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Conway Stewart Model 58

The new release of the Model 58 is Conway Stewart's homage to one of the company's classic models, a pen revered in it's original form by vintage pen collectors for the wide range of vibrant materials and variations. Serving as one of Conway Stewart's flagship models throughout the golden age of fountain pens, the Model 58 is brought to new life in a selection of exciting colours inspired in part by the materials from the 1930s.


Available in five colours, the new Model 58 also pays tribute to classic designs of yesteryear in the choice of filling mechanisms, being available as a traditional lever filler in addition to the simple modern cartridge converter mechanism. There will also be a roller ball and ball pen version created for those who prefer an alternative writing mode to the fountain pen. This gives a wide range of choices, between colours, writing modes, and filling mechanisms, there is sure to be a new Model 58 that is perfect for any lover of fine pens! 


The Model 58 fountain pen version is fitted with Conway Stewart's large solid 18 carat gold nib, available in a choice of eight grades from Extra Fine through Extra Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium and Italic Broad, allowing the new Model 58 to reflect the personal handwriting style of a wide range of writers.



Conway Stewart Model 58 Fire Red

Fire Red is a fiery blend of pearlescent reds that take on a new life in the gracefully tapered Model 58. Not your every day simple red, this finish is hand composed of several shades of bright red blended together with everything from deep cherry to glowing pinks, shimmering with an internal luminescence. Fire Red manages to be an elegant colour that retains a spontaneous edge. 


Conway Stewart Model 58 Ocean Blue


Ocean Blue is a deep, rich shade of blue, with shimmering highlights that reflect the light as the pen moves in the hand. A background of indigo shades is lightened with a shimmering pearlescent sky blue. It is both simple, complex, yet classic, and offers an always-changing array of shades that dances as the light catches the pen in motion. Set against the rich black cap and barrel end, this material takes on a life of its own in almost any surrounding!


Conway Stewart Model 58 Sandstone  


Sandstone is a soothing design of striped greys, creams, and light browns that merge to create a striking, yet somewhat understated look. Paired with the rich black of cap and barrel ends, Sandstone is a refined and elegant choice for those who prefer the subtle to the outspoken.


Conway Stewart Model 58 Woodland Green

Our Woodland Green reflects back to the traditional look of the Jade Green celluloid popular in the 1930s, but couples this classic colour with the stability and durability of modern hand polished resin. Simple, clean, and elegant, Green is a mixture of deep viridian shades mixed with olive and shimmering highlights of glowing pearl. It is everything that green should be!

Conway Stewart Model 58 Classic Black


Classic Black needs no introduction, it is the ultimate choice for those desiring the traditional fine writing instrument. Classic Black shows off your choice perfectly, fitting into every occasion, from the most casual afternoon out, to an elegant formal evening event.


The new 58 will be packaged in our stylish presentation style leather box. A reversible top allows the pen to be displayed on a desktop, while the box it makes the new 58 a perfect choice for an award or gift for that special someone.

Conway Stewart Model 58
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