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 A Message from Our NYC Chapter ChairEileenNote
Hello TTNers,
Welcome to our first newsletter of spring 2016, featuring health and wellness information and Caring Collaborative updates.
Longer days and warmer weather will soon arrive. Spring is the perfect time to attend one of our exciting Chapter Events, and to become a member of Caring Collaborative by registering for a monthly CC Orientation. 
This is the last newsletter reflecting the talents of Phyllis Edelson and Susan Freeman, who began writing health and wellness articles and also editing the Caring Times newsletter editions in fall 2014.
Many thanks to Phyllis and Susan for their dedication to bringing timely and accurate news to our readers.  

Kind Regards,
Eileen Kobrin,
How are we doing?
We received some wonderful responses and suggestions to the January issue of Caring Times. Please keep them coming after you read this new edition. With your input we can keep making Caring Times YOUR newsletter.

"It would have been nice to be able to watch either video or read more of any article and then just c
lick on the back arrow to get back to the home page of the issue. 
After some additional thought, I think the content is very good..."

"Initially I thought the articles were all too long.  But then when I looked at the layout I was really impressed.  A kind of hint about the article and then a very intensive treatment if it's a topic the reader is interested in.  Quite impressive!"

Not that you can do anything about it but I'm impatient with two boilerplate letters at the front.  Much prefer that you could get right into your issue!  Congratulations on a really fine job.  My only reservation being that this standard is going to be hard to maintain!"

"I just joined TTN-NYC and really enjoyed the newsletter."

It was also good to hear two members sharing their personal experiences in the videos below."  
Barbara's Story
Barbara's Story
Sally's Story
Sally's Story
Health Maintenance TipHealth_Tip
What is Shingles?

Shingles, also known as zoster or herpes zoster, is a painful skin rash caused by the varicella zoster virus, the same virus that causes chickenpox. If you've had chickenpox, you are at risk of getting shingles.

One out of every three people 60 years old or older will get shingles. One out of every six people older than 60 years who get shingles will have severe pain. The pain can last for months or even years. How can you protect yourself against Shingles? Read More
Medical Alert Systems - 
Better Safe Than Sorry Medical-Alert-Systems
by Barbara Alpern
As we continue to move through the various stages of our lives, our physical status, and often our living situations continue to change.  One out of three Americans 65 or older fall each year.  Many have medical conditions that could result in an emergency and either live alone or have a spouse who is unable to assist.

It is important at this point in our lives to evaluate our physical, and living situations, and insure that we have a reliable means of getting help whenever and wherever we need it. While everyone with a telephone has access to 911, we may not be able to get to the phone when we need it.  Read More
by Barbara Stahura

There are often situations when a second doctor's opinion can significantly change the plan of treatment and a patient's quality of life, but many smart women fail to obtain a second opinion.

Some are sure they already have the "best" doctor; others fear they could damage their relationship with a trusted long-time physician. There are also women who don't realize that their insurance will cover the cost of a second opinion. Traditional Medicare will even pay for a third opinion when the first two physicians disagree.  Read More
For Caregivers and Families Helping Loved Ones with DementiaCare_Givers
ReServe Now Offers Dementia Care Coaches

A diagnosis of dementia can be confusing and scary. A Dementia Care Coach can help - as a partner alongside families and caregivers offering education, support and compassion.   

Dementia Care Coaches is a new initiative of ReServe, launched last year to meet a growing need for good, affordable care in the community.  "ReServists" are experienced professionals trained as coaches to provide guidance, emotional and practical support. They meet caregivers and clients where they are and bring tools and resources into the home. "Our job is to meet, listen and offer matches that are right for an individual and the family," said ReServe's director, Laura Traynor. "We understand that every situation has a unique dynamic that calls for sensitivity and insight about what will work  best.  Our coaches have valuable work and life experience to bring that wisdom and passion to make a difference." 

If you would like to learn more about ReServe's Dementia Care Coach program, call 212-871-5301 or e-mail
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 Neighborhood Group NotesNGs
Neighborhood Groups continue to grow and be one of the most important parts of the Caring Collaborative. At our meetings we share and learn from each other about topics that contribute to our well-being. Read what Neighborhood Groups have been talking about and see if there's a topic that would work well for your group, too. Read More
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