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Independent Introductions
Booksellers Pick the Best New Authors 

ABA has extended the original deadline and wants booksellers to know that there is still time for stores to sign up for this fall's Indies Introduce Debut Authors promotion. The program features 22 titles, including three standout Jury Picks, selected from 50 galleys and manuscripts by a committee of 13 booksellers.

Participating publishers are supporting the fall Indies Introduce titles with a variety of special offers, author videos, first editions, and marketing materials. Related materials are already available for ABA members to download in BookWeb's Design & Downloads area. 

Bookseller responses to each of the 22 featured fall titles are also available for ABA members to view on the Indies Introduce page at BookWeb.

IndieCommerce Institute
San Francisco in the Fall
ABA has announced two IndieCommerce Institutes for the fall, one of which might be practical for Northwest booksellers. The San Francisco session, in conjunction with the NCIBA show, is Oct. 1 and 2. Attendees are welcome to attend regular trade show programming at no extra cost. There's more to come, but contact Neil Strandberg, Member Technology Director, for early details. 


Recent Site Highlights
*  There's beach-reading to be found on the poetry shelves? You bet! Christine Deavel delivers a list for the lounger in Poetry on Vacation.


*  In her latest Bookselling in the Desert, Amanda MacNaughton gives away the dirty little secret that sometimes booksellers "go through phases where we're just not reading much."
*  René Kirkpatrick Folded & Gathered some memories from her trip to BEA and gives us a recap of the trip. Also, check out the Facebook photo spread.
*  More fine art inspired by the bookselling life in Brad Craft's latest collection of Doodles.  

 *  Barefoot Books did us all a solid when they cut their contractual ties with Amazon and went back to selling books their own way.
*  Pete Fromm got a movie made!  
Show Guy as Crazy Bike Guy
Cross Country Summer for Show Coordinator
Greg Holmes has been working PNBA tradeshows for more than twenty years and has served as the Volunteer Coordinator since the mid 90s. He's organized, efficient and as affable as they come, all qualities currently serving him on an east-to-west bike tour across the U.S. 


As he said before heading out last month, "the stars have aligned and this is the time to go." (Hint, it has at least something to do with turning 50.) You can read more about the why, find out just who this Clyde is and experience the day-to-day joys and rigors of pedaling across an entire continent in Greg's Northern Tier with Clyde blog at 

Checking in with PNBA from the road, Greg promises a journal feature not to be missed. "In the near future I am going to post statistics on my MPB (Miles Per Beer)."


Brand Bonding

Starting June 3 and running through the end of the year, the Kobo brand name is a regular underwriter of several popular National Public Radio programs. 

Said Bookselling This Week upon the campaign launch: "NPR's audience is indie booksellers' customer base, and each of the campaign's messages refers listeners to for a list of stores selling Kobo devices and eBooks. A giant "Welcome Public Radio Listeners" banner on the IndieBound homepage directs visitors to a list of participating stores."

For assistance in getting started with or increasing the promotional power of your store's Kobo eReader program contact

"Well, here's Cynthia Voigt (L). Her new book is Mister Max: The Book of Lost Things. Absolutely one of the very best moments of the show. We talked about whether she'll ever revisit the Elske world." -Eagle Harbor Book Company's René Kirkpatrick,  in her Book Expo diary for NW Book Lovers.
Member Notes

Seaside Accolades
Beach Books has been awarded the Seaside, Oregon Rotary's "High Ethical Standards Award." In presenting the award, Rotarian Russ Vandenberg said, "Not only has Beach Books survived, but it has thrived thanks to the high ethical standards, exceptional customer service and community involvement."

First Rate Representation
Robert Sindelar

Third Place Books' Managing Partner Robert Sindelar has been elected to serve a three-year term on the ABA Board of Directors. Sindelar took his official seat for the first time at ABA's annual meeting, held during Book Expo America.

College Store Squeeze
As a "consequence of the changes occurring in the college book market," Tim King's position as General Books and Computer Shop Buyer at The Willamette Store at Willamette University, Salem, has been eliminated. "It's been a pleasure to serve you," King signed off.

Book Binding
It was announced in the summer issue of The Chuckanut Reader that Village Books employees Paul Hanson and Kelly Evert will be married at the store later this summer. Congratulations, Villagers!

2013 Calendar   


June 20       BPNW Meeting, Seattle 
Oct 1-2        ABA IndieCommerce Institute, San Francisco
Oct 3-6        Wordstock Festival, Portland 
Oct 6-8        PNBA Tradeshow, Portland 


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