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November 2015
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Daryl Ries
A Place In The Sun: Winter Escapes   

Before the chill sets in, many of us are making plans to leave for warmer climates for the short or long term. Flying off as a "snowbird" to the tropics is an option for retirees, while a few getaways over the winter fits into your weekly work schedule. My winter "escapes" began in 1973 and have continued on 4 continents, with 40 years of warm weather.

 International Weekend Travel Panama:
5 hrs direct flight, From New York City Airports

This bio-diverse, bi-coastal country is on the United States dollar. There are no hurricanes, and they off 30 days of free health insurance. Modern infrastructure and low costs make travel to its 4 archipelagos, beaches and mountain resorts, easy and affordable. 
Kathleen Vestal Logan
Positive Aging

Second Blooming: Staying Optimistic in a Crazy World

Terrorism, Washington gridlock, climate change, mass shootings in churches and schools, famine and poverty, floods and fires, never-ending wars in the Middle East...tell me again why I should be optimistic?
I don't know about you, but there are days when all the bad news gets me down. I succumb to feelings of despair, frustration, helplessness, hopelessness. Maybe being a pessimist really is the logical choice! Digging my way out of that depressing ditch takes effort, so I remind myself of the value of optimism and why I should choose it instead.

Jane's life was a lot like yours, until it wasn't. 
Luckily for Jane, people like you made it possible for The National Domestic Violence Hotline to do what it does - help people make the life-saving transition from fear to hope.
100% of donations to The Transition Network between now and Tuesday, December 1 will go to the Hotline.  Be part of the solution.
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Annabelle Reitman Ed.D.
Career Transitions

Career Pathways: Keep Working Or Not?

A Personal Note: This is the beginning of my 7th year writing this column.

Most people, whether they are retired, thinking of retiring, or actually making plans to retire, give some consideration to their work situation - should a job be added to the mix of activities in this next life phase?  The present economic situation is impacting the financial status of the majority of our membership

Thus, retirees are reviewing their income flow and people looking forward to leaving the workforce are reconsidering their options.  Additionally, "boomers" are quite different from past generations - more active, live longer, have diverse perspectives of life, etc.   
Positive Aging

Life's Mysteries
Barbara Meltzer

I just returned from nine days staying with our two grandsons, 11 and 13 while our daughter was on a business trip. My spouse and I have been spending more time with them on a routine basis because our daughter is now a single parent. It wasn't expected as many of these things aren't. In fact, it was a shock when our active, vital fifty-year-old son-in-law died suddenly of a heart attack in February.

My daughter was numb with grief and a broken heart; my grandsons were devastated, lost and confused. We were all asking "Why?" Why did this happen? Why did he die? Why now? But there are no answers to "Why?" The autopsy told us he had a fatal heart attack. But there are no answers to why an active athletic man who lives a healthy lifestyle leaves his loving family so suddenly. People of faith may believe it was "God's will".  
Audrey Berger
Health & Wellness

More Simple Ways To Practice Mindfulness Meditation
Begin a mindfulness meditation by selecting an object for focus, such as concentrating on the sensations in your nose or your abdomen as you inhale and exhale. Once you have established concentration, you can begin to widen your focus to include your sensations, thoughts and/or emotions. As you do this, you may find yourself noticing things that you might ordinarily overlook. The goal is to notice them without judging, accepting or rejecting them: just acknowledge your experiences with an attitude of curiosity, and then allow them to pass. As you practice mindfulness meditation, you may begin to recognize that all thoughts, emotions and sensations are temporary. While meditating, if you find yourself latching onto particular experiences, or thinking about the past or future, you can return to the present moment by once again focusing on your breathing.

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Career Transitions

Why We Need Older Women In The Workplace

When I was about 30, I was hired to be an editor at The Wall Street Journal. There was no good reason for this. I was a pretty good writer, and I knew the rules of grammar and was in general interested in a lot of stuff. But nothing on my résumé would have pointed in the direction of a coveted job at the No. 2 daily paper in the land; I'm guessing there were lots of people more qualified in line for (and deserving of) that job.
But the person who hired me - ten years older, tough, funny, brilliant - saw something in me. Thank God.
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Carolyne Simi
Positive Aging

The Art of Repotting Yourself

I love gardening.  That is to say, I used to love it before I became a committed apartment dweller.  When I was a homeowner, my garden was my oasis from the stresses of everyday life.  I would stand on my deck on a Saturday morning with my hot mug of coffee surveying the yard, looking for errant weeds and replanting opportunities.  Then I would put on my schlubbiest clothes and head out to do my labor of love  The yard wasn't my only playground as I had several beautiful containers on the deck that also needed tending. After a hard day of work I would hop into the shower and head back out onto the deck sharing a glass of wine, admiring my efforts with my husband.  It was heavenly and I miss it a lot.

I bring this up because I had a conversation with a friend the other day who shared the concept of re-potting oneself as a great metaphor for my business.  It's brilliant