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April 2015
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  Lynne Strang
Introducing TTN Featured Author: Lynne Strang 

We had the pleasure of interviewing TTN Featured Author, Lynne Strang. Join us as we CONNECT with Lynne and DISCOVER the details of her journey and the IMPACT her book Late-Blooming Entrepreneurs has on aspiring business owners everywhere!
TTN: What inspired you to write Late-Blooming Entrepreneurs?

LYNNE STRANG: I'd say it was a convergence of several professional and personal factors. I enjoy writing. I've worked with small business owners throughout my career. I'm intrigued by business leaders and their stories about how they achieved their success. And I happen to be married to an entrepreneur who's had his own business for over 25 years.



5 Red Flags That You're in an Abusive Relationship - and It's Time to Get Out 
Lois Brenner


" Every woman who thinks she is the only victim of violence has to know that there are many more."
- Salma Hayek


It is often said, "the meek will inherit the earth," but unfortunately sometimes the meek also inherit abusive relationships. In society we typically think of meek as weak and subservient but there are also those who have high powered careers and look dapper in a suit who display characteristics of meekness in other aspects of their lives.


Audrey Berger
Health & Wellness

Savoring (Happiness and Well-Being,
Part 7)


"Enjoy the little things in life...for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things." ~ Robert Brault

Do you frequently find yourself multitasking, or rushing around trying to get everything done?

* Do you spend a lot of time using your computer, tablet, or cell phone, or watching TV?

Kathleen Vestal Logan
Positive Aging

Second Blooming: Be A Successful Woman  

"You keep raising the bar," Gina told me.


"What do you mean?" I asked..


"No matter what you've accomplished, you raise the bar on yourself."


This exchange happened at my writers' group when I posed the question, "I will feel successful..." for our writing exercise. I chose the topic because I was getting ready to lead a discussion on what success means for women and how they achieve it.  


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Annabelle Reitman Ed.D.
Career Transitions

Career Pathways:  What Should We Really Consider "Old Age" Today?

Given our increased life expectancy the term "old" should perhaps mean someone over 85, not 65 and certainly not 55. The aged represent the fastest growing demographic in society. They are remaining active, engaged, passionate, and full of energy. For example, Angela Lansbury at the age of 89 is presently touring in Noel Coward's "Blithe Spirit" and AARP's February/March 2015 Magazine includes an article, "Take This Job and Love It" that states that more people than ever are working into their 70s and loving it.


Bonnie Moore 
Positive Aging

Is Shared Living Right For You?

Have you ever considered living like The Golden Girls? Seriously! While the TV sitcom featuring four fabulous female housemates has been off the air for decades, the lifestyle inspired by the show is a growing national trend.


Demographic data reveal that in the wake of the recession shared living for mature adults is on the rise. In 2000, there were 820,000 households where single people ages 46 to 64 shared housing with non-relatives, according to Bowling Green State University's Center for Family and Demographic Research. By 2013, that number had jumped to 1,090,000.


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Over 50 and Back in College, Preparing for a New Career


A MONTH before turning 60, Helen White received her master's degree in sport management at George Washington University, and now teaches basketball and pickleball and organizes recreational programs and tournaments for older adults throughout the Washington area.