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Image of Conway Stewart Belliver Poinsettia

Long associated with the festive Christmas Season, the bright and colourful Poinsettia plant is a familiar sight in homes and workplaces as the month of December arrives. With rich dark green and red foliage, the Poinsettia is a cheerful addition to the Holiday decor.

A Special Edition of only 50 pieces, the Conway Stewart Poinsettia 2012 is inspired by the joy and traditions of the Christmas Season. With its subtle and elegant colours and classic design it becomes the perfect gift, or exactly the right choice for a little something with which to reward yourself as a special Holiday treat.
Available to order now until December 21, 2012
Retail List Price Fountain Pen - LIST RETAIL 330 €396 $490
Retail List Price Roller Ball - LIST RETAIL 308 €370 $460

Image of Conway Stewart Belliver Poinsettia Special Edition

The Belliver Poinsettia 2012 special edition from Conway Stewart is a return to the finest traditions of CS heritage, rooted in attention to detail, a perfect size and weight, as well as a timeless design married to understated accents.


Limited to only 50 numbered fountain pens or roller balls, this special edition is crafted in our factory in Devon, England. From the carefully crafted resin cap and barrel, each alight in the pearlescent hand made resin, to the rich gold trim and expertly fitted 18 carat solid gold nib, the Belliver was created with one goal in mind: Making the experience of writing as perfect as possible.


Image of Poinsettia
Based on the stylish Belliver, the Poinsettia Special Edition features a mix of deep burgundy, brick red, and black veins splashed with traces of iridescent green. Set off against rich gold trim, the colours of the Poinsettia Special Edition evoke memories of firesides, candlelight, and mulled wine. It is the ideal writing instrument for Christmas cards or thank you notes, and elegant enough for any black tie New Year's Eve party. 
Image of Conway Stewart Belliver Poinsettia Special Edition

The Conway Stewart Belliver Poinsettia Special Edition is the perfect Christmas gift to your loved one that will be treasured and enjoyed for years to come.
Image of Conway Stewart Belliver Poinsettia Special Edition
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