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July 2013
Mark2 What Hiring Managers Want


Whether in good or bad economic times, hiring has and continues to be a critical part of growing an organization.  Effective hiring allows an organization to better serve its customers, owners and employees by increasing it capabilities and better positioning the organization to compete.


I was interested to learn what hiring managers were looking for in their new hires.  I felt any results from this exercise would be good to share with other hiring managers and also with job-seekers and aspiring candidates.


So I surveyed some small business leaders with whom I have relationships by asking a single question and a request:


What are the top 5 attributes you look for in a new hire?

  • Please list them in the order of importance to you  with 1 being most important. 
  • Feel free to expand on your thoughts with any additional detail.

That was it.  I invited over 30 organizations to participate in the survey and got back responses from 10.  


What I learned is rather surprising . . . and gratifying! 



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We Love Generating
New Sales Leads!!
by guest author Jim Barrett of Leads4Growth

Is this the attitude at your company? 
In all of my years of business development and consulting, I've never had a client tell me that.  Somehow, this essential business task has a way of ending up on the back burner.  Isn't it easy to get focused on other "pressing" matters?  But in choosing to delay lead generation, you are choosing to delay your business growth. 


"Okay..." you say, "but where do I start?"  Good question...the first of many questions that you'll need to ask - and answer - as you approach the topic of lead generation.  But first, let's take a closer look at the definition of this term, one that I believe includes four critical components:


  1. Calling key decision-makers in companies you want to do business with.
  2. Beginning to develop a strategic relationship with them.
  3. Selling your services as a high-value solution (which keeps you from competing on price).
  4. Help your prospects to remember you when their elusive "time of need" occurs. 
Read the full article.


Jim Barrett is the President of Leads4Grow; a business development and consulting firm. He has successfully accelerated his clients new business growth by generating productive, high-level meetings with executives from Fortune 500's to emerging, fast growth companies. He may be reached at [email protected].


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