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Conway Stewart Belliver

The Conway Stewart Belliver is sized to be ideal for the widest possible range of hand sizes and writing styles. Not so large as to be unwieldy in the hand, but still of a size to command instant attention, as well as to afford a comfortable grip.


The Belliver is balanced using a solid brass barrel liner to offer just enough weight for the pen to sit easily in the hand without becoming tiring during long periods of writing. The cap is lighter in weight, allowing it to post securely on the end of the barrel if you so choose. The section is gently tapered to bolster the comfort of writing with the Belliver.


Conway Stewart Belliver Shingle
Conway Stewart Belliver Shingle


When creating the Belliver model, the craftsmen at Conway Stewart were inspired by some of the greatest designs of the company's history. Looking to provide not merely an attractive pen, but a true modern classic that would serve faithfully as a reliable and enjoyable fine writing instrument.


Conway Stewart Belliver  Coral Green
Conway Stewart Belliver Coral Green


Available in a choice of Coral Green, Nebula, Meteor and Shingle hand crafted resins, the traditionally styled Conway Stewart clip ensures that the Belliver is always ready to hand in your pocket and the cap and barrel are also adorned with hallmarked solid 18 carat gold bands for the crowning touch of elegance. The combination is at once both warm, rich, and luxurious.

Conway Stewart Belliver Nebula
Conway Stewart Belliver Nebula

As with all our Conway Stewart pens, every writing instrument is crafted in our workshops located in Plymouth, the Heart of Devon, England. 


Conway Stewart writing instruments are of a traditional, classical design and have proven to stand the test of time.   


Conway Stewart Belliver Meteor
Conway Stewart Belliver Meteor


The packaging for the Belliver series has been designed to house your writing instrument and to serve as a showcase pen stand for the desk. The display box is crafted of luxurious full grain leather in a rich black colour. Not only is this an elegant and stylish presentation to house and protect your gift, the top of the lid can be reversed to make an executive desk stand for display.

Conway Stewart Belliver Image


Each Belliver model is available in a choice of Fountain Pen or Roller Ball. The Fountain Pen utilizes the reliable converter cartridge filling mechanism and is offered in a choice of eight solid 18 carat gold nib grades ranging from Extra Fine to Extra Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium and Italic Broad.   

Sample Writing using our all eight of our nib grades.

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