Conway Stewart
June, 2012New Corporate Edition!
Revolution Image

The Revolution is based on our Evolution model for which we were awarded the "2009 Pen World Reader's Choice Awards -- Metal Mastery.  The pen that represents the best use of metal in design and creation."  Images and details of our Evolution edition can be viewed by clicking on the following link: 



RiKwill Revolution


The Revolution is an impressive oversize pen crafted in solid sterling silver with a wonderful new engraving pattern that departs from our past use of repeating geometric guilloche style engraving. Instead, the Revolution embraces an energetic mix of colours and shapes in an exciting linear pattern of jagged rectangles and asymmetrical shapes, each accented by delicate angled lines visible under the translucent enamel. 


This time we will not be including the internal balance system used for the original Evolution, and we have modified the cap and front section to house our impressive oversize 18 carat gold nib which has proved to be a perfect match for a sterling silver pen of this substantial size
Vivid Tangerine Orange, Smoky Gray, and opalescent Light Pearl White combine to make this a visually stunning masterpiece of the engraver's and enameller's art. At first glance it is a visual melange of light and shape, but within a short time, the subtle pattern emerges, dazzling the senses each time the Revolution is turned in the hand.   

This new enamel design is launched in specific colours for RiKwill in a limited edition of just 10 pieces for each colour combination. Each piece is accompanied by a sterling silver roller ball front section, giving the owner two pens for the price of one. RiKwill has committed to launching four different colour variations of the Revolution during 2012.


Conway Stewart