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Busted: BlueVoice Team Documents Illegal Shark Finning 

Our team has come back with shocking footage of shark finning in Peru.
  Sharks - most of them undersized - are brought to shore and finned. And we shot heart-wrenching footage of baby sharks being marketed for ceviche. Peru is well on its way to wiping out the shark populations along its coast. The sharks are fished using bait from dolphins that the fishermen harpoon.

And the government is doing NOTHING to stop it. But we can.
 We've gathered some shocking evidence of government complicity but for reasons of security I can't say more at this time.
We obtained the footage while filming the final scenes for our documentary on the slaughter of dolphins for shark bait in Peru. Editing will start in March and we hope to have it finished in late spring.
Worldwide television and internet broadcast of the film combined with diplomatic efforts will bring immense pressure on Peru to crack down on these horrific practices.

Our team camped out in Atacama Desert, Peru
Our team camped out in Atacama Desert 
BlueVoice is teamed up with Peruvian marine conservation organization Mundo Azul, headed by Stefan Austermuhle, renowned German filmmaker Uli Ploetner and photographer Robert Lehmann (National Geographic photographer of the year) to make this film.

Our projected end result is to save up to 15,000 dolphins per year. Think of that!

Hardy.jpgMy thanks to all of you who have supported our work to save the lives of thousands of dolphins and sharks.
Your commitment helps us win this crucial battle. I ask for your continued support.
For the dolphins and sharks of Peru,
Hardy Jones


The Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences has awarded BlueVoice executive director Hardy Jones 2016 recipient of the NOGI award for protection of the ocean environment.  

BlueVoice has earned the GuideStar Exchange Seal, demonstrating its commitment to transparency. 
For further information on BlueVoice go to Guidestar, 10 Sunfish Drive, St. Augustine, FL 32080 USA

Wonderful news from the campaign to get restaurants to pledge they will not serve dolphin and shark meat. Our partners from Mundo Azul canvassed the town of Pucusana, a major tourist destination in Peru, and during their first day got more than 20 restaurants to take the pledge. This campaign is part of our effort to end the slaughter of dolphins in Peru - no market for shark meat, no need to kill dolphins for shark bait.
This is a crucial time for our efforts. Please donate generously

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