free to consult with our cyber council/counsel when you are need of sage advice or wish to explore a particular topic of interest.



The September issue of the Queen's Chronicles shared the lessons that I have learned and also not-so-learned from several accidents and injuries.


The following letters from Sister Queens are filled with the wisdom that they have gleaned from their own physical struggles and personal "Lessons of the Fall."


Please take in their lessons and do send in your own. This a a very timely discussion, because women seem to be falling like flies lately. Literally, falling to the ground. And also falling ill. We can help each other. That is what Queens do!


So sorry to hear about your fall and what an amazing recovery you are making from it. Some of us do get hit hard for our lessons. I was more fortunate. Having decided to go backpacking alone in Zion National Park, I found myself hurting, exhausted, scared of being without water, hot and facing another 1 hours at least of up hill climb with a 30 lbs. pack. At which point I decided to turn around and go back to my campsite in the valley. It was a victory, ..listening to my body rather than pushing through.

- Monique, NY


I also just fell and my healing was that because I broke my hand and didn't drive, I stayed at home. But because of that, I stumbled across a person who told me something for my spiritual journey that literally changed my life. So my fall was "worth it". Of course the months of incapacitation and now Occupational Therapy and medical stuff is unspeakable but sometimes the price is the price.

- Linda, NY


I have had some experiences relating to injury that may interest you. I have heard of many wise women having injuries this past year, one being my chiropractor who also broke her wrist. I developed a debilitating hip injury that has taken three months to mend. Both my chiropractor and I had lost someone very near and dear to us recently, and as we related our experiences to each other while healing, we both reaffirmed just how much the universe has a part in all of this.


Not only did we sustain injuries, but we sustained them in the area that we most relied on. My chiropractor used her hands for healing and I teach a form of Middle Eastern dance so my hips were my sustenance in passion and divinity - the way I felt connected to Goddess, the mother, and other women in my community.


Last April my mom passed away and the nurturing, comforting icon I depended on was suddenly and physically gone. Then my hips wouldn't work and I grieved even more for the connection I was denied. Throughout my recovery my hips spoke to me about my grief and longing for her presence. I went with my intuition, and carried out private ceremony, chanted, played my native flute and drummed with feelings that were beyond words. When the tears came, they were ones of cleansing and healing. As my grief ebbed, so did my hip injury.


Sitting still was hard, I'm a mover and this was perhaps my greatest challenge, but it was necessary and gave me time to really think about what I was going through. There is definitely a connection with emotions and dealing with life, and what injuries might occur. It is a reminder that we sometimes need to slow down and take some "me" time. We focus so much on others that we can easily forget ourselves. In the classes I teach I always stress going inward and being in the moment.


We have all learned about stillness, the calming effect it can have and how it can fill the well of deep feelings when we feel empty. And nature is a given, being immersed in its beauty always leaves me feeling serene. It is when you are connected in this way that you truly are one with the universe, this planet, and each other.Blessings,

- Charlene, NY


Your words are an inspiration for me to mind my gut feelings, even when they don't fit Into "the plan of the day ."   I think it is hard for me to admit that my body, my spirit has it's own timetable. I am a slow learner, but once I catch on, watch out! Heal quickly and with love, 

- Elayne, PA


I would love to continue this thread of discussion. Please send your thoughts, opinions, and personal experiences on the topic of Lessons of the Fall.. Your letters will be printed in the next Queen's Chronicles.


Please send your questions or responses to  
The Queen's Correspondence

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to The Queen's Chronicles


Please keep your comments coming. And do feel free to make suggestions about content you would like to see. Or anything else, for that matter. It is a joy to connect with you.



Letters In Response to the OCTOBER 2013 Issue


Thank you all for the lovely messages of support and healing. For all the emails, greeting cards, distance reiki, prayers and offers and blessings of all sorts. Your support helped me immensely.


I am so sorry to hear of your shattered wrist! Know that I am sending you much love and healing light.

- Kathy. CO


Oh my! Many blessed thoughts your way Momma Donna, for a speedy recovery! 

- Georgette, NY


Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. You are such a fragrant flower and bless the world with your presence. If I may, I'd like to send Reiki to you for your wrist.

- Nancy, NC


I have been following your major saga. Wow! Makes you appreciate the body so much! 

- Amy, TX


My deep sympathies about your Fall ... and I can SO relate to all your contemplations and lessons about it! Working with this body - Mama! Grace and ease ... and attention to our gut-knowing hey.

- Glenys, Australia


Thanks for the full story - what an ordeal! I love it that Poppy could be with you in the emergency room! You are one strong woman and an example for us all, going through with your drumming circle on the eve of your surgery - amazing! Just noticed a Sherli in CA in your Circle of Concerns -- could that be me? Thank you! You're a dear, Queen Donna. Long may you reign!

- Sherli, CA


Thank you for your wisdom. I hope that you and your wrist feel better soon. xoxo

- Wendi, CA


Best wishes for your healing.

- Francesca, PA


I receive your emailings and am also a fan on Facebook. You also gave me some advice in the past and I'd like to return the favor. If you're ever in RI or anyone else you know, don't hesitate to stop by and get a massage. I work out of Massage Therapy and Wellness of East Greenwich. I'd love to help you with your hand and wrist. Wishing you a fast recovery. Love and light, 

- Rebecca, RI


Bless you for you candor and deepest wishes for a speedy recovery. 

If you are on an iphone or ipad, you can easily dictate your words directly in by hitting the microphone button.  Go slow, to let it catch up to you. You can even tell it punctuation: like "period" or "new paragraph." Then, you can simply have someone copy and past that into whatever program you send these emails out through.  

Hope this helps. Love, 

- Basia, NJ


Thanks so much for your "Lessons of the Fall." ALL of your posts are always so completely fab, synchronistic and totally on target.

- Linda, NY


I wish you many blessings and a speedy recovery on your wrist. Thank you for all your marvelous newsletters, and may you heal with completeness and wisdom.Blessings,

- Charlene, NY


My friend forwarded me your Lessons of the Fall Newsletter and I really enjoyed it. Thank you for your wisdom. Could you add my to your mailing list or direct me how to do so? Thanks! Blessings,

- Bethany, ?



Please send your responses to 
Your letters will be printed in the next Queen's Chronicles. 
Kudos to the Queens!

clapping hands rotated






We extend hearty congratulations to our multi-talented circle of Sister Queens for their impressive accomplishments and successes.






There is no greater gift you can give or receive  

than to honor your calling. It's why you were born.  

And how you become most truly alive.

- Oprah Winfrey


Allesandra Belloni. NJ; Marcy Gordon, NY; Maureen Gosling. CA;

Carol Tandava Henning, NY; Jehan Kamal, NY; Suzanne Lacy, CA; Arlee Leonard, NY; Linda Montano, NY; Serpentessa, NY, and  Diane Torr, Scotland; on their performances and/or performances of their work.


Joan Chittister, PA, The Sacred in-Between: Spiritual Wisdom for Life's Every Moment (Book); Monique Lang, NY, Meditations for Healing (CD); Pauline Oliveros, NY, Anthology Of Text Scores (Book); Deborah Oster Pannell, NY, and Lillian Ann Slugocki, NY, editors, One With All of Thee: Growing Your Sacred Connection (Book);Robin Quivers, NY, The Vegucation of Robin (Book); Elaine Silver, FL, Prayers (CD);on their new publications.


Eleanor Antin, CA; Helene Aylon, NY; Darla Bjork, NY; Mary Beth Edelson, NY; Susan Grabel, NY; Lorraine O'Grady, NY; Karen Shaw, NY; Athena Tacha, OH; and Mierle Laderman Ukeles, NY; on the exhibitions of their artwork.


Marilyn Wood, NM, on being honoree of the American Dance Guild.


Heidi Maclure, NY, on the opening oh her new healing center, the Spirit Freedom Mahditation Cooperative.


Virginia McAllister, PA, on her new home.


Josephine Withers, CA, on her move cross-country.


Please send your good news, achievements, accomplishments, successes and celebrations so that our international circle of sovereign sisters can send you blessings and accolades. 

And we are glad to so. It is a joy and a privilege to share in the fortune of another woman. I recently heard Oprah say the saddest thing ever - "The hardest thing about being successful is having someone to be glad for you."

It takes a centered and confident Queen to break that pattern. There are 60 million thrones out there. One for each of us. There is plenty of purpose, passion and power for us all. May we use it well! 
Circle of Concern

Helping Hands Circle

Please Offer Your Purest Thoughts, Your Heart-Felt Prayers, Your Great Good Feelings, And Your Very Best Blessings For Healing and Peace of Mind To:





Adrianne, NY; Alison, TN; Ansja, NY; Babs, NY; Bebee, DE; Berenice, NY; Bettye, NY; Betty, AL; Chrissie, NY; Christine, NY; Dana, CA; Dani, WI; Dolly, NY; Dominique, NM; Gail, WA; Glenys, Australia; Jo, AZ; Joan, ME; Joan, NY; Judith, NY; Karen, NJ; Kathleen, PA; Kaylin, MD; Kazuko, NY; Kim, NY; Kimi, NJ; Laura, NY; Layne, NC; Linda, SC; Lisa, NJ; Lorie, KY; Lydia, CO; Lisa, PA; Lucia, TX; Mari, VA; Marna, NY; Mary, MD; Mary, OH; Naomi, DC; Pat, MA; Patsy, NY; Paula, NT; Pearl, NY; Roberta, NY; Sandy, CA; Sharon, NY; Shelley, NY; Shirley, IN; Sherli, CA; Sid, PA; Smriti, CA; Susan, MA; Susan, NC; Terri, FL; Urvashi, NY; Vicki, MN; Weslea, ME; and Yvette, NY; who are in the process of healing themselves from illness, accident, injury, or surgery.


Amy, NY; D. Barbara, NY; Beverly, NY; Carol, NY; Diana, FL; Eleni, NY; Gaetana, NY; Glenys, Australia; Joanne, NY; Kimberly, NY; Kimi, NJ; Linda, NY; Linda, NY; Maureen, NY; Meryl, NY; Dee, NY; Patricia, Australia; Regi, CA; Sheryll, CA; Susan, NY;
and Svetlana, NY; who would benefit greatly from some spiritual support.


Ali, VT; Annie, NY; Barbara, NY; Chrys, NY; Deni, NY; Erica, New Zealand; Gaetana, NY; Gail, NY; Hemetra, PA; Kat, NY; Kate, NY; Kathrine, Denmark; Lois, NY; Marla, NY; Nancy, NC; and Roslyn, NJ; the caregivers who are in weary need of care themselves.

May Their Spirits Rest in Peace:

Lisa Bufano, CA

Trish Doub, GA

Ellen Lanyon, NY

Barbara Lindquist, WI

Beckt Logan, WA

Sue Ann LeMieux, OH

Brandee Mann, MO

Joyce McComas, CA

Catherine Nicholson, NC

Jackie Redrick, NY

Mary Elen Smith, MA

Valerie Sonnenberg, OR                                                                       

With Heartfelt Condolences:

Jeanne Arnold, WI

Ruth Hooper, WA                                                                     Annie Ocean, OR

Miriam Redrick, NY

Sarah Reynolds, NY

Helping Hands
Please send your requests for physical and spiritual healing and positive energy so that the powerful women of The Queen's Court might send their prayers and blessings to you in your time of need. 


 Of one thing I am certain, the body is not the measure of healing, peace is the measure.

- Phyllis McGinley

Where the Queens Are





Dear People:


Our press is soliciting submissions for Cancer Tribe 101: Awakening the Hero Within. This is an anthology about the life-altering events people experience dealing with cancer. Cancer Tribe 101 is a book for the whole cancer tribe, those facing cancer now, those who are cancer warriors, and the loved ones who stand by our sides. The focus of the anthology is on what we are learning on the journey, and what we have since learned from our recovery.


From the introduction:


"I have encountered cancer twice in my life. I would not refer to myself as a hero, nor would anyone of the people whose stories are included here. As we find our way through a health crisis of such magnitude we need heroes, and equally we need to not feel we are alone.  


My friend Dee Yoh inspired me to write my story, which is included in this book. Dee's story and her husband's story, are both included in this anthology. Dee was my hero because she faced her fears, kept working with the lessons that appeared, and she was brutally honest about her process. Since then there have been many people who have inspired me and touched me with their stories of heroism. No one facing this illness, or the grief of losing a loved one, needs to face cancer alone. We are a tribe, and until this plague is curtailed, we will strew bread crumbs for others of our tribe to find and follow."


Personally, I had Uterine Cancer, seven years ago. Today I am healthy. University of Virginia's Medical Center's Oncology Department are still my heroes, for diagnosing and treating the cancer. I learned so much both during my journey and since about myself, life, and my own bravery. I am also a professional writer, life coach, and have been involved in the book industry for over fifteen years.


- Mari Selby, VA  



Please Submit Your Royal Reports


Tell us about your Self and/or your Queen Group:  

who, what, where, when, why?


What Queenly topics do you explore?  


What projects do you engage in?


Describe some golden regal moments.


Send pictures!


Our extended circle of Queens includes some mightily talented women. Please support them by availing yourself of their superior services and by buying their excellent products.

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